Death, Trance, and Cosmic Spirit Exorcism: Science of Spiritual Healing part 2

By Drew Hempel, M.A.


As I mentioned in the first article on the science of spiritual healing, a Bushmen healer put his hand on the heart of Andrew Zimmern, the famous cable show chef, and suddenly Andrew's spirit left his body while the healer holographically shared the vision Andrew experienced of his life flashing before him. Poonjaji shared how when he would stare into someone's eyes then he could see their past lives.

So for example qigong master John Chang said he is just like an "electric eel." Being curious I decided to take him at his word and investigate this claim. Sure enough an electric eel stores up his/her/its qi energy in its lecithin - created by special lecithin fat cells in the brain. Guess what is the main component of human ejaculation? lecithin and the human brain relies also on lecithin. The Taoists call this "feeding the brain" from the life force energy.

Celibacy without ejaculation - more importantly - without the electromagnetic intention to ejaculate through emotional lust - is the key secret to storing up the qi energy. And what causes lust? It is visualizing and seeing "forms of love" as the Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality book describes it.

Our vision also works directly first through our limbic emotional subconscious mind - before it is processed by prefrontal cortex for logical analysis. The vision then immediately and subconsciously triggers the pineal gland to deconvert or transduce the qi energy of the lower tan tien (behind the belly) back into ejaculation.

The transduction is via the pineal gland by triggering the qi intention of the "Ocean of Qi" below the lower tan tien - where all the "yin qi" is stored up naturally. In other words it's a reverse of the vagus nerve kundalini energy stored up. This is an example of the "bi-directional intention" or yi that guides the qi.

When a male is achieving puberty then his pineal gland closes up so that he no longer has the dominant theta REM vision consciousness while he is awake - it has declined since he left the womb - and instead that spirit consciousness or shen changes frequency. The shen moves down to a lower frequency of energy as now subconscious lust that is activated by external vision and turned into ejaculation at night as nocturnal ejaculation in his dreams. The shen spirit light is no longer unified with the superconducting proton precession as the yuan qi Emptiness energy in the heart. In other words his true electromagnetic intentions of right brain lust vision are covered up by left brain dominant social white lies.

Some people might fall for the left brain lies covering up lust while a qigong master can sense that a person has their spirit-qi intention stuck in their lower chakra as their "true character." As the Taoist alchemy teaches - at birth the qi and shen are unified but grow separated as a person gets older and so the shen as subconscious light information goes down to the liver at night, transducing the "yin qi" of the Green Dragon into the kidney life force energy as a sympathetic ejaculation discharge. Unless the trance dance healing is practiced as an exorcism through deep lung reverse breathing - called the White Tiger energy of alchemy so that shen "restores the jing."

This is the alchemical secret of the Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon. The increased sublimated cerebrospinal fluid as the White Tiger overflows out of the nasal cavity, activated by the tongue against the roof of the mouth which is the vagus nerve switch of the front energy channel. The qi-shen infused cerebrospinal fluid nasal cavity overflow is swallowed and the qi-shen is absorbed through the stomach back into the intestinal energy as N/om or jing energy. This is why no food should be eaten for a half hour after meditation.

Instead for the electric eel - the qi energy is stored up by increased serotonin to the brain which then increases ACTH of the hypothalamus which then increases the potassium ratio to sodium in the brain neurons of the lecithin. That is how the qi is stored up and discharged - the increased "Quick Fire" reverse breathing transduces the sympathetic kidney blockage back into parasympathetic potassium proton energy store.

What we learn from Taoist Yoga alchemy is that any thoughts of lust cause the qi of the lower tan tien to move out of the lower tan tien and to do what? Turn into ejaculation fluid which is primarily lecithin just as with an electric eel! If a person is celibate for a long time then at ejaculation they lose a lot of lecithin. And as the Bones of the Master book by George Crane details on a Ch'an master - he describes the alchemical pill of the lower tan tien as a combination of jing-qi-shen that is a crystallized blood-qi-spirit energy. Other qigong masters have described how the qi becomes "hard" in the lower tan tien which is also described as "packing" the qi. Sound pressure for nerve conduction means the lecithin becomes softer as the energy frequency increases - the pressure also increases the speed of the jing as a soliton.

