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THE SILENT BURNING a book by Ryan Bartek

This is the debut anthology of USA writer, journalist & musician Ryan Bartek. At first glance 'THE SILENT BURNING' appears to be a scattered anthology, but at core, it's an all-American anti-speech for the ages. No stone is left unturned -- Columbine, occultism, madness, drug abuse, black comedy, anarchism, punk rock, heavy metal, propaganda, pan-tribalism, zombies, psychedelics, lunatic cops, garbage cinema, the Orwellian police state -- all topics which are presented in a surrealistic fashion that will appeal to fans of William S Burroughs, Celine, Charles Bukowski, Fernando Pessoa, Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac, Comte de Lautreamont, Fyodor Dostoevski, Franz Kafka & such writers.

It's a tough book to describe because it has no direct comparison -- it is also fanatically anti-commercial & jarringly shocking. Originally released on January 5th 2005 by Elitist Publications, "THE SILENT BURNING" was quickly pulled from stores because of its highly confrontational, raw & offensive nature.

Written for the sole purpose of brutal self therapy, 'THE SILENT BURNING' is a take no prisoners account of bi-polar depression from the grim bowels of Detroit. Created during supreme hopelessness (circa 1998-2002), 'THE SILENT BURNING' is a ruthless anti-speech that supremely capsizes the Post-Cobain/Pre-Columbine 'Dark Generation' who soon grew into adulthood watching 'Fight Club' one too many times.

Somewhere between 'The Wall,' 'The Downward Spiral' & every death metal album imaginable, 'THE SILENT BURNING' is a nexus of black humor that is essentially a mammoth poem fragmented into a mosaic of vignettes, soliloquies, dream narratives, journal entries, poems, & misanthropic rants.

Ryan Bartek is also the author of the non-fiction road books/music journalism exposes 'THE BIG SHINY PRISON (Volume One),' 'FORTRESS EUROPE (The Big Shiny Prison Vol. II). He performs spoken word under his real name, and has two acoustic/antifolk records as JACK CASSADY. He also is the former guitarist of grindpunk acts AKA MABUS and SASQUATCH AGNOSTIC.

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FORTRESS EUROPE (The Big Shiny Prison Vol. II)' a book by Ryan Bartek

'FORTRESS EUROPE (The Big Shiny Prison Vol. II)' is underground journalist Ryan Bartek’s road book/music journalism expose which defies all conventions. This book is the follow up to the author's infamous USA road book 'The Big Shiny Prison (Volume One),' FORTRESS EUROPE exists in the territory established by Jack Kerouac's 'On The Road,' Henry Miller's 'Tropic of Cancer' and Hunter S. Thompson's “Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas.' This book is the modern equivalent of such writing, placed in the European Counterculture while the author traveled across Europe in 2011. Bartek reveals a postmodern, dystopian vision of the European counterculture while interviewing a number of living legends face to face and drudging through the gutters of society.

'FORTRESS EUROPE (The Big Shiny Prison Vol. II)' covers all forms of extreme metal, punk rock, industrial, experimental, rock & electronic and features appearances/interviews with members of Brutal Truth, Master, Agathocles, Wolfbrigade, Rotting Christ, Killing Joke, Funeral Winds, Nahemah, Enochian Crescent, Moonsorrow, LAIBACH, Defeated Sanity, First Blood, Hello Bastards, Abortion, Panthiest, Arkangel, HATE, Repulsione, Dehuman, General Surgery, Corpus Christii, Fides Inversa, Excavated, Primordial, Splitter, Pyramido, Black Breath, Ingurgitating Oblivion, El Schlong, Spacemen 3 & legendary Detroit writer/60's radical Mr. John Sinclair + many more.

Ryan Bartek is also the author of the book 'THE SILENT BURNING.' He performs spoken word under his real name, and has two acoustic/antifolk records as JACK CASSADY. He also is the former guitarist of grindpunk acts AKA MABUS and SASQUATCH AGNOSTIC.

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Unter Reich by William Lanter

Did the Nazis really lose the war?

It is the intention of this author to present a work that would appeal to the sensibilities of the cerebral drama of this existence that we call life.

Much of what is found within these pages is portrayed from the manly perspective of events that took place in an era of chaos, confusion, and upheaval, that still to this day captivates the minds, and the imagination of millions.

A story set in the era of World War Two, amid the struggles of good against evil. From the grand scale of nation against nation, on down to the inner struggles within man himself.

Although much time, and historical research has gone into the compilation of this book, it in the end must remain in its classification as a mere work of fiction.

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TAKEN by Karla Turner, Ph.D

Inside the Alien-Human Agenda

Dr. Turner's books are all out of print; in addition,"Taken" and "Masquerade" are both very expensive to obtain on the used market. They also happen to be two of the most important books ever written on the UFO abduction phenomenon.

