UFO with halo photographed over Fredericksburg, Texas on October 31, 2013

OCTOBER 31, 2013 ... FREDERICKSBURG TEXAS Just after sunset I walked outside and looked to the west to see if the bright object had shown up yet. It showed up after sunset, but before twilight. Around 7:30 pm. I have taken quite a few photos of it over the past months, and decided to take a few more. I set the camera (on a tripod) on the roof of my vehicle. I took eleven photos over a twenty minute period.

The first photos showed the white object (orb) with a halo around it. The last photos showed a more distinct orb shaped object, with a purple center. Its as though the cloud around the orb was a product of its flight. After remaining stationary, the cloud disappeared, showing more district detail. In other words, Im guessing the apparent ionization surrounding it was a product of its propulsion. I left the camera set up, and an hour later I went outside to see if the object had moved. I witnessed a jet coming from the direction of San Antonio (coming from the southeast) headed straight for the object. I decided the pilot was a lot braver than I. The object increased in brightness as the jet drew closer. The halo again appeared around the object, as though it had fired up its engine. I had the impression of a cat arching its back and the fur standing out. I would guess the jet flew within two miles of the object. About four minutes later, another jet appeared, following the same path as the first. This time the object retreated around ten miles into the distance. I happened to check on the object about twenty minutes later and witnessed another jet approach the object from the north. This time the object disappeared into the distance.

The photo shows the object after it first appeared, with the halo surrounding it and it shows the object in more detail. The photo shows the object after the second jet approached it. I recommend zooming in on the photos for a better view. The last photo is a night time sighting of the same craft.

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