And so the self-aware qi training is to consciously sublimate and exorcise the otherwise subconscious blockages - that connect the reproductive organs to the cerebrospinal fluid and vagus nerve to the brain and then the heart. The French call ejaculation "little death" and now we know why. This is why it is the heart that moves from lust, from stored up parasympathetic qi energy to lower frequency shen sympathetic energy - by the "twinkle of the eyes" at seeing "forms of love." The spirit light is actually leaving the eyes when this happens - the heart shen is leaked but the message to the brain is to turn the qi into fluid as sympathetic discharge.

The male at ejaculation is then switched from the parasympathetic nervous system to the sympathetic nervous system but the female orgasm stays in the parasympathetic nervous system so that the dopamine of lust converts, instead of switching to cortisol as for the male ejaculation - it converts to serotonin for increased bliss. This is why in Taoist Yoga alchemy the female is "yang" internally and the male is "yin" internally and the female can much more easily open up the heart energy.

The females are the original shamans as their qi energy is synchronized with the lunar cycle of the pineal gland. The oldest spiritual ritual is the female Eland Bull trance dance at the full moon for a woman's first menstruation at the peak of her N/om energy. This ritual is from before humans had developed language and it's still practiced today! This was the focus of my first article, The BioMusic Conspiracy.

As the bliss of internal orgasm builds up this is from the sympathetic rebound to the parasympathetic system - the vagus nerve connection to the cervix for females. As Master Nan, Huai-chin reports if you sit in full lotus long enough the legs do go numb but when the feeling comes back this is the qi pushing through the extreme sympathetic stress to a rebound of parasympathetic orgasmic bliss. The same rebound happens by the standing "moving of yin and yang" exercise which causes the legs to shake and vibrate at 7 beats per second in resonance with the Earth's ELF waves.

As that pressure of piezoelectric force builds up then it switches as an internal orgasm which also flushes serotonin into the colon - to flush out the colon. This is why Phra Acharn Mun made his students meditate in tiger-infested forests as the increased fear was from extreme sympathetic rebound to an extreme serotonin flush. Of course Phra Acharn Mun would use his energy to keep the tigers away from his students. Dr. Bradford Keeney says the secret to activating the Bushman N/om kundalini is this standing with knees bent trance dance with the legs shaking at 7 beats per second - in resonance with the Earth ELF waves.

The original qigong master calls emotion healing then "essential-motion" as this means of spirit exorcism, the yin-yang energy resonance exercises. The Tshoma training is then a month-long fast away from females which for the males builds up and stores up the N/om energy in the "lower tan tien" - the 20 feet of small intestines as the "2nd brain" behind and below the belly has more neurons than the heart. Similarly month long fasting away from the females is done in the Sufi tradition and the Chinese and Hindu cave yoga meditation of full lotus alchemy and also the matrifocal forest shaman tradition of West Africa meditation.

So that is the main means of exorcising the main energy blockage as identified by the San Bushmen - sexual jealousy by the females! The females sing all night which projects their N/om jing energy that is fullest at the Full Moon - the main trance dance of the original human culture. The males by trance dancing with the knees bent - to the female singing and hand clapping that increases the alpha brain waves from the ELF time rhythm - this increases the serotonin energy as is the bliss energy of the alpha brain waves. The neurohormones are turned into the neurotransmitters of qi energy from the increased potassium ratio and the pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid in the pineal gland.

This is why the chakras are based on light color as frequency. The pineal gland gets hot as the energy frequency increases and the third eye opens up for trance healing as a laser energy that goes out of the pineal gland.

Even the bones get soft and pulsate with qi energy - the top of the skull opens up its fissure just as with a baby skull not being fully closed. That is how the spirit travels out of the top of the head. As the original qigong master explained - until you open up the 2nd chakra and fill it with qi energy then people will just subconsciously keep taking the qi energy from you as their lust energy is activated.

Master Nan, Huai-chin explains this opening of the 2nd chakra as hearing a loud spontaneous OHM sound in the heart while the rainbow astral light of the spirit shen is activated. This is the "conversion of jing to qi" as the opening of the 2nd chakra - and so we can see it is the deep right side vagus nerve connection to the heart from the right side vagus nerve connection to the reproductive organs.

