Our Mission

For almost a decade, European tourists have been coming to Yemen to explore the pristine mountains and valleys, to explore the historical sites and to mingle with the friendly people in this beautiful land. The clean air and rugged trails have had an appeal to tourists who want more than a predictible and uneventful holiday.

Yemen is one of the oldest lands inhabited by humans with a history going back to the time of Noah. It is unlike any other country in the world and guarantees an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

ViewZone Tours has sought out the best guides, native to Yemen, who are familiar with all of the towns and villages, the mountains and valleys, and the local customs and language. While we want you to be able to experience this land and its people on your own, we provide for your comfort and safety to guarantee that your experience is safe and memorable. Our guides are able to tell you the history and explain the culture of the many fascinating areas that you will explore.

We have chosen some of the best regions of Yemen, designed to maximize your cultural adventure, no matter how long or short your holiday with us. Our unique Eco-tourism has a proud reputation with many adventurers returning again and again to the exotic land of Arabia. We are sure that you will find our tour services friendly, efficient and extremely reasonable in price. We welcome your suggestions as we are always striving to make your Yemen adventure more enjoyable.

Please look at our Guaranteed Departure tours and feel free to ask any questions of our staff. Before you come to Yemen, you will need to secure a travel visa. We can help you with all arrangements, and we are happy to do this. Please let us know how to serve you.

We look forward to meeting you and starting a long friendship. Welcome to Arabia!

ViewZone Tours Staff