by Drew Hempel, MA

Quantum Biology:
Qigong Master John Chang says
he is like an electric eel!

OK. Let's finally consider an example from science - from quantum biology - one acknowledged and analyzed by the quantum chaos mathematicians. It's called "quasi telepathy" (or pseudo telepathy) and it refers to the paddlefish (over 300 million years old as a species but threatened with extinction since the last 200 or so years of industrialization). The paddlefish is an electric fish and this real model for quasi telepathy very likely is also mirrored by the Qigong Masters. I know it is a stretch - but consider this - the infamous Qigong Master video of John Chang lighting paper on fire with his hands and shocking the scientists who come to study him - John Chang states that his energy is just like an "electric eel".

And here's yet another video about "Electric Eel Man" Dynamo Jack Chang.

What if this was truer than we realize? "96 percent of vertebrates - including humans - descended from ancestor with sixth sense." [source Let's just consider that as a scientific hypothesis. So how does quasi telepathy work and what about an electric fish?

First of all -- how is it connected to quantum consciousness? Ian Stewart explains:

The researchers found that the presence of random noise in the fish's sensory nerve cells improved its ability to detect plankton. What happens is that the noise can push the plankton's weak electrical signals over the threshold at which the paddlefish can detect them. In effect, the noise interacts with the signal and amplifies it.

Is this "random noise" what Taoists call the Emptiness - the mystical nothingness described by spiritual healers worldwide? Quantum physics calls it the time-frequency uncertainty principle and according to chaos science it may not be random at all!"
("... is randomness anything more than an invention of our superstitious minds?" Ian Stewart, New Scientist, 2004.)

So the electrosensitive fish and sharks using quasi telepathy work through quasi-crystal or liquid crystal phonon superconducting quantum chaos of the ampullae of Lorenzini. I know I just threw out a bunch of meaningless terms that can be dismissed as - umm - psychobabble. Haha. Seriously though, this quasi telepathy has been researched in quantum chaos - a "secret" science.

Electric fish convert serotonin in the pituitary gland to ACTH and this is used to dramatically change the potassium to sodium ratio for the synapses which then creates an electromagnetic field that is transmitted.

OK. So how does that grab you? Those are things found in humans and potentially applicable to humans also!

Now if you want to immediately get into quantum strangeness consider this: potassium is a byproduct of the left-handed weak force which accounts for radiation. In quantum chaos radiation it is not necessarily considered random -- it's still up for grabs as I quoted Ian Stewart. The weak force creates asymmetry -- like the Tai Chi symbol -- a complementary opposite that does not fit into symmetric math models.

Guess what? Qigong master Yan Xin was proven by Chinese scientists to change the decay rate of radiation! [source]

OK. let's consider some empirical data from some Qigong Masters:

"It's unbelievable!" says Gerhard H. Eggetsberger, biochemist and technical head of the Institute for applied Biocybernetics and Feedback Research, in Vienna.

This man is able to change his electrical skin resistance in a split second from 60 Q up to 6080 Q and to lower it down again. We even know how he does it - through a kind of sympathetic reflex. This means that he can simply switch from the Nervus Vagus to the Nervus Sympaticus. An untrained body would never do this as completely as he does this. We are scientifically proving spiritual knowledge that is 6000 years old!" (Through the Power of the Inner Smile,

So activating the vagus nerve does what? It increases the brain's serotonin levels.

Think of the electric eel which relies on serotonin! But also it's now been proven that substances from the lower body can be transported via the cerebrospinal fluid into the brain - bypassing the blood brain barrier - into the pineal gland - via the endothelial cells - by ionizing the vagus nerve.

O.K., I know proven is too strong a word - but it's been researched on some levels. How is this possible?

I'm going to let the readers consider this subject a matter for further research on their own. It's just too much to get into in one article. Read this article from Dr. Mae-Wan Ho: "The Acupuncture System and The Liquid Crystalline Collagen Fibres of the Connective Tissues Liquid Crystalline Meridians."

Suffice it to say collagen is the most common protein in the body but collagen is also piezoelectric and gives off ultrasound waves. The piezoelectric energy is then conducted via protons without the need for nerve transmissions and so the conduction is quantum coherent and nonlocal - as holographic biophoton spirit energy. I know - I'm not a scientist - so just read the paper if what I wrote is psychobabble. Haha.

So how is this energy stored in the body by the Qigong Masters? A Taoist sex engineer, Dr. Lin, gives us the details:

But, without the powerful parasympathetic function, all the internal organs can not work properly. It is like the appliances working under a low electric power supply. Each organ must store sufficient parasympathetic bioelectricity you call it 'Yin Chi' such as the 'Liver Chi', 'Kidney Chi', 'Heart Chi'..., so that the sympathetic nervous function in each organ can convert the bioelectric energy into 'work', output of forces or products. [source]


The Science Secrets of the Celibacy Internal Orgasms to create Spirit Energy Healing

And how is this related to being a sex doctor? Because in 2004 science proved that internal orgasms work via the parasympathetic vagus nerve connection to the reproductive organs! Here is describes it:

The role of the vagus nerve in orgasms is a new discovery and there's still much ... University conducted a study on women with severed spinal cords in 2004.

Indeed when I contacted Dr. Komisaruk, an expert on this subject, he said while males reported these internal orgasms and females were proven to have them via the vagus nerve, it has not been proven for males to be a vagus nerve orgasm. The Qigong Masters would seem to indicate otherwise and similarly the Yoga Masters have considered the vagus nerve as the secret physical connection for the center chakras energy.

