Here are some special Tour Programs that ViewZone Tours has selected for you to consider. I am sure that you will find these tours very exciting and designed to meet and exceed all of your highest expectations. ViewZone is proud of our Tour Programs and we are sure that you will have a wonderful experience in Yemen. All prices updated February 2006.

Arabian Serin Tour

September to May

History, Tours, Cultural, Expeditions, Hiking
8 Days, Land Cruiser and Hiking, Exploring is comfortable in the 4WD Toyota Land Cruisers with a maximum load of four participants each. Our destination is the Northern part of the mountains where Sana'a (Yemen's famous capitol city) is situated, at an altitude of 2200m. Most of the interesting places and mountain villages can be easily reached from Sana'a. Small hikes of up to 2-3 hours allow us to experience the unequaled scenic beauty of this country and are within the physical abilities of even untrained participants. Of course, if you do not wish to take part in the hiking and trekking, you can elect to tour in the car. Any way you travel is an adventure, filled with exotic beauty and culture.

2 people - $650 USD || 3-7 people - $575
8-11 people $550 || 12+ people - $510

Single supplement $100 (for single room).

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Arabian Linnet Tour

August to May

Art, Architecture, History, Anthropology
This adventure is focused in the Northern parts of Yemen, including a "cruise" across the golden desert to the culturally rich region of Wadi Hadhramout with a flight back to Sana'a. Incredible and old, the architecture, heritage and hospitality of this region is world famous.10 days.

2 people - $900 USD || 3-7 people - $800
8-11 people $730 || 12+ people - $670

Single supplement $130 (for single room).

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Arabian Thrush Tour

September to May

Cultural Expeditions, Desert Expeditions, Antiques
An extraordinary excursion for seeing the important places in the unified Yemen, that deserve to be seen, including "cruise" across the great sand dunes of Rub-Al-khali (the Empty Quarter) and the fantastic golden sand beaches of the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. The excursion will also take you through the extensive Southern region of Yemen, which remained closed for a very long time, and Wadi Hadhramout -- the seat of the ancient Arab Civilization. Most unique is the city of Shibam, the Arab "Manhattan," where the first "sky-scrapers" in the world were built. Wadi Hadramout is more than 200km long and looks just like the famous Grand Canyon of America. Enclosed by steep and very high mountains and canyons, this fertile valley stretches before you like a green carpet.

The Wadi has been described as a jeweled necklace, with precious pearls and gems made from the many unique and photogenic towns and villages. Wadi Hadramout gives the visitor the feeling of being in an Edenic paradise on earth. You will never forget the beauty of the Wadi Hadhramout. 15 days.

2 people - $1190 USD || 3-7 people - $1080
8-11 people $960 || 12+ people - $890

Single supplement $160 (for single room).

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Arabian Waxbill Tour

September to May

Camel Riding, Archaeology, History, Desert Expeditions
Along the Incense Road. (15 days, Landcruiser and Caravan) Grand Yemen Round Trip with Camel Riding in Wadi Hadhramout. Drive by landcruiser from Sana'a to the legendary Wadi Hadhramout region. This beautiful and fertile area was almost impossible to reach until 1990 and is still pristine and untouched by modern civilization. The tour continues through the port cities of Al Mukalla and Aden and back into mountains of Yemen via the metropolis of Taizz. In the Eastern Wadi Hadhramout we will be travelling 3 days with camels, getting a feeling for the old times when heavily loaded caravans were travelling along the "Incense Road" up to the Mediterranean Sea. Any man or woman who is healthy and also likes to walk a little bit can take part in this trip. The physical conditions are not very demanding, however it can be quite hot during daytime in autumn and spring. During the caravan tour we are travelling three hours each morning and afternoon. You can ride or walk according to your wish. The car (most of the time invisible) will be at your disposal during noon or in the evening if you should have problems with the camel ride (which is rarely the case). This is an epic trip that you will talk about for the rest of your life.

$1480 per person

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Arabian Golden Sparrow Tour

August to May

Archaeology, History, Cultural Expeditions, Nature Trips
Luckily, the mysteries of distant and remote Yemen usually appeals only to an elite, better kind of tourists -- the ones who want to get away from the beaten path; the ones who do not travel to the ends of the earth merely to bore themselves to death on a sandy beach which they could find anywhere; the ones who don't fall into a depression if they are deprived of golf, a shopping center and assorted night clubs.

Yemen is the last resort for those who have "seen everything" but would still like to be "astonished" in Cocteau's sense. Eclectic travellers will be fascinated by the mountain landscapes, exotic nights on the Red Sea, the nobility of an unspoiled nature, the prodigious splendor of amazing architecture (unique to anywhere else on Earth), the vestige of civilizations thousands of years old and barely explored by archaeologists. Besides all this and perhaps most important of all, you will experience a population that has remained pure and proud, only recently in contact with the outside world, but hospitable, open and generous. You will learn something about humanity and the origins of culture.

