Triangle target at Area 51.

This is just one of the many unusual things that can be seen near Area 51, Groom Lake in Nevada. The tracks are about 16 feet wide. The circle is 2000 feet in diameter and each leg of the triangle is 4000 feet long. The view can be seen at 37 37'41.54"N 116 50'52.57"W.

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Thanks, staff

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Very strange. Maybe it's a target for some weapon system? Don't see any craters so maybe it's a laser weapon or some kind of energy weapon.

Nick M./ Toronto

First of all, I'm French, and as many frenchies, I don't realy speak english.

But I'd like to send you my point of view about theses very strange triangles. As you can see on the web and google earth, there isn't only one triangle near area 51. But at least, three. I thought like many people theses signs could be ufo evidence.

Unfortunately, I've found a detail... Inside the trianle, on the top, there is the number 2 on the ground. On another triangle, the number 3 etc...

In fact, it's probably target for weapons test or something like that...

Best regards.


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