UFO photographed over St. Petersberg, Florida
on July 31, 2013

A friend sent me this photo that her son took from his car roof window a while back. He was visiting with her on New Year's Eve in St. Pete this week and showed it to her for the first time. She said he was apparently too "shaken up" by the experience to say anything about it until that night. I think he might talk to you about it, but I haven't asked yet.

I thought it was certainly compelling enough to be analyzed by someone. I thought I'd check with you first before I pursue it with him further and ask him to contact you if you're interested. I'm located in Yanceyville, NC. out from town in the country.

Three nights ago I was taking the dog out for the last time at 10 p.m. Since I've seen many unusual objects in the sky over the years, I always study the sky while I'm waiting for the dog. This time, a stunning, huge oval object flew across the sky from the direction of Raleigh towards the west of Danville, VA on a northwest course from the southeast.

It was a crystal clear night. The object was perfectly formed and looked as though it had clouds inside it -- as though it was transparent. It was an odd silver color, but was strangely dull but at the same time, mildly glowing enough for me to see it in my dark area. It came from behind my house and was moving fast, but slow enough for me to watch going across the clearing across the pond and past the tree tops on the other side of the pond. It was huge.

I was stunned at the size. I waited to see if it would come back into view, but it was traveling at a specific speed and direction as though it had a destination. There was no sound and no trail of any kind. I instantly wondered if it was ours because of its deliberate travel and was making itself semi-transparent so as not to be noticed by the general public. I know we have that technology at this point.

Out of all my own sightings, I've never reported anything until I saw this photo and thought someone should have it. I got Nita to talk to her son tonight about the picture. He told her it happened in July, 2013. He was driving with the sun roof open when he saw it so he stopped the car so he could watch it. Apparently it scared him to death to the point he doesn't want to talk about it. She asked him why he waited so long to tell her.

They were in a conversation about her seeing two UFOs of some sort when she was out in the carport having a cigarette. That's when he showed her the picture. He said he hadn't showed her because he was still upset by it and didn't want to talk about it. They're very close and she said he still seemed to be very rattled when he showed it to her. I just wanted to determine if it was some kind of hoax he was telling her. I think he's telling the truth. He's 28. I can see the edges of the sun roof in the photo. I had one terrifying experience too, so I know how he feels if he was too scared at the time to talk about it now. Camera - LG-MS770





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