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Evidence that we have lived before.


Scientific Proof of Reincarnation

Dr. Helen Wambach was a skeptic about reincarnation and actually began a scientific study to debunk it. But the results of her 10-year research into past lives shocked her and forced her to conclude, "I don't believe in reincarnation -- I know it!"

Dr. Ian Stevenson is a Professor of Psychiatry and has documented hundreds of cases of verified reincarnations. He has concluded that many physical and psychological anomalies can be traced back to former lives. Examples and descriptions of his important work are given including India's best known case of reincarnation -- little Shanti Devi, who suddenly remembered her former life in a neighboring village. To everyone's surprise, her former husband and family were still alive and the young child was eventually reunited with them. Her descriptions of everything were totally accurate and well documented.

Last we cover the work of Dr. Roger Woolgey who is best known for his association of psychological complexes and phobias with past life traumas. His therapeutic methods are explained.


Convincing Cases of Past Lives

We review two of the most conclusive cases in Western culture. The first is of a little boy who suddenly remembers his past life as a WWII pilot. His father becomes worried about his son's sanity and researches the boy's unbelievable claims. He finally finds the pilot, his fellow soldiers and the circumstances of his untimely death -- just as his son described them.

Next we look at a police Captain in the Indianapolis Homicide Division who reluctantly undergoes a hypnotic past-life regression. What he witnesses shocks him and he becomes obsessed to solve the case of his own past existence as an artist. His exceptionally well documented investigation leaves no doubt that reincarnation is very real.


What Did Jesus Say?

We explore the Judaic belief in reincarnation with Rabbi Yonassan Gershom, a Hasidic Jew who has worked with many reincarnated Holocaust victims. Rabbi Gershom describes his work, his proof and the theological theories behind reincarnation in Judaism. Since Jesus was born and lived as a practicing Jew, these concepts would have been known and accepted by both He and His followers. So what did Jesus say about this subject? And why did the Christian Church eventually outlaw this belief?


Tibetan Buddhism: Rebirth v Reincarnation

Hardly any group has studied and perfected reincarnation techniques more than the Tibetan Buddhists. Buddha sought a way to escape the misery of life. His methods evolved into a systematic awakening of our real consciousness that has been successfully practiced for centuries. The mystery of bebirth and reincarnation was also uncovered. Their methods of meditation are reviewed, explained in plain talk and some important Tantric lessons are provided to enhance your rebirth.


Hinduism: The Source of Knowledge

Hinduism is the oldest and most intellectual religion in human history. Great minds contemplated ideas about God, the soul and human existence long before there was a written language to record such things. As such, the religion was mainly an oral tradition. There is no known founder. Yet the ideas about reincarnation, the laws of karma and the abstract nature of the Creator remain the ultimate revelation and source of almost all other faiths. We explore Hinduism, the Bhagavad-gita and Krishna Consciousness in this summary.



"Seeing the light" refers to the personal experience that is reported when one remembers their true identity as something "other than this body." There are many methods that have been used to achieve this goal. Meditation and good living are important but some ancient cults also used a technique that involved fire or reflected light.

The method, called "phosphenes" is explored and a possible explanation of how it works is given for consideration. We'd really like your feedback on this.

Can We Recall FUTURE Lives?
This is a "true" story of a hypnosis session where an obese patient was receiving therapy for overeating. The hypnotist attempted to suggest that the patient remember how it felt to be thin and began a typical regression procedure. Not being careful on the selection of words, the therapist regressed the patient back to a time "when you were light". This reference to light apparently brought the patient back to a time between incarnations -- only the subsequent life that was recalled was not in the past... This amazing transcript is reproduced, word for word, and describes a life in the future. What do humans look like? How do we live? What mysteries have we solved? Although we cannot vouch for its authenticity, it is certainly a thought provoking and interesting read.

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