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You are now in what was formally a private archive devoted to an amazing discovery concerning the similarities of ancient petroglyphs (carved stone images) from many different and distant parts of the planet.

Thanks to the internet, we have been able to assemble this growing collection from amateurs and professional archaeologists and to make side-by-side comparisons. We invite you, readers of Viewzone, to inspect these images, contribute your own finds, and help us to understand who made these, what they mean, and what implications does this global communication and culture have to our understanding of human history.


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OKLAHOMA! - New translations from old photographs in the panhandle area of Oklahoma.

TRANSLATED ARTIFACTS FROM YEMEN -- Links to our growing collection of Sabaean writing and translations using First Tongue.

Critique of W.F. Jamme's attempted Sabaean translations.

Petroglyphs from Argentina.

Petroglyphs from Brazil.

Petroglyphs from Chile.

Petroglyphs from Iraq.

Petroglyphs from Italy.

Petroglyphs from Spain.

Petroglyphs from Nambia.

Petroglyphs from California.

Petroglyphs from Greece.

Petroglyphs from Georgia.

Petroglyphs from Scandanavia.

Petroglyphs from India.

Petroglyphs from Ireland.

Petroglyphs from
Colorado, USA

The 2 photos show the similarity of images and symbols used to communicate in antiquity.

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