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Past Favorites
The Orb Mystery May Never Be Solved... latest reports from MUFON on UFOs.

Concept Cars that Never Made it to Production... Lots of Photos!

Have You Accidentally Photographed Spirits?... Check out these weird photos sent to us.

Fast Food NOT responsible for childhood obesity... latest research.

The Real Anti-Radiation Pill You Will Never Get

The Dark Side of JFK: His teen lover speaks out.

The Reality of Reality TV

Boomerang UFO Over Missouri 10/9/2013

Head Up. Disaster coming from Fukushima...

Relations With Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies...

The HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska has been shut down.

Parents thinking twice about getting teens immunized with Gardasil.

Drew Hempel explains Qigong, the basis of Chinese healing.

Toxic Water Crisis at FUKUSHIMA
Just when we almost forgot about the triple-meltdown at FUKUSHIMA, a new and more immediate problem has alarmed engineers.

2013: Caves Under Pyramids
Examination reveals strange artwork.

About Your Hands Evidence that your hands can enhance memory, reduce stress, and combat depression...

Medicinal Marijuana: What's the truth behind these claims (research reports)

The Pineal Gland: Is it really the "seat of the soul"?

11,000 Yr. Old Site is Discovered in Turkey Evidence of a dramatic change in the human brain.

The Out-Of-Place Artifacts (oop-arts) and Out-Of-Ideas Science (ooi-sci) Illuminati do-dabs?

King Carl The Great: Decoder Warning: this is big. Very big. And the problem is, once you grasp what is presented here, it only gets bigger.

MITHRAS and JESUS  Two faces of the same coin? The historical similarities between these two "Saviors" will surprise you. Who came first?

Ancient temples designed for 110 Hz chanting  This specific frequency was important to the ancient Homo sapiens and a pre-requisite for modern brain development.

Asian Internet Marriage Sites are Booming What's wrong with American women? A look at the good, bad and ugly aspects of on-line Asian marriage making web sites.

Hair Standing On End  The significance of prickling.

Sirius: A Companion to Our Sun!  New & old evidence suggests we are in a multi-star system.

WHO YOU ARE New evidence shows personality is more hardware than software but the software can change the hardware!

Integrative Dream Narration  An amazing technique for sharing your unconscious reality with others through your dreams developed by Jaye C. Beldo.

Has NASA Satellite Been Hi-Jacked by Aliens? Strange signals being received.

The Labyrinth:  Are they a mental or spiritual phenomenon? Some interesting ideas are presented for contemplation... walk on the wild side!

Part 1: Evolution by Catastrophe Does it indicate Intellignt Design or is the universe full of chaos?

Part 2: What Happened to the idea of Intelligent Design? How did it become so politically and religiously charged?

A Day & Night of Brahma A correlation between ancient texts and mass extinctions.

Part 1: Can Science & Religion Coexist? Does one contradict the other?
Part 2: Aether & The Afterlife

Mebendazole: Cheap anti-Cancer drug.
It's a 'miracle drug' that BIG PHARMA doesn't want to you to know about.

Demons of War:  One man's struggle with post trauamtic stress disorder (PTSD).

The Origins of Human GREED Where does it come from? Why its so hard to cure.

Universal Language of Symbols common to Egypt & Hopi Indians warns of doomsday and beyond. What did the ancients know about the future?

My Life in The Fantasy Culture
Terry Anthony served on the USS Nimitz and witnessed something that changed his view of reality forever.

The Bicameral Mind Adventure
A revolutionary theory of human consciousness that changes everything. You will never look at history, religion or your own self in the same way again after you read this. Guaranteed.

Why YEMEN is the Next Warfront: The Queen of Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant.

Saudi Arabia Soon to Get Nukes

Who Is Vladimir Putin? Look Again!
Putin reveals himself in his style of leadership.

Saudis, US & Israel started ISIS
Damning proof revealed in secret memo.

Knights Templar Created Portugal
The first nation state & a home for the Grail.

