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Juan von Trillion, November 2011

King Carl The Great: Decoder

Warning: this is big. Very big. And the problem is, once you grasp what is presented here, it only gets bigger. There is nothing I can think of that is not affected by it. You can not deny it, as there are billions of tons of often neatly cut and piled up stones, not the work of nature, forming monuments.

They speak the code language. In a rather loud voice, for stone cold monuments. But these cold, hard facts are also a stable pillar on which to lean, in these times. The world as we know it seems to be crumbling in some major way, and few if any anchor points are stable. This issue we are looking at here, Geomathematics is one word for it, is rock solid. Any way you look at it. It is not a "perhaps" and not a "maybe, but..." It is what it is, and in a very self-referencing kind of way. Sort of a four or five-way pun in humor, only way beyond that. You will see, soon, for yourself what I mean.

So: not a conspiracy theory (whatever that is, many turn out to be true). Not a coincidence theory. Not some nifty idea. So be prepared. A billion tons of bricks are going to hit you.

Ancient Monuments and Encoded Precision-Numbers: Archaeocryptography

Very likely, you have heard about the fact that the world's monuments such as the Great Pyramid at Giza, Stonehenge, Tikal, the Serpent Mound or the Fort in Ohio, have some kind of mathematical constants encoded in them. Whether it is the constant Pi, or star constellations, there seems to be something precise about them.

The only mathematics that we have to contemplate here are basic numbers derived from counting faces, corners, terraces or other obvious features of monuments, their multiplication, the coordinates of objets on the global grid of longitude and latitude, and basic mathematical constants such as Pi or Radian. Nothing fancy, this is easy to follow along.

The intention is to explain the essential structure and internal logic of this amazing global code for everyone. Whenever you see a number, it is because of the screenshots of Carl Munck's The Code video, with his beautiful drawings and great clarity. Not in this article. All these numbers are explained to you, their meaning or implication, and consequence. But if you really can not resist, fire up your pocket calculator or computer widget and punch in the numbers. It is always a cool thing to see these coordinates multiply to a group of certain whole numbers. As if by magic.

Laura Lee's math teacher all throughout school said, after looking into a few of Munck's discoveries, said: "Wow, this is spooky. You say this guy has a video out? Where can I see it?" You absolutely should send this article to all your mathematically inclined friends and family members.

Basically, you multiply current, exact GPS coordinates of any of these monuments on Earth. The latitudes remain the same for the ancient system of navigation, but the prime meridian for longitude changes back to the old one. The results of this check are numbers which come from the monuments themselves. It is always a deep satisfaction to see them coming out right on the money. I did it quite a lot of this while researching, and I even found an error of Munck, due to a misplaced comma.

It is the oldest and only round pyramid in the Americas, dug up from lava covering part of it. Its latitude coordinates multiply to exactly 360 (called a "grid point"), but only if you add a zero into the arc seconds decimals.

The photo below shows the Cuicuilco pyramid in Mexico from our favorite angle, from above. We will come back to it when we look at circular monuments encoding 360 or other such numbers obviously related to roundness.

Cuicuilco pyramid in Mexico, the oldest one and the only round one. Munck pronounces this pyramid "Juliaco" in his presentations; its original name, he says.

Cuicuilco, the only round pyramid on the American continent, as it stands today.

From my experience with this Gematria, this Code, Matrix, Geomathematics ... looking at it with an un-focussed eye and putting it into the larger context ... the more you get into the numbers, the more you get sucked into them.

I remember the story that there were two German mathematicians investigating the various aspects of Infinity with numbers, not related to this topic. They committed either suicide or were put into an asylum. Utterly brilliant scientists, the top of their generation. So let's stay away from the numbers as much as we can. A glance is all it takes, knowing what you see and its meaning or relationship. Never a casual relationship, let me tell you.

All we need to do is to say something like "Wow!" whenever two identical numbers show up, when they are totally unlikely to ever show up twice. Ever. The answer is simple and leads to many cans of worms: this was intentional, utterly precise, and really smart to do.