This OHM sound of the heart is also activated by plant spirit medicine - entheogens as they are called - or DMT-based plant medicine taken with an MAOI that naturally increases serotonin levels by also blocking the breakdown of DMT. After taking plant-based DMT then a huge deep kundalini orgasm kicks in which shoots the serotonin up the spine to blast open the pineal gland like a gun shot. Then the holographic astral realm is experienced as a post-death trance. To know the energy channels are open a person should be able to sit in full lotus as long as they want with their body filled with qi energy.

In meditation this is the secret of the "cave meditation" as nonstop full lotus meditation with no sleep - with no light and the eyes closed - then there is no increase in dopamine in the substantia nigra (the melanin rich deep brain) by the external light via the pineal gland. Instead the serotonin keeps increasing so that the melatonin is dramatically increased from the serotonin. Melatonin is the super anti-oxidant of the body and the key to body bliss from the deep sleep cycle where a person has no self-awareness of space and time - melatonin peaks at 1 a.m. The qigong master reported seeing his whole cave filled with light as his third eye opened and he left his body for astral travel while in full lotus for a month of non-stop meditation.

As Ramana Marashi asks - who are you while in deep sleep? Are you just a biological machine? Or is the source of our awareness - our self-awareness - is it really beyond deep sleep? And so if we are able to achieve this self-awareness beyond deep sleep, Ramana Maharshi says the key is to visualize light on the right side of the heart.

Again this is the secret of "turning the light around" so, as a laser resonates by self-amplifying frequency, so too does the "yuan shen" of the body resonate as self-aware spirit light returning to its Emptiness formless awareness source on the right side of the heart as the deep parasympathetic energy resonance beyond the body-mind. The laser spirit biophoton light is then the original spirit "reference beam" of the holograph of reality from the "yuan qi" or superconducting proton-proton reverse-spin as black hole information. Zero energy frequency, infinite time of normal unaware stupor is transformed to zero time, infinite frequency energy as the white hole enlightenment experience.

So as I quoted Dr. Andrija Puharich documented and explained how the ultrasound - the higher frequency sound - resonates the whole brain into an ELF subharmonic as the "side band" of the left-handed light amino acid hydrogen protons. This is the secret of how internal listening directly activates the formless awareness consciousness of superconducting proton-proton qi energy or formless "yuan qi" that stores information as a black hole system.

When we resonate to this energy by "turning the light around" then our yuan shen is activated in the Emptiness - the synchronized light is exorcised of the lower frequency blockages and the higher frequency light - the blue soul light that goes into violet - when fully synchronized with the body then becomes the gold light of alchemy as the yang shen immortal body.

The water then splits by the ultrasound-ELF resonance into the proton-proton superconducting qi channels which are otherwise subconscious but now the meridians become self-aware. Why? Because the origin of this energy is being activated from the potassium-sodium and calcium-magnesium reversal of magnetic moment; the reversal of the polarity of light that changes the electron structures, as detailed by Dr. Andrija Puharich in his ELF Magnetic Model of Mind and Matter book.

So then the reason there is confusion at the first Tai Chi experience is because when your spirit leaves your body for astral travel, if there is not enough "yuan qi" that surrounds the spirit to give it power for travel then there is a spacetime vortex of the shen light. This is not like dizziness from alcohol but it is related as the alcohol dizziness is from the proprioception of the vagus nerve to the inner ear that controls balance - too much GABA neurotransmitter overpowers the vagus nerve from too much acetylcholine. Too much vagus nerve activation switching to the sympathetic nervous system as loss of energy causes then dizziness from alcohol and chronic alcoholism eventually causes a heart attack.

But for the Emptiness of the Tai Chi the dizziness is directly from the yuan shen left-handed polarized light going into the mind-body as the amino acids are left-handed polarized to synchronize and harmonize the light; the inner ear ultrasound then charges up, as a higher frequency, the acetylcholine of the vagus nerve with the resonance of hydrogen proton precession. It is the yuan shen and yuan qi which are the source of the vagus nerve energy and so it is the Tai Chi moving of the yin yang (left hand/right hand and upper/lower body) synchronization which increases the power of the heart spirit-qi energy, beyond the physical heart movement.