What's Up With The Big "U" Tax?
It's on EVERYTHING in the supermarket! WHY?

Join an OPEN LETTER TO ALIENS...or whomever really controls planet Earth!

How THEY get inside you
And control who you are.

Denmark Bans Bestiality
Too late and for the wrong reasons?

The Never Ending e-book FREE!
Dan Eden's (Gary Vey) popular e-book is now ABSOLUTELY FREE! 4 Mb. ENJOY!

Since the Neanderthals, music has been intuitively tuned to a specific pitch (A=432 hertz). This music had inspired, taught, healed and entertained for tens of thousands of years. But that all changed.

In 1939, Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels insisted that Europe adopt a new "standard" pitch (A=440 hertz), designed to stimulate aggression and increase productivity through implanted anxiety. Read about the 440 versus 432 hertz controversy.

Why You Can't Say No: Possession, Prophecy & Engineered Consent: The Psychology of Mass Mind Control.

Your First Date: It's better with dopamine!

Who's Afraid of Fukushima?
"Fear Porn" on the web is needlessly scaring people!

How Marijuana Works: The Latest Brain Research May Shock You!

Accelerated Aging in Zero Gravity
Big problems to solve before any space travel.

Grape Seed Extract Kills Cancer

Several perplexing case studies are examined.

The SOLUTREANS Were Here First
New Discoveries Re-write World History

Jesus Preached Just One Year!
Surprising new evidence...

And who or what is their God?

What your finger length reveals

White Powder Gold:
Secrets of Ancient Alchemists

Petroglyph Discovery Suggests Clovis Witnessed Cosmic Event
Then carved it into rocks.

New Microchips Imitate Brain Neurons Scientists closer to making self-aware computers.

Feng Shui The ancient Chinese art of correct placement is applied to home and work environments.

Are You Living Inside A Computer Simulation? No? Not so fast. Quantum Physics has compelling scientific evidence that you are!

Ed Snowden

Cancer Proof Chemical Discovered
Human studies to begin soon.

The Ultimate Mystery: LIGHT
A simple experiment has stumped physicists for over 200 years and suggests our minds actually control photons!

Is Fukushima Radiation Killing the Walrus?
Something is foul in the Arctic and it's killing native seal and walrus populations.

Electrostatic Seed Modifications
An exciting discovery that was scuttled for profit. You can do it at home with amazing results.

Understanding LOVE
There are 5 kinds of love. Learn what MRI brain scans tell us about each kind and why some relationships are doomed from the start.

The REAL X-Files
Newly discovered transcripts and declassified documents reveal that Richard Nixon delayed the end of the Vietnam war for financial reasons, costing thousands of deaths on both sides. Johnson knew, but did nothing. Read and weep.

4 Stories About Belief:
A look at some current and old hoaxes that take advantage of your need to believe. Stories feature:

*The Fake Kariong Hieroglyphs just outside Sydney.
*WOVOKA: Paiute Messiah who started the ghost dance.
*The Urantia Book: Teachings from Orvonton?
*On-Line Love with Asian women -- just entertainment?

N Korean EMP Bomb?
Miniaturization Reveals Potential Electro-Magnetic Pulse Bomb which requires very low tech delivery.

Pesticides, Pot & Parkinson's
Did you smoke pot in the 70s? Should you worry now? Harvard study finds a link, thanks to research supported by (Back To The Future) actor, Michael J. Fox.

Dragons, Monsters & Beasts:
Origins Of The Surprising Complexity Of Beasts In Ancient Mythology.

Sociopaths & Psychopaths: What Makes Them Tick?

Cigar Shape UFOs
Cylindrical Craft In The News And History.

Psychologists Say This Motivates Everything - Yet No One Dares Talks About It.

What's Going On?
Some Ideas About The "Big Picture", God & Aliens. Food For Tought.

The Ten Percent Solution
The Math Behind Social Change Is Finally Deciphered.

China's Air Force Is Underground
Satellite Proof. What's Coming That We Don't Know?