More information can be obtained from

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LIVE EVIL by William Lanter


It is said that all truths are only half truths, and that seems to be the case. Take a simple Acorn for example. What is the truth about this Acorn? It grows on an Oak tree, it is a nut for consumption, or a seed that can produce another Oak tree. On the sub-atomic level it is made up of atoms, grows according to a mathematical system of Fibonacci numbers, etc. etc. If we were able to know all there is to know about an Acorn on the atomic, and sub-atomic levels, then delve into the intentions behind it's very creation, we might well spend the rest of our lives trying to tell the whole truth about the Acorn.

And so mankind in it's limited abilities may try to tell the truth about something only to fill in the gaps between bits of truth with supposition in order to connect the dots and come to an understanding of a matter. Thus, we are left with half truths, and more times than we might be willing to admit, erroneous fictions that we label as truths. This divides us all, confuses us all, and misleads us all. It's the filling in of suppositions that puts the fly in the ointment, and causes it to stink.

But by using the contrast of both secular, and religious history, against the standard of The Holy Scripture as the true paradigm to fill in the gaps, we are suddenly able, by contrast alone, to realize a greater truth that can not be explained away by the fanciful efforts of men, or by the subversive machinations of demons.

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The Vinnilians by William Lanter


There is a land called Skadan, far in the north. There dwelt many peoples. Among them was a little people called the Winnili (Vinnili spelled phonically), their characteristic features of the physical type were light hair, blue eyes, light complexion, and tallness of stature.

Even the saga-men, from whom the Roman historian Tacitus gathered the facts for his Germania -- a valuable work for the history of civilization, knew that in the so-called Svevian Sea, north of the German continent, lay another important part of Germany, inhabited by Sviones. (Tac. Germ. 44).

Tacitus speaks about the Vinnilian's with some admiration as a small people whose numbers, he says, was counterbalanced by their unimpeachable unity, and warlike virtues, which rendered them secure in the midst of the numerous and mighty tribes around them.

At the time of Paul the Deacons writings the Vinnilians dwelt in the most northern part of Germany, on the lower Albis (Elbe River). Five hundred years later we find them as rulers in Pannonia, whence they invade Italy. They had by then been converted to Christianity. A hundred years after they had become settled in North Italy, Paul a Latin scholar wrote a little treatise about them, the De Origine Longobardorum.

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What then? by Mario Pugliese


In the 9/11 address to the nation George W. Bush said: "Today, our nation saw evil -- the very worst of human nature..." What did he mean by that? What is human nature? Who are the humans? I sought to answer these and other questions, in order to make a sense of my life. This is the account of my search.

[365 Kb pdf]

The Big Shiny Prison by Ryan Bartek


"THE BIG SHINY PRISON" by Ryan Bartek is a genre-bending work of nonfiction that is at once a road book and a journalistic expose on the American underground as well. One man, one tape recorder & no budget, Bartek makes it through 35 states and 600+ hours on Greyhounds, interviewing a variety of celebrities, freaks, musicians, homeless people, ex-cons and such. Covering all forms of counterculture fringe with a heavy emphasis on radical punk/extreme metal, "THE BIG SHINY PRISON" is a 315 page epic that was released as a Free Download on 11/15/09.

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THE NEVER ENDING (Illustrated) by Dan Eden


"THE NEVER ENDING" by Dan Eden: In this special edition ebook Viewzone's own Dan Eden (Gary Vey) travels around the world exploring ancient petroglyphs that reveal a dire prophecy for the days ahead.

Read by a million on the internet, this adventure starts in the frozen tundra of Alaska, where Dan is shown a secret military installation and is briefed by military whistle blowers who warn of a "death ray" weapon that has already caused death and destruction to our atmosphere.

The action then moves to Colorado where some unusual petroglyphs are revealed to be writing in an ancient alphabet and dialect. Dan translates the petroglyphs with a computer program he has written and is shocked at what they reveal.

Almost simultaneously, the same alphabet is uncovered far away in Yemen, at the excavated site of the palace of Queen Sheba. Dan takes an expedition and his laptop computer to the archaeological site and finds that the unknown, ancient language tells an amazing story of the Ark of the Covenant, where it is buried, and predicts the same calamity that was foretold in the Colorado texts. While in Yemen, his expedition witnesses glowing orbs of light and unexplained phenomenon that follow them through the remote desert.

Not stopping there, the story takes Dan to the outback of Australia where the same writing has just been discovered. There, he realizes the full scope of his discovery and how it all ties in with the Alaskan "death ray."

You won't be able to stop reading this true adventure. Dan's writing style is relaxed yet full of real suspense. It's like he's talking to you. Indeed, you'll see why a million people have already enjoyed this adventure. Plus, this new ebook is complete with photographs of the actual places described in the story.

[4 Mb pdf]

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