Frequently Asked Questions

*How safe is it to travel in Yemen?
The Republic of Yemen is located on the South of the Arabian peninsula, far removed from the politics and conflicts of the middle east. Yemen has recently renewed its friendship and cooperation with the American government and the global alliance to stop terrorism and most nations regard Yemen as an important partner in the region. The people of Yemen are extremely friendly and always anxious to meet foreigners and to show hospitality. While you are in Yemen, you will have the services of an experienced guide, familiar with all of the locations and cultures of the different regions of the land. Your comfort and safety is always the primary concern of ViewZone. We plan everything in advance so that you can relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery and the amazing experiences of your Arabian holiday.

*What type of accommodations can I expect in Yemen?
There are a wide variety of comfortable, clean and friendly places to stay in Yemen. Depending on the region and the time of year, you can expect to be surrounded by landscapes and architecture unique to Yemen and Arabia. Homes and shelters are made from stone, masonry and mud bricks with remarkable artistic detail. Every location is different and will guarantee a memory that will be pleasant and draw you back to Yemen.

The food in Yemen is always fresh and very healthy. Fresh breads are cooked daily and there are many different kinds and flavors. Local vegetables and fruits are plentiful and you will enjoy the many spices and recipes of Yemen cuisine. If you are a vegetarian, Yemen has many wonderful dishes to provide you with healthy and nutritious meals. Otherwise, you will find Yemen is famous for chicken and lamb as well as beef preparations.

Water is everywhere, usually supplied in purified form in liter bottles. This is ideal for hiking and camping. Fresh fruit juices are also plentiful. If you are a coffee drinker, you will be especially happy since the coffee plant originated in Yemen! You will be even happier if you enjoy tea, or chai, since this is the traditional way of welcoming guests in Yemen.

*What kinds of climates can I expect to encounter in Yemen?
In the mountains you will need a light coat, especially in the evening. Even in the summer the nights can be cool, but never cold. In the lower elevations the climate depends on the season. In the fall and winter the temperatures are usually described as perfect and you will seldom have to worry about what to wear. In the summer months you will be hot during the day, and so dressing to protect your skin from the sun is advised. Yemen is famous for its excellent weather and you will have no problems hiking or camping out of doors.

*How should I pack for my trip to Yemen?
It is best to bring only the minimum. You will need a few changes of clothes but washing your clothes is not a problem. Depending on your type of adventure, you may need a light sleeping bag, a small light weight tent and some good hiking boots or sneakers. Woman may wish to bring a collection of scarves to cover their head as some regions will require this to enter mosques or other Islamic sites. Because the sun can be hot (Yemen is close to the Equator) it is a good idea for both women and men to cover their heads. Sunglasses are also a wise accessory.

*What can I expect to learn, discover and experience in Yemen?
You will discover a timeless history of ancient civilizations and old cities, expansive deserts, breath-taking scenery, highly individualized architecture, a stunning coral reef coast, and you will experience the customs of a society that has resisted modernization in the 20th Century. You will discover three official World Heritage Sites. You will explore the ancient walled city of Yemen's capitol, Sana'a, with its unique architecture and colorful markets. You will visit the ancient ruins of bygone kingdoms and the famous ruins of the Queen of Sheba at Marib; you will explore the first skyscrapers of Shibam (called the "Manhattan of the desert") at the legendary Wadi Hadhramout and learn its long established culture with its own special music and taste. You will trek to remote mountain fortress villages and traverse haunting desert plains and rugges highlands. And you will especially experience the unique culture of the hospitable locals in each region of this exotic land.

If you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to write to us with your inquiries. We will be happy to explain the customs and adventures that you will encounter in Yemen.