KALI YUGA Ends In 2025 CE.
A Look At The Hindu Concept Of "Ages" And Their Significance.

We Have A Thorium Future
Learn About The "Safe" Nuclear Fuel That "Eats" Waste.

Tickle Your Amygdala
"Turn On" By Brain Zapping. It's safe & Fun.

Vampires & St. John The Baptist
More Weirdness From Bulgaria Now With "Scientific Proof".

Searching for DARK MATTER
Why It Matters So Much.

Fake Australian Hieroglyphs Fool Many Illuminati Invade the Rap Music Biz Amazing: The 10% Solution to Social Change
Mormon Hoax Hurts Church & Many Flee Faith For Good Mayan artefacts or Modern Scam? See the evidence. Blood Type & Diseases Linked:
R U Vulnerable?
The Kosher Tax Is On Everything We All Have a Thorium Energy Future Sacred Geometry: Snowflake & flower

Chemtrails Revisited: New Theories OBESITY: New research about being big Vril Women of WWII: Alien Contact
China's HAARP facility uses fractal design The Great Grid of China Explosions at China's AREA 51
Remote viewers predict meteor impact 2012-2013 Personality, Possession & Prophecy Mind Kontrolle MK-ULTRA: then & now
Forever Toxic Teflon: Throw out those pans! Occult Symbols In Plain Sight LBJ killed JFK: New fingerprint evidence
Galactic Superwave & Expanding Earth Theory Science Unravels Homosexuality Uncontacted Amazon Tribes or Inexpensive Beef?
A new drug that stops aging!
ORMUS: an edible superconductor Neural Fields Are Discovered: Brain is NOT computer!
Why we never returned to the Moon Proof there is life BEFORE life! Secrets of enlightenment
Hollow Earth Theories Revisited Alien Abductions Disclosed: Here's what's out there! Where do the Greys come from?
A New Theory of Evolution!
Are Humans Really Beings of Light? Your DNA can talk. Morgellons Is Man Made -proof!
New caves under the pyramids raise excitement. New dates for the life of Buddah. How our brains determine beauty.
Gray Alien caught on SA tape? Will Cognitive Dissonance Fool You? It's easy to make an H-BOMB! Just add lithium
Noah's Ark is discovered (again) in Turkey! Alien spacecraft on the Moon! SMALLPOX:
The Weapon
Evidence that Gravity Waves cause earthquakes. Birth Control Pills are interfering with evolution! Has Planet X been discovered yet?
Abiotic Oil is very REAL and it's everywhere! FREE ENERGY: they will kill you for developing it! 200,000 Yr Old Metropolis found in Africa!
Where is consciousness located in the brain? Fear of death creates the idea of beauty Mebendazole: Secret Miracle Cancer Cure

The Electrical Universe  Gravity gives way to plasma in a new theory that describes how the universe is created and maintained.

The Sabbath Day is WRONG: Historians reveal the correct day.

Can Humans Be Immortal? Why do we get old. Can the process be reversed?

Can the dead communicate wih the living?
Some true stories that will make you a believer.

Rejuvenation, Regeneration & Replacement of Human Body Parts Exciting news in stem cell research means we may soon be able to grow missing or injured parts.

The INCUNABULA and the DJINN  Mischievous caretakers of our planet, the Djinn are the "genies" of ancient lore. Many believe they are still here, working their mischief.

The Bad Fruit:
Two brave journalists break a story of corruption and vengeance as Israel and the US secretly stored nuke warheads at Japan's Fukushima spent fuel pools.

Where Are You Really? Where is your consciousness? Can it be located somewhere in your brain?

Bayer Killed The Bees
Will They Be Held Accountable?

Potential "Cure" For Alzheimer's
Drug not only prevents but actually cures Alzheimer's Disease in lab studies.


ARMAGEDDON  When the One World Government comes to Earth, who will be in control?

From the Horse's Mouth:  Who REALLY runs the New World Order? Juan von Trillion reveals the history.

