The highly acclaimed series dealing with alien visitation & abduction
by Juan von Trillion and Gary Vey



A decade ago there was a strong belief among informed people that the US government was about to reveal the existence of aliens and UFO technology. Since then we have seen professional astronauts, former NASA engineers and some CEOs of aeronautical corporations speaking publicly about reverse engineering and technological advances made from analyzing captured or crashed UFOs.

Now the political and social climate has become even more charged. Disclosure seems very unlikely, with the exception being some obvious sighting or event that would force the government or military to show their hand. Many believe that such an event is imminent. Here's a summary of what we know so far.

Part 1 - What, When, Who & Why (repeat)

An overview of the current status of the "official" disclosure to the public about the presence and history of alien races on our planet. Revelations include the influence and utilization of alien technology by such defense contractors as McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed-Martin, including the now shocking death-bed revelation by former secret "Skunkworks" director, Ben Rich, that "Extraterrestials and UFOs are REAL." The recent announcement by high level military personnel, stating that UFOs have compromised our nuclear missiles on more than one occasion, is also included.


Part 2 - Evidence of "AlienUFO"

This reviews some of the famous people -- presidents and astronauts -- who have witnessed UFOs and/or aliens and have come forward (more or less) to alert the public that these phenomenon are real. Some amazing claims are made, including the presence of military bases "off planet" and we begin to see how the military, or some other organization, has been working all along with extraterrestrials.


Part 3 - The Tall White Blonds in Las Vegas

This part focuses on one of the more amazing stories that have come out in recent years. Ex-military airman, Charles Hall, describes how a remote desert base has been used as a "rest area" for an alien race of tall, human-like beings. Not only do they interact with some of the military but they also go in disguise to nearby Las Vegas, essentially as clandestine "tourists." It's not all humor as Hill gives details and appears totally credible.


Part 4 - Origins of Alien & Human Races

Some contact with aliens has been well documented and their messages have been shared. This part of the series covers the Urantia Papers which give an incredibly detailed report on the social, political and religious structure of the universe, according to a number of different beings of the realm. These reports, or "papers" leave nothing to the imagination as they describe the various forms of life on different inhabited worlds, what they look like, what they eat and breathe and their ideas about God.


Part 5 - Scientific Proof of Alien Abductions

This part of the series gets down to the business of proof. The real evidence of alien abductions is discussed, along with the possible methods and purpose of these events. The abduction procedure appears standardized and is described in detail. The possibility of a hybridization program is considered, along with its implications for the human species.

Do the aliens possess the ability to control our minds? Or is this apparent ability just advanced technology through brain implants? How can we protect ourselves and family from abductions? Are aliens good or bad? All of these matters are covered.



Evidence is presented that the US military made contact with an alien race and formulated an agreement which essentially traded the freedom to abduct and experiment on human subjects in return for advanced technology. The history and facts of this agreement are detailed. Even more shocking is the fact that this advanced technology -- capable of transforming our civilization and eliminating most of our social and political problems -- has been kept secret and used by the military industrial complex for weaponization! You will be angry and sad with this information. It paints a very negative picture of both the aliens and the global government.


Part 7 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This final section considers the good and bad attitudes that some "contactees" have regarding the aliens and their activities here on our planet. Why do some people "love" them, despite the horrific things that are done during an abduction? What is the credibility of these proponents of "friendly aliens"? Several examples of some famous alien encounters are reviewed.


Ken Pfiefer of World UFO Photos: Interview

We asked Ken to tell us about the most convincing UFO case he has ever investigated. Also, what are the aliens up to? What do they want and what should we know about them?

This article focuses on our Moon, its many anomalies, and some interesting theories about its origins around our planet.

This article reveals some of the unusual structures witnessed by Appollo astronauts as they orbited the lunar surface. Transcripts from their secret voice recordings have been declassified and released, leaving no doubt that "we are not alone." Also, some amazing tapes of early lunar orbiting satellites have been found and are revealed in this story.

Grey Aliens - where are they really from?
The archetypal abductee is a large eyed, diminutive creature called a "Grey." They are also knows a "Zetas" from the abduction event involving Betty and Barney Hill. Betty was shown a star map which the aliens described as their "routes" through space and these charts, drawn under hypnosis, were later defined as the star system known as Zeta Reticuli. But Betty adamantly denies that her alien abductors looked anything like the big-eyed Greys. She says they looked more human-like.

What do we really know about the Greys? Some interesting history is explored, including several well known and signature abductions, the "shoot out" with aliens at Dulce, New Mexico, and the popular "zetatalk" website where doomsday predictions abound.