Today Yemen is more accessible than it has ever been. Tourism has been recognized as a good source of foreign currency and barriers discouraging travellers have been removed.

The itinerary that follows is well tried and tested. We visit all parts of the country that are considered noteworthy. This present itinerary makes the most of the time available, seeing as much of the people, their culture and as many of their unique places as possible. This is more adventure than many people can even imagine and ViewZone Tours is proud that we have successfully shared this with so many "experienced" world travellers.21 days.

2 people - $1690 USD || 3-7 people - $1540
8-11 people $1420 || 12+ people - $1370

Single supplement $210 (for single room).

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Arabian Woodpecker Tour

August to May

Hiking and Trekking
T r e k k i n g T o u r s (15 days) Introduction Yemen offers some of the best opportunities in the world for trekking, especially in the mountains North-West of Sana'a. There, the distances between villages are short, a few hours on foot at most, and offer plenty of picturesque and stupendous views, fascinating landscapes, and open-minded and helpful people.

The highlands of the Yemen are surely one of the greatest undiscovered trekking regions in the world, bar none! The very idea of trekking in Arabia seems strange and exotic to many people, but on seeing photographs of the region they can understand the attraction immediately.

Areas best for Trekking : 1 - Haraz 2 - Jabal Maswar region 3 - Shaharah region Our main concern in the following program will be trekking in the regions and surrounds of Haraz, Maswar and Shahara Mountains. HIGHLIGHTS : JABAL HARAZ - JABAL MASWAR - JABAL SHAHARA

JABAL HARAZ - In the Haraz Mountains 90 km to the west of Sana'a stands the proud mountain village of Manakha, at an altitude of 2200 metres. Manakha is an excellent base for trekking. Small villages and hamlets lie scattered everywhere between the terraces that extend across the steepest slopes. Many visitors have suggested that the majestic spirit of the mountains can be felt more intensely in Haraz Mountains than anywhere else in Yemen. The Haraz region is full of old fortified villages built on hilltops. One of the finest examples, the tightly built Al-Hajjara, is five km south-west of Manakha. The four and five-storey stone houses of Hajjara can already be spotted in the distance. The village, dating to the 12th century AD, served as an important fortification during the Turkish occupations of Yemen. The Ismaili villages with their decorated houses provide a wonderful area for trekking; Hutaib, the most important place of pilgrimage for members of the small sect, lies only about five km downhill, southeast from Manakha. the roads, tracks and footpaths uphill to the west lead to other picturesque villages like Kahil which overlook Hutaib and Manakha itself. Jabal Shibam, the highest peak of the Haraz region at almost 300 metres, stands to the south of Manakha, a couple of km South-East from Hutaib.

JABAL MASWAR - The province of Mahweit is arguably the best place to trek in Yemen as well. The distances are not overwhelming, the mountain scenes are breathtaking and the people are among the friendliest in the country. In our program 001 we drive from Manakha to Mahweit and then to Tawilla from which we start our second part of the trekking in Jabal Maswar region; heading North-West towards Hajja city. A good halfway destination is the 3240 metre high Jabal Maswar, some 35 km South-East of Mahweit. Extraordinary beautiful and fertile terraces abound on the slopes of the mountain. Many visitors are reminded of China. To the East of the mountain, almost directly north of Tawilla (some 20 km) is a village called Bait Adaga, which lies under Jabal Maswar where we love to enjoy overnight camping.

JABAL SHAHARA - Our third and last part of program 001 is trekking up to Jabal Shahara and surrounding areas. We drive from Hajja city via Kuhlan and Amran to Gabie village at the bottom of Jabal Shahara. Jabal Shahara is situated on the top of a 2600 metre mountain. The village of Shahara (on the top) with its famous stone bridge dating from the 16th century, is an impressive mountain fortress village. The bridge was built by a famous architect, Saleh Al-Yaman, using two support bridges below. Many people are still puzzled about its seemingly impossible construction. If it were easier to get to, this bridge would surely be one of the great tourist sites of the entire Middle East.

There are impressive views wherever you look from Shahara. Our favorite option is to climb up Jabal Shahara to Shahara village, enjoying the extraordinary views from the terraced and qat-growing slopes of the mountain. However, you need to be in excellent physical shape to do this because the trip will take at least five to seven hours. Walking all the way to the top will vividly demonstrate to you why the Turks were not able to conquer the village on top of this mountain.

Programme - HARAZ - MASWAR - SHAHARA (15 days) Combines three of the most beautiful areas of "mountain Yemen." The areas are not remote and have basic facilities for spending some nights in tents and some in local Funduks (simple countryside accommodations). All the way the group can be accompanied by cars carrying luggage, tents and other camping equipments. This allows trekkers to travel light and carry water and energy snacks. The entire way is absolutely safe with no technical difficulties and explorers should not be scared of heights. Nevertheless, if you do fear high places, it is possible to make changes and avoid problems with vertigo - but this means to choose less attractive routes. (You CAN do it!)

$1125 per person.

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