Deadly Fungus Linked to Missing Israeli Scientist Cryptococcus presents a new and daunting set of challenges for scientists and medical professionals.

Jim Jones & Jonestown:  The story you were not told. The people of the People's Temple were little more than experimental "monkeys," being drugged and monitored by daily medical exams and miticulous records of their health and behavioral changes. Once the terrible experiment was discovered there was nothing else to do but exterminate them and crush any link to the CIA's experimental mind control program.

Mossad Link Found to One of Key 9-11 Hijackers.  Why do these facts always lead back to Israel?

The Osama binLaden tapes?  They may not have been real.

Did the Web Bot computer program predict correctly for 2010?  Hint: We're still here! Fear mongering at its best.

Fake Gold in Fort Knox!  A Million bars are gold plated tungsten! Where's the REAL gold now?

The Philadelphia Experiment  Did the U.S. Navy really succeed in making a ship disappear?

HAARP: Weapon of Total Destruction  A dramatic discovery that turned into weapon system with the potential to destroy everything, this once had the promise to do so much good until the Raytheon corporation bought the patent. How HAARP works (explained).

More Underground Cities  in the mountains of Russia have US congressmen thinking there's a secret agenda. What could the Russians be preparing for? Some think a global catastrophe.

Smallpox: The Weapon  There are growing fears this disease may reappear in a more deadly form.

What happened in the sky over Serbia?  Strange black clouds and unusual weather hint of a secret military capability.

Are all the Crystal Skulls fake?  Scientific analysis sheds light on these anomolies.

Chemtrails are real:  What's going on up there?

US to use microwave weapons on citizens!  Sad but true.

Evidence that AIDS was man-made.  Will we ever know the truth?

Pipelines to 9-1-1.  The REAL reason for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

73,846 US Iraq War Soldiers Dead  How they manipulated the numbers.

Most read stories:
Lost Honey Bees - SOLVED! Proof that LBJ killed JFK. Al Qeada, The Queen of Sheba & the Ark in Yemen
Plastic Bottles Linked to Chronic Illness Your birth certificate reveals Fed owns YOU! The Great Fluoride Scam Revealed
The real consequences of war with Iran Processed Food Linked to Lung Cancer Ancient temple near area 51?
Link between power lines and cancer found SV-40 Deadly Cure for Polio Explosive (thermite) residue found in WTC dust!

The Timewave Theory of Terence McKenna Once a popular theory of time, McKenna's Java program predicted "something completely different" for 2012. How are his predictions are holding out now?


New Synthetic Drug fights HIV & Prostate Cancer  Finally, a real medical breakthrough.

Scientists invent Plastic Blood  This could revolutionize emergency medical care.

Manipulating the Schuman Resonance  Earth's fundamental frequency has been measured.

Anti-Cancer Gene Discovered!  Will this prolong human life?

You can know the future!  A computerized "black box" can apparently predict future events.

A New Unified Theory united the forces of nature.  The "Holy Grail" of physicists, this new theory is explained with text and illustrations.

POLE SHIFT!  The North and South pole are moving... albeit slowly.

War in Space  With today's new weapons, it's coming sooner than you think.

Laboratory Grown Meat  Would YOU eat it? It's here already.

The Swine Flu  Explains how and why a H1N1 virus infects humans.

High Fructose Corn Syrup: Killing us (all) sofly. New research links this sweetner to obesity, disease & death.

NASA's Tether Incident Is this evidence of alien life or just space junk. You decide.

Mars Anomolies: A close look at some of the strange things we've seen on the surface of Mars.

Has Planet-X Been Discovered  We look in-depth at all the most current evidence.

Depleted Uranium & Birth Defects  Our tax dollars fund these atrocities, committed in our name.

Earth's Oceans & Atmosphere Came from Space Icy comets made life possible.

Who Needs Vitamin D?
Everyone... and we need a lot more than doctors have been telling us. See what can happen if you don't get enough!

BREAKTHROUGH - Spinal Nerve Injury Restored  New drugs and treatment a success.

Plants have feelings!  And a kind of nervous system.