The ELF subharmonics from the higher frequency energy then create precession of the hydrogen as proton-proton superconducting synchronized "yuan qi" energy. This is why the secret to stop the dizziness from the spirit leaving the mind during astral travel is to focus on the lower tan tien as this is the main power of the vagus nerve - it grounds the vagus nerve in the intestines which is the strongest source of N/om kundalini energy as the Bushmen describe.

The 20 feet of small intestine store up the parasympathetic vagus nerve kundalini energy but it is activated by a "yuan qi" discharge of the adrenal medullae on top of the kidneys. Even the original qigong master said he once experienced this dizziness from over-using his qi energy so then he had to have advanced students teach his Level 3 class while he meditated to recharge his qi energy in the lower tan tien.

But the original qigong master said once he also took very serious traditional Chinese medicine herbs to purify his qi channels and he thought he was going to die but after he recovered then he could always see spirit light in his lower tan tien whenever he goes into the Emptiness. This, of course, is the foundation of the alchemy training, to focus the spirit light below the water (the jing hormones) in the lower tan tien so that the qi energy is created by raising the frequency of the jing energy into qi.

The qigong master - I saw him doing this when my third eye was open - he sits in full lotus and he makes "yuan shen" bodies of light shaped as humans out of the top of his head - they break off and float out into the room to individual people to heal them. So as the qigong master sits in full lotus meditation, a body of light as a person forms over his head and breaks off and floats out to heal a person and then another body of light forms as a human shaped light and breaks off, continuing on and on.

So my take on this is that as qigong master he is embodying the "yuan qi" emptiness in other words he is embodying the impersonal formless awareness as a God-man which synchronizes with the energy of the people in the room. This formless awareness yuan qi then knows the specific type of "yuan shen" to heal each individual person. He also heals dead people this way - as I saw these spirits enter into the room - light shapes as humans - and hover around the qigong master to get healed. The qigong masters confirmed to me that this is what was happening.

So then for example Poonjaji he went around India - when he was young he interacted with the Hindu gods as physical friends in his bedroom. So then he went around India asking gurus if they also could show him "god" but none could. But then Poonjaji had a vision of Ramana Maharshi - he saw his "yang shen" physical body - and he knew that Ramana was also God. Then he met Ramana in his "normal" body at his ashram and he devoted his life to Ramana. So then Ramana taught that we can't see God - rather all the astral realms are a projection of our spiritual ego as a holograph.

The Cosmic Secret of Spiritually Healing Ghost Pollution on Earth

For example last fall 2015 - the journal Nature published how quantum entanglement is now considered the foundation of 3D spacetime. So can science verify this nonlocal consciousness healing ability? It appears so! November 2015 the journal Nature - the most prestigious Science journal in the world.

The quantum source of space-time

Many physicists believe that entanglement is the essence of quantum weirdness - and some now suspect that it may also be the essence of space-time geometry."

And this research means that quantum entanglement creates wormholes of spacetime. Louis de Broglie first discovered this as the Law of Phase Harmony whereby frequency is to time as momentum (mass x velocity) is to wavelength. De Broglie realized that Einstein's relativity causes time to slow down and get bigger as frequency is also increased but this violates the inverse of frequency to time discovered by Pythagoras.

So only a superluminal or faster than light "pilot wave" signal as a phase shift can harmonize this reciprocal relation of de Broglie to Einstein. Contrary to de Broglie being outdated, many physicists subscribe to the "pilot wave" as being real. ( for May 2016 details new experimental corroboration of the pilot wave.)

This is called EP=EPR to state that Einstein Podolsky entanglement equals the Einstein Podolsky Rosen wormhole of time travel of black holes turning into white holes. This also means science considers black holes to create negentropic negative energy - energy that reverses the entropy of information by reversing spacetime.

