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A special message from Dan Eden.

Stonehenge aligns with 12,000 yr old pole!

Thomas O. Mills, a frequent contributor to viewzone and an expert on the Hopi culture and history, sent us this very interesting diagram of Stonehenge.

The diagram is explained by Mr. Mills:

"Thought your readers might like to take a look at Stonehenge from a different point of view -- a Hopi point of view. Many of my Hopi friends believe that East hasn't always been in its present location.

My scientific friends believe that for something to be "proof positive" it has to be the only possible solution. When you look at Stonehenge from this perspective [above], it is the only possible solution as the rays of the sun and the stars can not work together as a balance and line up in any other position.

The stones are so arranged that a person standing in the center of the complex at the time of the Equinox could accurately measure the Earths delicate balance using the sun and four stars as a second reference.

They do not line up today and therefore the reason that no one knows the purpose of Stonehenge. The pyramid complex in Egypt, the Aztec Sun Stone, and the newly discovered Adams calendar in Africa all show the same thing. One of the balanced worlds or times the Creator promised the Hopi. I believe each of the four races were given this information in the beginning. This is the same reason that the doorways at Karnak, Luxor, and Dendera had to be relocated.

I welcome your comments, and as always, hope all is well." --Thomas O. Mills

We decided to use google-earth and position the Stonehenge stones so that North was directly vertical, and where Mr. Mills suggested it might be according to the diagram.

As you can see, the new "North" pole aligns to a spot just north of Lake Hudson in Canada. This the exact location, according to Charles Hapgood, where the north pole was about 12,000 years ago.

[Above:] Looking down on the current North Pole, we can identify at least 3 previous positions of the pole according to Hapgood. These are shown roughly by the numbered red dots.

The evidence proving that the poles where in different positions during the Pleistocene era is quite impressive, and this explains why Hapgood's theory was approved by scientists such as Einstein and K.F. Mather. But his theory meets with so many difficulties that it beomes highly controversial.

Position #3: 60 degrees N, 73 degrees W. From the Hudson Bay area at about 17,000 B.P. and moving north to its present location by about 12,000 B.P.

Since all of his celestial alignments appear to be dead on target, this new piece of the Stonehenge puzzle begs for some explanation. We ask you, our readers, to suggest some possible explanations.


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Thanks for the article, looks great. As information, the stars I mention at Stonehenge are the exact same stars that the shafts of the great pyramid line up with. Its all about time and balance. If you look at the Stella in front of Sphinx you'll see that its divided into two equal pieces just as the center stone at Stonehenge is divided at the time of the Equinox by the suns rays in the morning light. A person standing at the center of Stonehenge in the early morning of the Equinox could look through the gun sites of the large stones and see all four stars at the same time checking the Earth balance at two points North and two points South and then the sun would come up and split the center stone for an East, West, balance. Pretty neat.

Thanks Thomas