The BioMusic Conspiracy: Secrets of the Rainbow Serpent Flute Goddess

by drew hempel, MA

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, the esteemed anthropology expert on the Bushmen, the culture representing 90% of human history, gives the secrets of the Eland Bull ritual in her new book, "The Old Way." The Eland Bull ritual is considered the oldest Bushmen ritual, is practiced by the women, and also similarly found among the closely related forest peoples misnomered as the pygmies. What distinguishes the ritual is the music used -- an old pentatonic or 5 note scale.

This simple 5 note scale is considered the most universal scale, found in most human cultures, and it is built on the 1-4-5 music intervals, considered to be used in all human cultures. My music philosophy masters thesis research, linked at, details how the 1-4-5 music intervals are also the basis for yin and yang principles in Taoist philosophy. In other words, the oldest ritual of humanity uses the same ratios that are the secret meaning for Taoist paranormal healing. Anthropology professor Chris Knight connects the Eland Bull ritual with the Rainbow Serpent ritual of the Australian aborigines. These two ancient rituals parallel the "flute cults" found in both Amazonia and Melanesia. Flutes used by these cults were precursors to modern instruments like the concert flute.

The basic story of these universal rituals, much like the Garden of Eden story, is that the females used to control the power for healing and the power for paranormal creation. The men have taken this healing power but secretly know it comes from the females and the men have to be very careful not to lose this ability -- the ability to create "rainbow snakes" for paranormal reality. Amazingly Dr. Andrew Parker's recent book on the Cambrian Explosion of life, some 500 million years ago, argues that "quantum diffraction gradients" were the secret behind evolution. In other words the same "rainbow snake" that you see when looking at the back of a compact disc is also how early sea bioluminscence worked in developing neurons that became brains for cognition.

The quantum diffraction gradients look evenly spaced but because of asymmetric resonance the grooves enable self-organizing of ionized energy -- into mass -- and back again into spacetime communication. This self-organizing through a higher holographic dimension is called "hidden correspondance" in quantum chaos science and also called "ghost resonance."

Science makes all this seem complicated but that's because of the biomusic conspiracy. Biomusic is a new science discipline based on the discovery that nature -- protozoa, whales, birds, mice, etc., use the same type of harmonics found in human music for communication. In other words the 1-4-5 music intervals are not just limited to humans, but are the secret behind all evolution. Dr. Daniel Levitin speculates on this possible music-evolution connection in his new book "This is your Brain on Music." Music connects with the cerebellum which recently has been discovered to connect with our emotions via the electrochemicals of our autonomic nervous system. Previously the cerebellum was thought to be mainly for motion but it turns out that motion is a means to regulate our emotions!

While nonwestern music sounds unsophisticated to the modern ear there is a timeless secret to its apparent monotony. The chanting and single-note singing is based on the concept of sound transducing into ultrasound which creates heat, called N/um by the Bushmen, which then ionizes our electrochemicals, and creates electromagnetic fields for healing. When Daniel Bournelli "disproved" the shamanic Law of Pythagoras, based on the Tetrad of the 1-4-5 music intervals, he lost this timeless and very advanced concept of total energy-mass and spacetime transduction -- this is the Biomusic conspiracy.

In nonwestern cultures sex roles are intertwined into all aspects of culture with the understanding that the complimentary opposites can resonate with formless awareness to create strong healing energy. So in the Bushmen culture, traditionally, 90% of the men were healers, while the females sang all night so the men could dance for 10 hours straight. The men would go into a trance state, after the N/um was very strong -- "boiling heat" in the belly -- and then the men would put one hand on the front chest of the female and one hand on the back of the female. This trance state would, through electromagnetic light vision, suck the sickness out of the females. The men would suck in the sickness and then send the sickness back to the spirits of the dead which feed off this extra energy.

The "rainbow snake" is the undulating "love-current" of this timeless healing energy. There are 12 harmonic nodes along the front and back of the human that resonate just like the 12 notes of the music scale, created by the overtones of the 1-4-5 harmonics -- the Tai Chi symbol or "rainbow snake flute cult" symbol. The Perfect 5th harmonic is the ratio 2:3 as yang, male energy, which resonates as the infinite spiral of fifths -- the Law of Pythagoras -- back into the formless awareness or eternal feminine consciousness. This practice, of sitting in a chair and focusing the mind along the 12 "notes" of the body, can be done by anyone, so that blissful, electromagnetic energy is created for healing. This natural resonance practice is called the "small universe" or "microcosmic orbit" and guidance c.d.s can be found at The 12 notes practice is also detailed in Professor Mircea Eliade's book on Indian yoga. The ancient tradition of this biomusic practice is the focus of the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality," translated by Charles Luk.

Once the energy channels are opened then a person can sit in full-lotus, which is a tetrahedron, made up of 4 equilateral triangles, each made up of two 2-3-4 triangles, resonating as yin (3:4) and yang (2:3). The full-lotus is a very quick and powerful means to harmonize the electrochemicals of the body. Eventually light can be shot out of the eyes, via the 3rd Eye or the pineal gland, so that healing of others can be achieved. This is a natural resonance revolution from the formless awareness. More details can be found on my old blog,

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