This energy-information reversal is done also by micro-black holes which store information as cosmic proto-consciousness. Stephen Hawking says there is no singularity to black holes - instead the information undergoes a phase shift of 180 spacetime and so knowing what this information is would be like predicting the future. Here is how Dr. Puharich explains the connection to cosmic mind:

The super-conductivity hypothesis is supportable for protons based on the theory of nuclear spin hydrodynamics in the rotating frame. This theory describes the mechanism whereby proton spin systems attain spin temperatures in the region of 1 degree K, while the solid they are in, is at room temperature (300 degree K)..."

"The concept of a brain applies equally to the bio-domain, or the cosmic domain... Rather we should think of a spread out, an ELF-field, mushroom-shaped proton, if you will. If we accept this point of view, the proton now has a frame of reference which (depending on its energy) may have a wave length which is equal to the radius of the solar system... We need only be concerned with spin temperatures and plasma temperatures which determines the resonant conditions between protons in the clairvoyant's brain and those in space."

Jack Safartti, the quantum physicist, argues this black hole information superluminal signal means that our current physical three dimensional spacetime is actually a holograph from the future of the accelerating edge of the Universe as a giant black hole. Since the universe is a holograph and since precognition is real - I've experienced a lot of precognition in great deal, once a vision dream from three years in the future - that means we in 3D spacetime are like a film being played backwards from the future determined by the resonance of the planets, stars, and the Universe - call the Unruh Effect from quantum retrocasuality.

We can change our fate through qigong meditation to increase our self-awareness and purify our spacetime energy blockages. Every day our subconscious holographically imprints the external world into our bodies but through meditation we reverse this film by developing the film in the dark and "deleting" the blockages by resonating with our "yuan shen" and thereby heal our physical bodies.

Blockages are the stored up lower frequency light energy - stored as emotional chemical energy. The Bushmen send these energy N/om blockages - emotional jing energy blockages to feed the dead spirits that otherwise cause sickness as hungry ghosts. This means that bad karma is from our past "dead" spirits stored holographically in our bodies - be it ancestors or past lives or just the interactions we have day to day through our eyes making contact with the external world.

The original physical body is called Ishwara - the cosmic physical body that we can't see but is unified with the universe - this is pure superconducting proton-proton black hole information from the reverse spin or magnetic moment of the proton precession, as detailed by Dr. Andrija Puharich.

The ELF Magnetic Model of Mind and Matter developed by Puharich was pure genius. Puharich got his Ph.D. in physiology from Northwestern University, and he was an M.D. and he was a CIA mind control scientist under the evil MKULTRA. But he later focused on healing energies from the natural Earth ELF resonance in contrast to the artificial ELF resonance of 60 hertz synchronizing television viewing or electromagnetic pollution in general that is used covertly for mass mind control via the ELF resonance - for example HAARP.

About ten years ago I contacted Dr. Michael Persinger about Dr. Puharich and Persinger replied that Puharich's work is greatly underappreciated. Sure enough Persinger has done research in 2013 that corroborates the psi-plasma model developed by Puharich. ("Congruence of Energies for Cerebral Photon Emissions, Quantitative EEG Activities and 5 nT Changes in the Proximal Geomagnetic Field Support Spin-based Hypothesis of Consciousness" by Michael A. Persinger, Blake T. Dotta, Kevin S. Saroka, Mandy A. Scott)

So then we can logically deduce that consciousness is holographic - as science has already modeled the "holographic mind" (Karl Pribram) as well as a holographic quantum reality that is non-local (de Broglie-Bohm) - with the results being a paranormal shamanic reality that enables precognition, long-distance healing, telekinesis, etc.

Such a reality and spiritual abilities are then described in Michael Talbot's book called The Holographic Universe. The qigong masters have confirmed to me that indeed that book is an accurate description of reality and there is a 2-dimensional frequency-time "fabric" that creates 3D spacetime.

The 12 qi energy harmonic nodes of infinite time-frequency as the microcosmic orbit or small universe meditation from the 12 hours of the day. The 12 months of the sun make a Tai-Chi infinity symbol in the sky, as the days and nights spiral in time-frequency energy. [pdf link].

