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Diane Arbus was formally trained as a commercial photographer. Her photographs were meticulously planned with props and special lighting. Her subjects were exhaustively selected from modelling agencies to represent a specific type of businessman or typical client that her sponsor was trying to reach. At some point in her career, Arbus made the astounding discovery that the more specific she made her subjects, the more general or generic they would be perceived. The paradox seemed to work the opposite way as well. Photographs that were taken of ordinary people, in their actual rooms or homes, without consideration for lighting and props, were immediately seized upon by art critics who could interpret her work with amazing diversity of meaning and intent.

The new poetry of today's writers is much like the visual work of Arbus in that it contains highly random and commonplace verbiage, a collection of words and phrases, that do not rhyme and do not have a typical rhythmic tempo but rather affect the reader in highly personal ways.

Poetry is a very personal thing. It effects everyone in a different way, depending on our experiences with life, love and sorrow. Writing poetry can be a way of sharing our deepest thoughts and, perhaps, helping another person who is coping with this delicate and mysterious thing we call life.

We have been asked many times to publish poems and prose, written by very talented readers of viewzone. Here is a collection of poems that we have received so far. We invite you to join this collection and share your talent with other poetry writers and readers.

Send your material to viewzone in the body of an email. Be sure to give it a title and include your name. We'll post it and let readers respond. [send material to myristicin@hotmail.com -- be sure to include POETRY in the subject]. Welcome all New Poets!

Title Author Reader's Rating  
A Flight to Forbidden Fruit: Monogomy Chuck Paris  
Dreaming of Redemption | The Rat Race Robert Vary  
Peaceful Wind Gary Bertnick  
Emerald Dictation Jeff Patrick  
Reborn in the Bayou Jason K. Dove  
When the Sleeper Wakes Martin Frank  
Balcony Life
Behind the Curtain
Keith Fryup  
Death of a World I Once Knew Steve Moore  
GOLDY Angelica Paul  
THE OPPOSITE Dominic Jordan  
MUSIC BY FIRE Susan Harris  
FREEDOM Angelica Paul  
Palestine O Palestine Deepak Sarkar  
A crazy story Dominic Jordan  
Changeling T.J. McAlister  
...to neo-Babylon Stu Barnhart  
Boxing Day Sunami Tribe Trevor J. Ward  
The honor of Battle
Break Me
Midnight Poet (Calvin Murphy)  
Saving the Blessedness
The Phoenix Rises...
Shoma Berkemeyer  
American Flag Floor Mat
Slang, Equal Plan...
Daniel Hopkins  
Hunger - Regurgitation - Generosity
Kay Kimbrell-Gunton  
This New Heartache
Kimber Gutierrez  
Alter Boy
Shane Lynch  
Self Pity
A Poem For A Coward
Conscious Thought
Rachel Parry
Boston, Massachusetts
Little Miss Perfect Eleanor Davis, United Kingdom  
Liar Eleanor Davis, United Kingdom  
First Love Eleanor Davis, United Kingdom  
Fox Hole "moody", USA  
Hungry "Street", New Jersey, USA  
The Walk Home Jason Dove, Louisiana, USA  
The Game Andrew Jiminez, Florida, USA  
Religion Andey Y. Morozov - Russia  
Maybe Tomorrow Anand Subramanian - India  
Period Piece Gary Watkins - Arkansas USA  
Abuse Ernest Serna - Maryland USA  
Relationship Swapan Dutta Roy, India  
Young Lovers Freeme123@aol.com  
Of Lines nvoegtly@jnb.com  
Untitled (Love Poem) jess@exploremaine.com  
Untitled (Love Poem) jess@exploremaine.com  
A Night Breeze Blew
  Across The Bay
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