There are many indications of the deterioration of the well-being of American women such as high rates of breast cancer, obesity, diabetes, and migraine headaches; however, the most telling characteristic of the decline of the well-being of women is their deteriorating mental state.

The single most significant measure of the state of women in our society and in Western nations in general is their high level of mental illness. The number one debilitating illness of the American woman is depression with upwards of 10 million suffering from this ailment. Three million girls also suffer from depression. Depression has become so widespread that a major criterion in selecting colleges is the competence of their psychiatric staff, and a major criterion in evaluating college applicants is their psychological health.

Antidepressant drugs such as Prozac, Luvox, Paxil, and Zoloft have become household names. Children today probably know these names as well as they do Bayer Aspirin. Knowing the name of these drugs they then think it normal for their mothers to be depressed, and it is normalónot naturalóbut normal in our society.

Drugs -- all drugs -- produce dangerous side effects in the body further deteriorating the health of the women who use them. Studies are being made (Western thought loves studies because it knows nothing) on the causative factors of depression among women.

The following is an excerpt from one such study made by a woman who is attempting to blame society for the depression of woman:

The increase in the number of women diagnosed with depression, sometimes when symptoms are minimal, has come on the heels of an approach to treatment known as "biological psychiatry." In this approach, rather than looking for social, cultural and economic and life stage factors that might be making a woman depressed or anxious, doctors are taught, and patients have come to believe, that the cause of symptoms is biological. This makes it seem logical that a drug is needed and appropriate.

This conclusion is partially right; however, the writer didn't explore the social cultural and life stage factors that needed to be addressed. An analysis of American women who suffer from depression shows that a disproportionate share consists of those who are white, middle class and single, especially single women with children. This is a social, cultural, and economic grouping whose constituents make up the primary membership of feminism and "women's liberation" thought. They have become so liberated that they are going out of their minds. They have no concept of family.

Feminists are the one's whoíve been on psychiatrist's couches, who belong to support groups, who are on prescription medicines, and who carry anti-depressants and painkillers in their purses.

Western women throughout the world suffer from a disproportionate amount of depression; in Europe depressed women comprise close to 15% of the female population. That's a disaster. Yet they make up a significant part of the electorate that elects women to political power. Isn't that amazing? The depressed ones -- the nutsey byes of society -- wield the political power that affects our lives and in particular laws affecting marriage and the care of our children. It is only in the Western nations that women have risen to political power without some relationship to their husbands and their fathers. It is these Western nations that have the highest rates of female depression. The core constituent group of Hillary Clinton supporters consists of depressed single females, and the media treats that as progress for women.

Those nations where women do not rise to political power have the lowest rates of depression. They also have lower rates of breast and cervical cancer, suicide, divorce, and adultery. They also have children less likely to become unwed mothers, join street gangs and end up in prison. They do not live un-natural "liberated" lives; they live in happy and secure families. The media treats those women as unenlightened, third world people. This is a true travesty of values.

The liberated independent Western woman in the aggregate is the unhappiest woman in the world and she produces children who are likewise. The reason that these women are depressed is because they have been removed from their natural environment and been deprived of their natural functionóto bring life into this world and to nurture it. They can only do this if men provide the secure environment and means for this nurturing to take place. This secure environment is known as the patriarchal structure and it produces family. Men make patriarchy. No men -- No patriarchy. No patriarchy -- No family. No family -- No security. No security produces depressed women.

The Western woman is suffering from depression and there is no government program that will improve her lot. Surveillance cameras and security guards do not alleviate the problem. There is only one species of life that protects, cares for, and loves women. It's called man.

Elder George


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Blaming it on the women again! I was a stay at home mom with 4 children, and had severe, undiagnosed Clinical Depression for 13 years. By the way, my doctor told me that the highest rate of anti-depressant use is in Salt Lake City, Utah, the most patriarchal city, in the most patriarchal state in the country.

I am now single, and haven't needed Zoloft for years. I've never felt better.

I suppose that the author of the article believes in the old theory that women cause men to rape them. Some things never change, and men's need to dominate them won't either.

Carol Sue


I too was a stay at home mother of four for years and suffered from mild depression. However, I attribute my depression to not receiving the attention and love from my husband as was due to me. Ephesians 5:25 reads: "Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;". There are very few men today who are willing to die for their wives. I blame the Feminist movement on this. Men are being trained with double standards. Modern women expect a man to be loving, a provider, a protector, a father... yet at the same time these same women scream - I am your equal, I deserve to be the head of the house, my decisions are right, you are less than me, I should be able to go fight in war or do security in military or police environments, you can stay home and raise the family, I can protect my family just as well as you can, I don't need you - you need me. Men are left standing there confused as all get out, because they honestly don't know what we (as women) want from them. To be honest, women don't know what they want either. They want all the glory of being a woman and all the glory of being a man. We are not men. We are women.

I do believe that a woman of equal education and / or equal experience should be able to obtain a job and pay rate equal to a man of similar circumstances. However, I absolutely do not believe that a woman should be the "head' of her house unless she has no husband to fill that role. I also do not believe that a woman has any business in a combat situation. We are not built the same as men and can be easily overpowered. Every time a woman is captured in a war situation, the world screams how unfair it is. How is it unfair? We as women fought for this right - yet it's not fair? Women shouldn't be in that situation in the first place. There are many other jobs that a woman can do in the military. Period.

A woman has the most powerful position on earth that is granted at birth, yet many women throw that position to the wind. The grass is always greener, eh? We are born to bear children, to give life to the world. A man is unable to do this! We are born with a natural ability to nurture. We are more understanding, more sympathetic, and typically more willing to help. We as a Western culture have thrown this gift straight back into our Creator's face and have embraced "being equal to a man." God never said we weren't as smart, or as capable as a man. Women are who typically raise MEN. A Godly woman will raise that man to have honor, to protect, to serve, and to love his wife completely - even be willing to give his own life for her. Women don't raise their children that way anymore.

As for the comment that "I suppose that the author of the article believes in the old theory that women cause men to rape them. Some things never change, and men's need to dominate them won't either." was a bit out of line. Women don't cause men to rape them. Society does. In the past 30 plus years, we have experienced a rise of rape and sexual crimes. Graphic pornography was introduced approximately 40 years ago. It's our "RIGHT" is it not? Freedom of expression and all that nonsense? What exactly do you expect when we feed our youth and men - hundreds of hours of graphic pornography? So many people claim that violence is taught at a young age through cartoons. Would it not be fair to state that we as a society have taught men that it's quite alright to do this to women? The women in the movies and magazines sure didn't mind it. Remove the pornography and the rate of sexual crimes would go down. Check out other countries if you don't believe me.

Reply to second poster:

Of course the woman doesn't cause the rape, but society often places the responsibility for it happening squarely on the woman's shoulders. The most patriarchal societies also punish the women the worst for their 'crime' of being raped. In some countries the woman is stoned to death. In the U.S. victims often suffer from psychological pain, as law enforcement, judges, neighbors, and sometimes even family often turn their backs on a woman who has already suffered this terrifying violation of her body and mind. The following site is a clearing house of articles that address this very problem. The article is entitled: "Why Society Blames the Rape Victim"

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