Awesome Precision Across Continents

Below is a sneak preview of such a "Wow!" or "Yo, WTF!" moment of numbers lining up nicely, just too nicely. Just like many other graphics here, these are screenshots from Carl Munck's "The Code" videos, from 1994. What you see below is this:

1- the Temple 1 at Tikal, on a globe viewed from above

2- the Giza Great Pyramid on its 0/360 degrees ancient prime meridian of longitude

3- two very precise sets of coordinates, expressed in: degrees, minutes, seconds, and fractions of seconds, down to no less than four decimals

4- understand that Tikal Temple 1 is located on the exact same latitude as the Giza GP already

This is the meaning of what is being shown:

- One set of coordinates indicates the distance of Tikal's Temple 1, in degrees, measured by today's satellite surveying precision to the prime meridian running through the apex of the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. One way around the Earth.

- The other set of coordinates indicates the distance to the Great Pyramid, only that it is the other way around the Earth.

- Both distances around the planet, (expressed in degrees, not miles), multiply to exactly the same number: 123,758.883. Quite a number. Quite a coincidence if you see it twice in the same context.

Tikal, Temple 1, Guatemala, "Temple of the Jaguar"

The depth of the temple atop the pyramid, first measured as "exactly 759 centimeter", here converted by Munck to 12-inch feet, to three decimals. Centimeters will not get you anywhere on this matrix. But 24,901 miles, instead of 24.901 feet, gets you exactly where you started, if you walk along the current equator. Coincidence. Pure coincidence.

Here is an excellent example of the clarity with which this grid guides the decoder's thinking. Crucial data is not hidden but embedded in stone. Good, clear thinking allows the original intention to shine through the eons of time. Look at the drawing above of Tikal's Temple 1, look at its depth, expressed in 12-inch feet. That very same number, but in miles, is Earth's actual equatorial circumference: 24,901.5 miles.

This is what we have so far in the first example:

Equator ... Around the world ... Both ways ... A-round the world ... Hey! What do you find in Egypt, around the world, at the exact same latitude as Tikal Temple 1? That huge pyramid that everyone on the planet knows about.

Again, this is important: one number, to three decimal points, divides in such a way as to measure both distances from Temple 1 to the Great Pyramid of Giza. It indicates the distance westwards and the distance eastwards. Around the entire planet, down to the fraction of something tiny.

The precision of a Swiss watch on a planetary scale.

Tikal's Temple 1 encodes the exact longitude of the Giza Great Pyramid - and it does so both ways around the planet. Both pyramids are on the same latitude already, oceans apart.

Be honest. If you ran across one particular number, say: 123,758.883, and in the very same context, the very same number shows up again. What do you say? "No way José?"

This is one lump of a coincidence we have ourselves here. Someone said that "a coincidence is what you have left over when you apply a bad theory", which was often borrowed by the late Terence McKenna, and for good reason: it is the exposure of establishment science's Hindenburg Syndrome. Hot air ready, to blow.

I suggest we ignore the bad theories then, and stick to the good ones. Those which can do without the coincidence factor. In real science, you don't ask for a free miracle first and then you explain everything from there. And if that's not enough, you ask for some more miracles to keep the fabrication going in some way.

The list of data that is encoded in Tikal, only the Tikal site in Guatemala, is very, very long. One example: the exact area of Stonehenge's circle, how about that. However, the list would be so long we would get dizzy, or tune out, both me and you. And I mean it. I still get wobbly knees, and I have been at it for a while and been through the 5-6 hours of videos which Carl has made in the 90s many times. It goes farther and farther, bigger and wider it gets. It seems neverending. The more you look the more you see. Careful where you step.

For now, I want to scratch the surface and make as clear as possible what there is. Standing on firm ground before proceeding is considered good technique. And ... let it sink in.

The next part will take a handful of monuments and show you the numbers linking them, and much more, down to tiny fractions of arc seconds.

You can take it as far as you wish, and all you need is out there for free on youtube. I am referring to the three parts of "The Code". Some things are not on youtube, however. Those things are in newsletters and rare interviews. Three words to describe what these things mean: can, of, & worms.

I have found rare interviews with Carl, and the content of these "insider talks" is also terribly fascinating. Questions like "Who built this World Matrix, and what for?" are put to Carl Munck, and he gives his view on such a loaded question. You can look forward to in-depth analysis of The Code and where this has lead since Carl's lightbulb lit up in 1982. Terribly fascinating. Yes, secret societies are in it. Of course.