Doomsday: 2012  A look at the scientific evidence for the "end of days." The "perfect storm" that coincides with December 21, 2012.

What will Doomsday be like?  Scientists believe we had a similar catastrophic event some 14,000 years ago. In fact, it was recorded in stone by ancient humans!

Radiation from space can cause earthquakes.  A look at history proves this is more common that you might think.

Secrets of the H-Bomb  The H-bomb requires very little radioactive material. The real bang comes from something you have inside your laptop.

Puzzling Cosmic Rays  from a near-by object have scientists worried.

Stonehenge was an observatory.  New evidence suggests that Stonehenge is much older than previously thought and was used to monitor the earth's shifting axis.

New figures have been discovered at Nazca in Peru  What is this strange animal? Also a look at some other elaborate geometric designs that deserve investigation.

Depleted Uranium:  How to change spent reactor rods into weapons of mass destruction.

Asbestos - the 9-1-1- Aftershock  400,000 tons of carcinogenic asbestos were released in NYC following the collapse of the WTC.

Key to memory storage in brains discovered. Latest research.

Electro-Magnetic Weapons Just one detonation could bring us back to the stone age. We are all vulnerable.

Decorating with Feng Shui  Nancy Uon makes it easy to understand, with illustrations.

Treating Depression with Magnets  Mayo Clinic introduces Transcranial Magnetism therapy.

High Frustose Corn Syrup  It's in everything we eat and it's causing obesity, disease and death.

Eat Less = Live Longer Not eating could extend your life.

Stonehenge was originally aligned to ancient north pole Diagram and explanations by Tomas O Mills.

Are we really beings of light? Our DNA emits UV photons to communicate.

Environmental cause for homosexuality and ADHD  linked to PVC products your are exposed to daily.

Strange Hexagonal Clouds on Saturn  What could be causing this?

The Dark Side of the Moon  Growing evidence that it was once facing Earth! What happened?

Teflon: the eternal molecule.  Dan Eden explores this invented molecule that is now in everyone's blood. Was it worth having non-stick pans? It has been called the greatest biological experiment ever.

"Hobbits" are a NEW human species! Scientists finally determine these dwarf beings are humans.

Earth's Magnetic Field influences rainfall. How does this work?

You can now live forever...  The biological reason we age and die has been discovered. A chemical can reverse this process. But, as usual, there's a catch.

A Cure for Hair Loss  A new discovery seems to reverse hair loss.

Are Birth Control Pills Changing Evolution?  Read the evidence.


Exciting New Discovery at Stonehenge!

Iceman Oetzi's 5,300 yr murder case solved.  Modern forensics shows how the infamous ice man lived, ate, dressed and was killed. New DNA evidence suggests he was an "outsider."

LBJ Killed JFK  A forgotten fingerprint suggests that a close associated of ex-president Johnson had more than a hand in the assassination of JFK.

The Biomusic Conspiracy - or -  The secrets of the Rainbow Serpent Flute Goddess.

Evidence of Space Rock Explosion 13,000 years ago.  Analysis of debris shows the target was North America and that the explosion likely exterminated the Clovis Culture and many animal species.

Stonehenge was an Astronimical Observatory  Studies shoe Stonehenge is much older than we thought. It may have been used to measure the effects of a global catastrophe.

The secret of Usermontu  A surprising discovery of ancient Egyptian orthopedic surgery!

Stonehenge aligned to ancient north pole  Diagram by Thomas O Mills.

The 2200 BC Drought  How it changed civilization forever.

System of Caves Under Pyramids  BREAKING NEWS: This new discovery is being hushed by Egyptian authorities. Some believe it to be the location of the legendary Hall of Records.

The Dead Sea Scrolls: an update  Bitter debates and politics seem to keep these fragments from seeing the light of day. What are they hiding?

Is the Hopi deity KOKOPELI really an ancient Hindu god?  Historian Gene Matlock makes his case.

DEVIL:LIVED  A historical look at the Devil. Was he a real entity?

