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Juan von Trillion, November 2011

King Carl The Great: Decoder -- Part 2

Examples Of Global Monument Symbology, Placement, and Accuracy: The Round Ones

This is an example of the internal logic and correspondence of form and number. We follow Carl Munck as he explains global round monuments and how they are related. They are, in the true sense of the world, family.

The first group of world monuments are the round ones. This is only a selection, and you may not know most of them. You do know the first one, Stonehenge. Here is Stonehenge's extended family.

Roundtrip Stonehenge, Ohio, Mexico, Germany, And Back

The 60 outer stones of stonehenge, just like minutes on a watch. Multiply them with one of mathematics "words" for circle, 360.


The number for roundness multiplies with Stonehenge's 60 outer stones to encode Stonehenge's center -- exactly. Coordinates west of Giza, of course.


The number 21,600 encodes Stonehenge's latitude.



Anything Else On Earth That Is Round...
and points to Stonehenge?


You bet there is. While we look, keep in mind that we would also really appreciate some proof that this ancient system was like ours -- a base-10 system. If it is not too much to ask for.


"The Fort" in Ohio. It is huge, round, encodes the number 2,160 through its center's coordinates as measured by our best people and machines. Awesome coincidence.

This earth circle is almost unknown, but it does exist - in Newark, Ohio. Not only this circle, another more spectacular one, with golf, is very close to it. In case the 2,160 of "The Fort" and the 21,600 of Stonehenge leave you wanting.


"The Great Circle", or "The Fort" in Newark, Ohio.

You can recognize the opening at the 2 o'clock position. The oval inside could be anything added later by the current clueless trash culture. It could be a karting circuit for all we know.

The "Circle and Octagon", below and close-by, is now disgraced with a golf course.

[Above"] Two vintage aerial shots of the Circle and Octagon in Ohio. We spare you today's aerial photo of it -- a golf course.


The Circle and Octagon in Newark, Ohio. A multiple of Stonehenge's 21,600 gridpoint is mirrored in the Circle's precise Giza longitude, down to four decimal points. These individual numbers multiply to 216,000. Inserted, the coordinates based on Greenwic's stolen Prime Meridian, which you have to use to find it today by GPS.

Below is an example of a thorough investigation into the Octagon's internal geometry. Though this is not directly related to Carl Munck's Code discoveries, it shows that there is more to this grid than just coordinates corresponding and pointing to like-shaped monuments elsewhere on the planet. As I mentioned, it gets bigger and bigger the more you look.

Look, Freemasons: double-squaring the circle!

Remember that we came here from the Circle and Octagon in Ohio.

Perhaps the Octagon, which is clearly divided into eight sections, as well as attached to the Circle, invites us to divide the grid point of that circle by ... say, eight?

If a square equals four and we have two squares in the form of a huge and precise octagon, and we crunch the numbers with the attached circle ... ask your friendly Freemason is he hears a bell ringing faintly.

So we follow the hint and divide the circle's number on the grid by the Octagon's insinuated "eight", and get 27,000. Looking around the globe for something round at 27,000, we find this deteriorated but clearly defined earth circle in Germany:


The Golo Circle in Germany, today.


Germany's Golo Circle, sometime way back when...


From the German site about the Golo Circle. Unspectacular, except for its meaning, expressed by its precise location and symbology: it is quite round


Golo's precise coordinate of latitude multiplies to the same number which is implied in the Ohio Circle and Octagon. Coincidence, dear skeptic, relax.

This has worked out so beautifully, why not look again for something round saying "27,000"?

The original Stonehenge said the following numbers in a rather compelling way:

60 - the number of stones forming the outer stone circle

15 - the number of stones inside, arranged like a horseshoe, and

2 - the total number of elements in stone: outer circle and inner horseshoe

Multiplying these three basic numbers, derived from Stonehenge: 60 x 15 x 2 = 1,800

1,800 x 15 (the number of inner stones) = 27,000


This is the grid point of Germany's Golo Circle, because the coordinates of Golo, referenced to Gizas Prime Meridian, multiply to 27,000 in an amazing feat of coincidence.

Take 1,800 again and divide it by 5, the number of Stonehenge's inner horseshoe elements (15 stones in five groups of three) ... and again, something related to roundness appears:

1,800 / 5 = 360

This is so simple: ROUNDNESS as it relates to Earth's round monuments and their positioning.

It should be sufficiently clear just why this is exactly what it seems it is:

The Math Works Out


Carl Munck's discovery of kindergarden-simple numbers embedded in round monuments of the Earth.

The above screenshot from Carl's homemade video shows the short trip we just did. Stonehenge's 21,600 grid point, The Fort's 2,160 and the nearby Circle & Octagon's 216,000 confirm the suspicion that a base-10 system is being used.

Also, the Octagon divides its attached circle, and points to the Golo circle in Germany. Cuicuilco in Mexico on the other hand is just too nice to show up at exactly the 360 gridpoint. Again, the multiplication of Cuicuilco's latitude coordinates are the same as those of Giza's Cheops or Great Pyramid: 360. And the number of degrees of any circle we know.

See below again, repeated from part 1 of this series, to conclude this round-trip.

[above:]Mexico's Cuicuilco pyramid coordinates, with reference to Giza, multiply to 360 -- on the money, if you want to say the word "Round" in mathematics

The present part 2 of Munck's Geomathematics has taken us on a short trip around the world. We discovered that round monuments "speak", in the language of mathematics, to other round monuments, while at the same time they also encode their very position through their gridpoints.

Just to make sure that skeptics go either mad or silent.

On top of this, Earth's round monuments, at least some of them, share a gridpoint which is a multiple of 10 of other round monuments' gridpoint. This is quite helpful in establishing without a doubt that an ancient base-10 numbering system was handed down to us.

The next part 3 will take Geomathematics to a higher level, following Munck, where information is shown to be encoded to signify data such as:

- exact distances across the planet, and beyond

- ancient ocean levels

- ancient magnetic pole positions and a previous, pre-Flood Matrix

... and other astonishing ancient but useful data.

Carl Munck deserves to be quoted often, as he is keenly aware of facts which go beyond numbers and symbolism, so here is a good one from Carl The Great Decoder:


"The Code runs the spectrum from simplicity to apparent confusion -- as it was supposed to. No one can design a top secret communication system and leave it right out in the open for everyone to see and trip over, unless it is carefully arranged to confuse the undisciplined mind. And the key to that was ... numbers. Why numbers? Because most people don't like them and prefer to avoid them. Even worse, the undisciplined mind can assert meanings to numbers that can look logical, but be something else. And it does happen."

"We should learn this Code. We should learn it because the ancients knew it. And we don't want them to be smarter than us."


Carl Munck polishing a pyramid before taking us on the journey
of "The Code -- Part 2" from 1995.

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