What this means is that while we are awake there is light that is synchronized as our spirit energy but it is synchronized by this reverse precession of the protons - the black hole "negative energy" that stores the light as a spacetime vortex. And so by meditating it is like processing a photograph in a dark room so that the lower frequency emotional blockages that are subconsciously created by storing the external light interacted with during the day are then released and reversed back into the Emptiness as a precessed spin or noncommutative spacetime. This alchemy training turns the black hole of entropy into a white hole of synchronized resonance negentropy.

This is how Nature as ecology self-heals as life on Earth is right-brain dominant and therefore left-hand dominant via the cerebellum being in control of the subconscious connection between emotions and movement. As primates developed right hand technology use (female chimps using spears for example) then left-brain language develop co-evolved.

On the level of Nature this right brain visual dominance process is subconscious but for the shaman it becomes "turned around" so that the light which normally is stored subconsciously instead is synchronized with the "yuan qi" energy of the Universe - the harmonized energy of spacetime itself as formless awareness. When the third eye is fully open, then, as the qigong master shared with me, a person can see in four directions at the same time!

The origin of the Western science as irrational magnitude symmetric math was from this secret music theory shift it to the commutative math of classical physics based on logarithms (mass, speed and wavelength). This was called the "music logarithmic spiral" by Esther Watson Tipple, daughter of Thomas Watson, assistant to Alexander Graham Bell. Dr. Andrija Puharich promoted this music logarithmic secret as the "Actual Matrix Plan" with his co-author Oliver L. Reiser, connected to a U.N. linked theosophist think tank.

Whereas if a person is true to the empirical truth of the infinite spiral of fifths then empirically time is also a spiral that reversals itself - it is not a symmetric zero-point of space. Math professor Luigi Borzacchini reveals the origins of Western science as based on a lie: "Below the surface of the antinomical form, we can maybe reveal the deep 'pre-established disharmony' of the link between human knowledge and reality."

This secret of complementary opposites was known by the ancients as shamanic science but covered up by classical symmetric math; it was finally rediscovered by Louis de Broglie for his Law of Phase Harmony whereby frequency is to time as momentum (mass x velocity) is to wavelength. Physics professor Stephon Alexander discusses de Broglie, noncommutative geometry and the natural resonance of Perfect Fifths music in his 2016 book, The Jazz of Physics: The Secret Link of Music to the Structure of the Universe. For de Broglie as the wavelength gets bigger and time slows down then the mass gets lighter and velocity gets slower since momentum is inverse to wavelength. This means for de Broglie there is not "conservation of momentum" due to the fundamental noncommutative spacetime resonance.

Dr. Andrija Puharich applied this secret of Law of Phase Harmony to mind-body resonance and also the secret of matter and the cosmos. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho explains how this de Broglie secret creates the sonofusion superconducting proton-proton energy from the ultrasound-ELF resonance of water:

Super-Conducting Liquid Crystalline Water Aligned with Collagen Fibres in the Fascia as Acupuncture Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine" by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho:

"The CD [coherent domain] is a resonating cavity produced by the electromagnetic field that ends up trapping the field because the photon acquires an imaginary mass [superluminal reversed time from the future as phase shift], so the frequency of the CD electromagnetic field becomes much smaller than the frequency of the free field with the same wavelength. (Another way to think about this is in terms of photons in liquid water, which would have much lower frequencies for the same wavelengths as photons in free space.)"

Or as another physicist Benjamin Solomon, Oct. 2015, explains the mystery of asymmetric noncommutative resonance thrust: "So why do massless photons create thrust? ...No, it's not kinetic energy (in the photon), just electromagnetic energy, that somehow has momentum and during collision, transfers some of its em energy into the mass particle's (electron) momentum and therefore we observe it as kinetic energy."

Similarly in 2011: "Chalmers scientist, Christopher Wilson and his co-workers have succeeded in getting photons to leave their virtual state and become real photons, i.e. measurable light." It is believed these vacuum fluctuations are the secret to the dark energy acceleration of the Universe.