A new figure discovered at Nazca, Peru!  Debate over what it represents. Also, some forgotten geometric lines and grids still defy explanation.

Are the Crystal Skulls a fake?  Detailed examination looks for any evidence of tool marks or abrasive polishing. Did the ancients possess such abilities to produce these?

The Ark of the Covenant is in Yemen  A story in a little known, extremely rare language details what happened to the Ark.

A 100 yr old Invention that makes free energy!  See the actual patten information and description. Does it work? Can someone build it again?

Thomas Edison: Heroes that weren't.  Inventor Thomas Edison stole many of his best ideas from others, including Nikola Tesla.

Nikoli Tesla: the forgotten genius.  Many of the things surrounding you right now were made possible by the genius of Tesla. Yet why did he die alone and broke?

Radiation from space has caused earthquakes.  A look at history proves this is more common that you might think.

Ancient City found in Caribbean waters!
Strong satellite evidence... but is it REALLY there? Or is it a hoax.

Carving the Cosmos -- Evidence of ancient celestial maps in the Arizona desert.

9000 yr old Kennewick Man:  What ever became of the skeletal remains of this ancient human? Where was he from and how did he die.

Sheba and Solomon  Historical look at the relationship between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba (Yemen).

Were the ancient Celts in Oklahoma?  Viewzone travels to a protected cave where ogam writing has beed discovered and is being preserved.

Petroglyphs from around the world:  An interesting collection (photos) of ancient petroglyphs from almost every continent.

A Brazillian Head Carved in the Mountain:  Some believe it was made by Phoenician merchants who once had a colony there... others believe it is the gateway to the underworld.

Atlantis in in Mexico!  Historian Gene Matlock details why Mexico is a likely origin of the Atlantis legends.

Archaeologist discovers constellation map of huge proportions in Arizona.  Did the early inhabitants really have such knowledge of the heavens?

Ancient Sanskrit found in America?  See the amazing photos and decide for yourself.

Ancient metropolis discovered in Africa  Was this 200,000 yr old gold mining community the birthplace of homo sapiens?

The Hopi Blue Star  A story about comets, supernovae and the prophesized coming catastrophe. (Hopi beliefs)

Mankind's First Language?  A theory on what may be the oldest language of humanity.

The Enignmatic Stone Jars of Laos  So many, so heavy, but no one remembers who made them or why.

Pushing Back Homo Sapiens in South Africa  New tool discoveries show modern man evolved earlier than thought.

A Phoenician Furnace & Fortress in Oklahoma  Are these rocks a natural formation or a very ancient construction?

Oklahoma Cover Up!  Is someone trying to prevent the true history of North America from being discovered?

Oklahoma Cover Up UPDATE:  Viewzone travels to the outback of Australia to solve the mystery.

The Mothman Pottery Mound  The strange relationship between hybrid human - plant - insects and the sacred Datura plant.

An Ancient Flood  Images of the desert in America's southwest show signs of a dramatic and expansive flood - unlike anything we've seen in the past.

Was Zoroaster from India  An Indian historian makes his case.

Sadam Hussein's Last Letter to America  Read his last thoughts and regrets in this letter written from jail before he was hung.

1.8-million year old axe found!  Made by homo erectus and discovered in Malaysia.

The Australian Apocalypse:  Unique aborginal petroglyphs are vulnerable to one of the world's most dangerous stockpiles of explosive material. Can they be saved in time?

What was the reason for the Nazca lines in Peru?  Some cold & new theories are explored (photos).

Ancient temples designed for 110 Hz chanting  This frequency enhances right brain dominance, emotion & intuition. Why was it so important to the ancients?


Why some people hurt children:  A look at pedophilia, the possible causes and the prospects for a cure.

Homosexuality is NOT a choice!  Biologists are reluctant to admit this about humans but multiple animal studies confirm that gender preference is organic (brain) and abnormalities can occur in the developing fetus.

Cognitive Dissonance: How your thoughts are controlled.  Salesmen and con-artists know how to manipulate your behavior by posing conflicting thoughts. Learn how they do it.

