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Juan von Trillion, December 2011

King Carl The Great: Decoder -- Part 3


When The World Is At War, Tend Your Garden

This quote seems to be appropriate in our times. If the builders of the colossal monuments of Earth could be looking at late 2011 and our so-called civilization ... who knows what opinions they would hold about us, more specifically about those who should guide us to greener pastures.

If they were to find out that hardly anyone has figured out their matrix of knowledge in stone and measurements, at least not until 1995, then we must pray they are not watching at this very time. Or that their microphone is turned off while they speak their mind among themselves.

If you have read this far, then you are potential genius, dear reader. You may have to do a bit more to bring it to full fruition, but you have the stuff -- the potential. You have the ability to follow your curiosity, and the arguments and evidence of an unknown writer who intends to show you one of the biggest secrets of the world, discovered by another basically unknown researcher.

I have taken the time to go to about 15 websites, which I never visited before, typing "Carl Munck" into their little search fields. From your infantile History Channel, Very Disco Channel, National Geographic, to sites dealing with Archaeology, Mathematics, and some other fields. All at random, culled from searches, all of them supposedly serious.

Not one has a single entry on Carl Munck, The Code, and hence the facts which I try to lay out before you concerning the implications of the Earth's Grid Of Monuments. Totally and completely zip, nada, nix, zero. I will not waste precious space here and post all the screenshots I took from these "institutions" and their sites. Maybe they are called institutions because they are all mental. This is obviously intentional, as you would expect at least one bright primate with a PhD to refute the math which Carl has shown to underlie it all. But no, they are hiding in their holes.

The Sun Pyramid in Mexico, with what looks like ants crawling over it.

You should tend your own garden while the world goes mad. Part of your garden is the knowledge that we have come a long way to realize that it is all so much more than we can imagine it to be. While the psychopathic 1% are about to be swept into the concentration camps which they built for part of the 99%, your garden is the irrevocable fact that we live on a truly awesome planet. With visible history of prior installments of higher civilizations littering the landscapes. Most of them, if not all, speak to one or more important connections to other monuments, usually on the other side of the ocean. Usually considered to be of another culture which knew nothing of the other.

Sun Pyramid and Great Pyramid. Try to imagine 40 Great Pyramids for later.

The true scope of the data which can be deduced from this Global Grid is unknown. Students of Carl Munck are taking it to wherever they can, while mainstream science is sitting down and shutting up. Carl is not saying much these days, and there is really no one around to speak for it.

It is impossible to explain the importance and implications of Carl Munck's discovery in one paragraph. But it can be conceptually compressed to prepare for the discoveries in this third part of the series, sort of stating the obvious yet again.

Laura Lee, the only alternative journalist to have featured the discoveries of Carl Munck so far, and who has done two interviews with him (in 2000 and 2004), has also written about The Code while getting to know its details.

"The Earth itself was the laboratory of the ancients. The pyramidal structures stretching across the worldly grid represent an enormous effort and purpose displayed by the ancients.

The very vastness of this artistic expression, which implies a scientific basis of knowledge in its placement on the grid, implies a profound meaning suspected by all, but still beyond our theoretical reach.

The original work of Carl P. Munck (like the seminal work of other authors such as that of Hugh Harleston, Jr.) is definitely pointing us in a specific direction. We may not comprehend the complete meaning of the numbers as yet, but that does not mean that the numbers have no meaning. "

Carl Munck with his inquisitive mind, and his pipe in the shirt pocket, counting the corners of the Akapana Pyramid. The number, 16, will be essential to show what it is, and exactly where it is. And likely, a whole lot more.

"Quite the opposite, the very presence of the numbers reflected in definite relationships of mathematics and geometry, suggest at least one obvious meaning: a purpose of communication.

As Mr. Munck has so pointedly said, the ancients are attempting to tell us something, and they went to a lot of trouble to communicate with us. We must become good listeners. For those who are listening, the work of Carl P. Munck represents one of the foremost efforts at translating that ancient communication into our own language."

See The Obvious Without Looking

Have a look at the following very original observation made by Carl Munck. He may not be the first one to note this, but I have not heard the suggestion before. Here it goes.

Question: What are the essential elements of the Sphinx in Egypt?

Answer: A human head. On a cat body.


Human = intelligence (yes, it depends)
Cat = curiosity (regardless of cat)

The impression is that this monument is meant for humans, not camels or cats. And that humans, the curious ones, should perhaps have a look at those pyramids just behind the Sphinx. Because there is a whole truckload of interesting facts to be found in these pyramids -- in the form of knowledge. Knowledge is power. Interested?

Everything works out nicely if you correct the bad longitude of Greenwich with the right one of Giza. The difference is: 31° 8' 0.8"

Civilization has the need for measurements of many kinds. Ancient maps clearly show that the original prime meridian of longitude always ran through the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid, plus its scaled-down clone, the smaller Mykerinos, encodes very specifically the constant Pi, and double-Pi, via the lengths of its base, circumference and height. This constant and all its close relatives, which can also be expressed as Radian (deg), is essential to decode one of the four types of monuments which respond to the Code.

Carl Munck has reportedly analyzed some 270 monuments in total. So we are just scratching the surface here, just like those supposed ancient copper chisels on granite, diorite or andesite. Which they did not scratch at all.

Four Classes Of Monuments

Class 1 - Pi-oriented monuments, which require the Pi ratio to be decoded
Class 2 - self-decoding for either latitude or longitude
Class 3 - self-decoding for both latitude and longitude
Class 4 - not self-decoding monuments, unless other Pyramid Age constants like Pi, multiples of Pi, or square roots of certain numbers are involved. These "most advanced" monuments can not be decoded by looking at them alone.

For obvious reasons, the Giza Pyramid complex stands out, being located on the precise geological intersection between the Earth's landmass.

We have been surrounded by basic numbers for centuries. Metrology, the science of measurement, has fought many wars, too. It is not necessary to list the many names of measurement units which have been used over these centuries. You may know the story of the Fall of the Tower of Babel, where the once-uniform language of humans was replaced by a set of languages which did not relate to each other. The point is, one must assume that their original numbers where all screwed up, too.

Look a the system of the foot-mile metrology and the numbers it yields when applied to the monuments found on Earth. It encodes solar system data and natural constants, down to the nitty-gritty decimals:

  • the equatorial and polar circumference of Earth
  • the median distance to Mars and Moon
  • the speed of light in air
  • current and previous magnetic pole positions of Earth
  • the surface distance between monument locations across continents and (presumably) between cultures, satellite-precise
  • the duration of one precessional cycle
  • the length of the year

We will have a look at a few of these sexy numbers in this part, and at more of them in future articles.

Says Carl Munck:

"The Builders converted mathematical law into geodetics."


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