We invite you to submit ideas for stories OR actual stories or articles for publication on viewzone. Our guidelines are simple:

  • Text should be submitted by e-mail to myristicin@hotmail.com with "ARTICLE SUBMISSION" in the subject field.
  • Please be sure that you use simple quotes ["] and apostrophes ['] as the left-right "fancy" quotes do not convert to HTML easily.
  • Length can vary, depending on the content. Usually 2000 to 3000 words is best. Paragraphs for internet writing should not contain more than three sentences each.
  • Images accompanying the article should be attached in jpg, png or gif format and should not exceed 700 pixels wide. (Please be sure they are not copyright protected or if you have received permission to use them.) We can usually illustrate articles for you.
  • The topics on viewzone vary widely. The most popular deal with science, mysteries, conspiracies, spirituality and interesting or unusual phenomena. We don't accept political articles per se or adult content.

If you just want to suggest a topic that we can research and write up, please tell us as much as you can in an e-mail to the above address.

So please consider sending in your material. We can edit it for you, if you like, and we will send you a proof copy before it is linked to the magazine.

Dan Eden / Viewzone

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