Digging up The Code

About three years ago I found Carl Munck's "The Code" video from 1994 in a torrent collection (then, there was only one, but there are three, long parts). I think I saw it three times in between serious mulling and checking with contacts as to whether they knew about it. Then, I went on trying to find out more about this and Munck. Like, was Carl Munck still alive? Back then, as today, an internet search resulted in this same page:

This first installment of The Big Picture will show you just how precise and continent-spanning this array of monuments really is, thanks to the work of this now-retired, modern-day Galileo or Kepler.

Carl P. Munck must be credited with inventing, actually re-discovering, the science of Archaeocryptography. Also called Archaeocartology. What is behind these ten-dollar words? Very simple: Archaeology and Codes.

This is how Carl defines The Code, which is underlying the global array of fantastically expensive, non-funerary, enduring and tasteful stone and earth constructions:

"Archaeocryptography is the decoding of prehistoric mathematical expressions of monuments, which explain just why certain monuments are where they are, and designed the way they are."

The clue which got Carl started in digging up, assembling this code bit by bit, was a phrase by the American seer Edgar Cayce, in response to the question:

"Will we ever find out about the purpose of the Great Pyramid?"

To which Cayce replied:

"We must first understand the mathematical precision of Earth"

That was in 1982.

Geomathematics, and Where is Home When You Travel?

Carl Munck has based his research on the best available cartographic material. We are talking the precison of engineering maps, inches and fractions of an inch. Precise coordinates. The numbers which he shows to underlie the placement of monuments are so exact that they lie within an inch or less after crossing an entire ocean.

They are as precise as our positioning system of degrees, minutes and seconds, and two decimals of seconds, allows to express. In fact, only the fairly recent technology of satellite surveying has shown these numbers to coincide with precision placement of monuments.

The measurements and alignments are corroborated with current satellite-based positioning technology, but only as long as you:

"adjust" the wrong, hijacked, prime meridian of longitude, running through an underwhelming brick building in rainy Greenwich, England, with the original and real one -- in sunny Giza, Egypt -- just like the ancient maps did.

Like so many other things, the original system has been messed with.

The original Prime Meridian on which this positioning system is based runs through the very apex of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

The apex of the Great Pyramid

The ancient system of Earth coordinates used the exact same equator.

Barry McEwen, one of the researchers who has absorbed this code, puts it this way:

"From THE CODE we get factual, mathematically provable evidence that all ancient sites, megaliths, temples, stone circles, effigies and certain natural formations and vortexes across the entire face of the globe are very precisely located on a global coordinate system in relation to the Great Pyramid."

For the end of this first part of The Great Decoder you get a real treat. A short 5-minute video clip, superbly produced. Note how the music and narration create suspense and accompany the oomph of what is being said. The narration is by Carl Munck himself, edited together from the many hours of his homemade videos from the 90's which we use here. Kudos to the creator of this video. You get more in five minutes than by reading this article, but now it's too late to go away.

One more thing before you watch this video. When you study the work of those who study the big picture, let me tell you that several of the top researchers are aware of Carl Munck's discovery. The number of people who are in a position to connect Munck's Code to their own field of research, and tell others about it, is nevertheless rather small.

Any clear presentation of Carl's findings leaves no doubt about the fact that he has discovered something awesome, real, provable, with unbelievable implications for everything else. If you start looking into the reasons just why this is not taught everywhere on the planet, then you run into the fact that suppression, falsification and purposeful ignorance exists just about everywhere you care to look.

Now, the best part of all this...

Although it was almost lost, this knowledge has been recovered. And is being offered to the general public as one, if not the, foundation stones of the human cultures on planet Earth. Our beautiful planet Earth is littered with gigantic monumental artworks which encode just about everything in the most obvious, exquisite and exact way, including:

- the prime meridian

- themselves and their position, the position of others

- their "relatives" in the world monument family are related to them in plainly visible, symbolic, obvious ways

- our basic units of measurement, mathematical constants, distances to each other...

... and so much more.

It is pure and utter genius. Who designed this, and for what purpose? There is an answer to that question, though it is not carved in stone like the billion-ton monument array on this Earth. We will get to that answer, but later.

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