Deviant Conservative Males...  It often appears that the church-going conservatives that get busted for indecent sex crimes against children. This may explain why.

Depression in Western Women  It's at epidemic proportions now... so what causes this? One man's view.

Take the Color Preference Personality Test  It's free, quick and revealing.

Researchers unlock the key to memory storage in the brain.  Making a memory is not a conscious act but rather appears controlled by a specific protein.

Neurolinguistics:  When you want to remember something, like directions, do you do better with words or mental pictures. Discover if you are a visual or literal person.

Is ESP Real?  A review of what we know and don't know about Extra Sensory Perception.

Sadness is inherent in our culture.  What can you do about it?

The fascination with Werewolves!  Read about the historical basis of this obsession.

Third Witness:  A hypnosis session goes wrong when a weight therapist tells his patient to "imagine you are light." The patient then time travels revealing a "future" life. This is a true story.

How to tell if your lover/friend is lying to you.  Police investigatort and professional interrogators reveal how shifting eyes can tell if an answer is true or made up.

Salvia Divinorum -- The Shaman Plant  Dan Eden takes you along on his psychedelic experience with this legal and extremely potent hallucinogen.

Learn to Synchronize Your Brain  This simple method can bring huge results.

Marijuana prevents Alzheimers Disease  Shocking new studies find medical uses for marijuana.

Get High Without Drugs!  Neal Slade teaches how to "click" your amygdala in easy lessons.

A common parasite can make you sexy...  About 40 per cent of the world's population is infected with Toxoplasma Gondii, including about eight million Australians and perhaps 60 million Americans. The effects on our brain can be quite dramatic.

Dad's Little girls prefer mates that look like them.  Research shows striking similarities in facial features.

Do You Love? A MUST read that explains the happiness of real love.

Hate crimes in school.  Where does this come from anyway?

Alzheimers and Aluminum:  Is there a connection? The latest news on this disease is reported.
How the brain copes with shifting eyes.  Some interesting visual illusions are shown.

Where are your memories stored?  Somewhere in your brain? Maybe not.

Are you right or left eyed?  What does this reveal about you?

Babies Learn Language in the Womb!  Amazing research.

Putting feeling into words produces therapeutic effects.  Why writing in a journal or diary is healthy.


What is money worth?
Dan Eden explains how the paper dollars actually have value, how they are no longer backed by gold, and how the banks got us into the current depression. This is a must read for anyone who doesn't understand what happened to the American and global economy.

Fake Gold Bars in Fort Knox!  Tungsten discovered inside gold bars that originated from Fort Knox. Where is all the REAL gold going?

Tent Cities in USA  There's probably one near you. More and more homeless families have no other option.

Is Martial Law Coming Soon?

Is a detention camp in your future?  Hundreds of camps have already been built and staffed. For whom? Why?

How the Dead Economy Effects Baby Boomers:  Some 60+ seniors have found creative solutions to being old and poor.



WEIRD PHOTOS: Perhaps you can identify some?

Is it time to buy a gun yet?  Dan Eden struggles with this question and comes to a surprising answer. A must read if you've ever thought about owning a handgun.

Chocolate's Hidden Ingredient:  Child Slavery in the Ivory Coast.

The HOPI: People of corn:  Viewzone visits the Hopi Reservation in Arizona and talks with tribal enders about the past, present and future.

The DINÉ - Navajo:  An interview with a Navajo Medicine Man sheds light on our current civilization.

The Great Wall of China:  A family shares their experiences with this world landmark.

More evidence that marijuana has health benefits.

The oldest stash of marijuana was found with buried shaman in China.

Remembering R. Crumb and ZAP comix!  If you can't remember... you're either too young or too old.

Search engines record everything you do on-line!

Tales of Psychopaths and Politicians  According to expert criminologists, these two groups share the same FBI profile! What happened to "public servants"?

Xanadu: A Castle in the Clouds: The Life of Orson Welles


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