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New Synthetic Drug fights HIV & Prostate Cancer  Finally, a real medical breakthrough.
Scientists invent Plastic Blood  This could revolutionize emergency medical care.
Manipulating the Schuman Resonance  Earth's fundamental frequency has been measured.

Anti-Cancer Gene Discovered!  Will this prolong human life?
You can know the future!  A computerized "black box" can apparently predict future events.
A New Unified Theory united the forces of nature.  The "Holy Grail" of physicists, this new theory is explained with text and illustrations.
POLE SHIFT!  The North and South pole are moving... albeit slowly.
War in Space  With today's new weapons, it's coming sooner than you think.
Laboratory Grown Meat  Would YOU eat it? It's here already.
The Swine Flu  Explains how and why a H1N1 virus infects humans.
High Fructose Corn Syrup: Killing us (all) sofly. New research links this sweetner to obesity, disease & death.
NASA's Tether Incident Is this evidence of alien life or just space junk. You decide.
Mars Anomolies: A close look at some of the strange things we've seen on the surface of Mars.
Has Planet-X Been Discovered  We look in-depth at all the most current evidence.
Depleted Uranium & Birth Defects  Our tax dollars fund these atrocities, committed in our name.
Earth's Oceans & Atmosphere Came from Space Icy comets made life possible.
Who Needs Vitamin D?
Everyone... and we need a lot more than doctors have been telling us. See what can happen if you don't get enough!
BREAKTHROUGH - Spinal Nerve Injury Restored  New drugs and treatment a success.
Plants have feelings!  And a kind of nervous system.
Doomsday: 2012  A look at the scientific evidence for the "end of days." The "perfect storm" that coincides with December 21, 2012.
What will Doomsday be like?  Scientists believe we had a similar catastrophic event some 14,000 years ago. In fact, it was recorded in stone by ancient humans!
Radiation from space can cause earthquakes.  A look at history proves this is more common that you might think.
Secrets of the H-Bomb  The H-bomb requires very little radioactive material. The real bang comes from something you have inside your laptop.
Puzzling Cosmic Rays  from a near-by object have scientists worried.
Stonehenge was an observatory.  New evidence suggests that Stonehenge is much older than previously thought and was used to monitor the earth's shifting axis.
New figures have been discovered at Nazca in Peru  What is this strange animal? Also a look at some other elaborate geometric designs that deserve investigation.
Depleted Uranium:  How to change spent reactor rods into weapons of mass destruction.
Asbestos - the 9-1-1- Aftershock  400,000 tons of carcinogenic asbestos were released in NYC following the collapse of the WTC.
Key to memory storage in brains discovered. Latest research.
Electro-Magnetic Weapons Just one detonation could bring us back to the stone age. We are all vulnerable.
Decorating with Feng Shui  Nancy Uon makes it easy to understand, with illustrations.
Treating Depression with Magnets  Mayo Clinic introduces Transcranial Magnetism therapy.
High Frustose Corn Syrup  It's in everything we eat and it's causing obesity, disease and death.
Eat Less = Live Longer Not eating could extend your life.
Most read stories:
How police use finger prints to solve crimes? Scientists: we're not from this Galaxy! Mysterious red cells might be aliens!
Your finger length tells everything about you Do it better (pleasure) with DOPAMINE! New Electric Universe theory replaces gravity
Blueprints for a real UFO craft! Large Hadron Collider - How Dangerous? Popping Your AMYGDALA: get high without drugs
Iceman Oetzi - real "cold case" (3300 BC) file Science: Homosexuality is NOT a choice The REAL reason for chemtrails finally revealed.
Stonehenge was originally aligned to ancient north pole Diagram and explanations by Tomas O Mills.
Are we really beings of light? Our DNA emits UV photons to communicate.
Environmental cause for homosexuality and ADHD  linked to PVC products your are exposed to daily.
Strange Hexagonal Clouds on Saturn  What could be causing this?
The Dark Side of the Moon  Growing evidence that it was once facing Earth! What happened?
Teflon: the eternal molecule.  Dan Eden explores this invented molecule that is now in everyone's blood. Was it worth having non-stick pans? It has been called the greatest biological experiment ever.
"Hobbits" are a NEW human species! Scientists finally determine these dwarf beings are humans.
Earth's Magnetic Field influences rainfall. How does this work?
You can now live forever...  The biological reason we age and die has been discovered. A chemical can reverse this process. But, as usual, there's a catch.
A Cure for Hair Loss  A new discovery seems to reverse hair loss.
Are Birth Control Pills Changing Evolution?  Read the evidence.

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