Facts About Yemen

   hen most people think of Yemen and the Arabian penninsula, sand dunes and hot desert lands come to mind. While Yemen does have this type of climate in the extreme East, a large part of the country is sub-tropical and full of lush vegetation. In fact, Yemen has some of the highest mountains in the region with beautiful vistas and hundreds of small friendly villages devoted to farming and agriculture.

ViewZone's hiking and trekking adventures are focused in these fertile areas. Each small town and village provides a place to stop and rest, to eat and sleep, and to mingle with the inhabitants. Yemen has many tribes and a rich history that is thousands of years old. The oldest city, Sana'a (above), was founded by Noah's son and Yemen was home of the legendary Queen of Sheba, whose temple has recently been excavated. Each local region has its own traditions, style of dress and music, waiting for you to discover.

While the cities of Yemen are modern, many of Yemen's mountain villages are unchanged and remain much as they were in antiquity. Stone houses, ornate architecture and a rich life, devoid of technology, provide a refreshing view of life as it once was lived.

Unlike other countries, where tourists usually are driven or transported from their hotels to a particular site or attraction, Yemen is the attraction! The best way to experience this ancient and exotic land is to move through it, enjoying all of the ecological and cultural elements in your surroundings.

Yemen is an Islamic country. You will find mosques everywhere, including some which were constructed during the lifetime of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon Him). Islam had its birth in Yemen and the people of this land are anxious to demonstrate the peaceful ways and hospitality to strangers that are a vital part of Islam. Forget everything you have read or heard about Islam in the press. In Yemen you will experience the gentle and loving qualities of this rich faith. This will be a great part of your Yemen experience.

In the summer of 2001, ViewZone visited many locations in Yemen. We invite you to view our trip on the following pages. Although the photographs are spectacular, they do not capture the vast natural beauty of the land, or the warmth of the people, that you will want to experience yourself.


Yemen Map

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