"The neutral mini-atoms of high energy and very short wave length - which is in phase with the 'cyclic' orbit (de Broglie) - are statistically captured be the nickel nuclei of the crystal structure with the speed of nuclear reactions (10-20 sec). ...The β+ and β- annihilation (interaction of matter and anti-matter) would lead to the emission of a high energy photon, γ, (Einstein) from the nucleus of the now stable copper isotope and a neutrino to conserve the lepton number. However, based on the principle of conservation of momentum, as a result of the backlash of this nucleus, the photon energy of the proton is divided into kinetic energy of this nucleus of large mass (heat) and a photon of low frequency." De Broglie Phase Harmony sonofusion explained by Professor Stremmenos.

It was Stan Gooch in his classic tome Total Man who first established the connection between asymmetric phototropism of life and the cerebellum as the spiritual paranormal means to bypass and balance the left-right brain dualistic dichotomy. It was Dr. Andrija Puharich who realized that the levorotatory asymmetry of light polarization by life atoms - the elements of the amino acids - relied on the quantum spin or reverse spacetime precession of the proton. The proton spin resonates as a magnetic moment holographic information black hole storage-energy or formless awareness, the proto-consciousness of the proton psi-plasma vortex of the Universe.

So then this information is not just stored in the body-mind holographically but is stored in the Universe as a holograph which means that qigong masters can then access this information of the Universe as a stored holograph. This information, as Andrija Puharich discusses regarding Peter Hurkos and psychometry, is stored information not just from the past but also from the future! Why? Because as Ramana Maharshi emphasizes, "evolution" is not real in the sense that it is temporary and only the formless awareness is eternal - and what is the formless awareness?

It is the black hole subconscious information being "radiated" as a white hole - the infinite time/zero frequency being reversed to zero time/infinite frequency and this process does not take place in any "space" of the 3D universe - rather it is the substratum of the physical universe as formless awareness of complementary opposites. Ramana Maharshi called this the "three in one unity" of the three gunas from the Perfect Fifth-Perfect Fourth-Octave music intervals.

So then this explains also how a "yin shen" or spirit ghost that dies with strong lower emotional blockages - this creates the electrochemical jing energy that can power the ghost in the afterlife but as a subconscious blockage: Whereas the shaman is able to leave the body at will, powered by the yuan shen and yuan qi of the cosmic mind. Instead for Western colonialism you get a whole culture defined by the lower frequency consciousness of left brain dominance controlled by the lower emotional energy. So then the dead spirit ghosts can "feed" off the lower emotional energy of the living humans. The Taoist master Ni, Hua-ching calls this "ghost pollution."

Traditional non-Western shamanic cultures often saw Western colonial cultures as "living ghost" people. As Gurdjieff states the role of life on Earth is to feed the Moon spiritually and so to do that the dominant life on Earth needs to create yuan shen pure energy as Solar astral energy to feed the Moon spiritually. If not then the Moon just destroys life on Earth and the cycle starts over again - so that life on Earth is subconsciously controlled by the lower emotional electrochemical energy of the Moon until the alchemical spiritual secret is solved again.

The levorotatory life elements are storing synchronized solar spirit light through right brain dominance as a crystal holograph so that the "black hole" of a dead planet is turned into a new solar life source for the Moon to also create levorotatory life. Time on Earth as consciousness is due to the synchronous resonance of the Earth-Moon-Sun cycle. The Moon is the subconscious mind of Earth since the Moon broke off from the planet Earth originally - in Taoist Alchemy the lunar energy is the psychic energy as the first half of the Tai Chi enlightenment.

Matter then becomes self-aware when the "light is turned around" to reverse the levorotatory complementary opposite energy as information stored subconsciously as emotional blockages. Information self-organizes as asymmetric or complementary opposite noncommutative spacetime resonance. Those who have NDE Near Death Experience reports, when their spirit as synchronized light leaves the body, have stated they are told by spirits that light in the Universe is the "breath of God" but that no one can see God directly.

For example the qigong master shared how he was in a temple in Egypt and he was lying on this stone table - like a mummy I guess - and suddenly this bright light overwhelmed him but told him if he looked at the light he would die. He was not able to move his body - but he could see part of the light of the spirit-body but not the face. And so the final samadhi is called "mouna" samadhi or silence samadhi. We can never see the formless awareness or Yuan Qi - but it is the secret power of the light as spirit consciousness.

For more details and vast links on alchemical natural resonance healing info please see the site of Drew Hempel, M.A.