At this point I would be remiss not to mention a culture that is frequently over-looked when it comes to studying spiritual healing and that is the Bushmen original human culture from 100,000 BCE!

Westerners want to project onto the Bushmen so, for example, Graham Hancock recently got his TEDx talk censored from YouTube by his sponsor because the skeptic scientists claimed it was fake science. Hancock was trying not to make any definitive claims but even while acknowledging the amazing visions from DMT ayahausca medicine of the Amazon and the similar psychedelic serotonin agonists of mushrooms, and other DMT-containing plants - Hancock projected this onto the cave art of ancient humans, ignoring the reality of their actual spiritual training.

Dr. Bradford Keeney has studied spiritual healing all over the world but he is now recognized as a Bushmen master healer after he has spent over a decade traveling to Africa to trance dance heal with the Bushmen, several weeks a year. So the Bushmen males rely on celibacy training with fasting during puberty - a month of long solitude training called Tshoma. But the internal orgasms are not "sexual" in Western terms - rather an "impersonal eroticism" - in other words the goal is not male ejaculation. Sex is not the intention.

In fact Dr. Robert Sapolsky has documented how the male external ejaculation is precisely the problem when it comes to trying to build up parasympathetic energy:

What happens next, if you are male? You are having a terrific time with someone. Maybe you are breathing faster, your heart rate has increased. Gradually parts of your body are taking on a sympathetic [nervous system] tone ... After a while, most of your body is screaming sympathetic while, heroically, you are trying to hold onto the parasympathetic tone in that one last outpost as long as possible. Finally when you can't take it anymore, the parasympathetic shuts off at the penis, the sympathetic comes roaring on, and you ejaculate. (Robert Sapolsky, Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers (Holt Paperbacks, 2004), p. 124.)

And so what happens through the trance dancing is similar to the strenuous "beyond human" Shaolin training that Qigong Master Chunyi Lin went through. When the sympathetic nervous system is pushed to its extreme then it rebounds to the opposite extreme of parasympathetic relaxation. "Parasympathetic rebound" was actually first documented by the MKULTRA-tied psychologist William Sargent who studied trance worldwide (although he did not discover any real true energy masters).

When this trance dancing is combined with the piezoelectric ionization process of the pressure on the collagen through deep breathing of the diaphragm then the vagus nerve is able to bring up the serotonin through the cerebrospinal fluid, along with the lecithin of the seminal fluid, to build up the brain neurons for increased serotonin cycling in the brain.

This is also exactly how ayahuasca visionary plant medicine works - the MAOI is the "force" that, due to the particular chemistry of the vine used from the Amazon, actually increases the neurons that uptake serotonin while at the same time inhibits serotonin from breaking down in the body. The DMT then blocks the serotonin uptake neurons and then the pineal gland is seemingly activated for visions which otherwise the thalamus would inhibit. A materialist skeptic interpretation of DMT visions is that they are just hallucinations of the mind but as quantum biologist, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho has indicated this rainbow vortex of the neurons, made apparent by the DMT, is actually quantum consciousness in action:

We discovered an imaging technique in my lab that made all organisms look like liquid crystal displays. We put little organisms under a microscope, the polarizing light microscope that earth scientists use to look at rock crystals. The microscope has two crossed polarizers, so the field is completely dark as no light can get through, unless you have these rock crystals that are 'birefringent'; that have a particular kind of crystalline order that changes the direction of light, so they appear bright and colorful. These crystals have a special atomic order. Liquid crystals do the same, they are also birefringent. They have special molecular alignments, and can appear bright and colorful too; but you need a specific setting of the microscope to bring that out, as the birefringence of liquid crystals is weaker than rock crystals, though the principle is the same.

However, in a living organism, there is nothing static and that was what puzzled us at the beginning: How can they look like liquid crystal displays, even if they are liquid crystals? They're moving around all the time, so there can't be any static molecular order to give the brilliant colors. [source]

The Qigong Master Spiritual Healing Science

So what is the potential of this astral spirit rainbow energy? Qigong Master Jim Nance told me that indeed he has been able to not only see into the past of a person but to travel back in time and then heal the person before an injury occurred to them. So he has told the person the scenery of where the injury occurred, say 15 years ago, but this is too emotionally traumatic for the person being healed.

Qigong Master Jim Nance no longer reveals this information to the person being healed. So the point is that Qigong Master Jim Nance says he then heals the person before the injury occurs and then heals them right after the injury occurs - the injury is now lessened due to his "back to the future" healing - and then he heals them in the present.

And so another technique that Qigong Master Jim Nance uses which he has found to be very effective is to have the person repeat in their mind as fast as possible: "Light, Light, Light, Light," and the person should visualize laser light shooting into the injury or, say, tumor. Then Qigong Master Jim Nance sends in the laser holographic energy which melts the tumor. Using this technique a large tumor can be almost reduced to nothing - say reduced by 85% - in one healing session.

The person being healed uses a Shaolin technique called "sword fingers" to point their index finger energy at the injury, thereby transmitting biophoton energy to break up the blockage. (see: Increased Photon Emissions from the Right But Not the Left Hemisphere While Imagining White Light in the Dark: The Potential Connection Between Consciousness and Cerebral Light, Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research| December 2011 | Vol. 2 | Issue 10 | pp. 1463-1473 Dotta, B. T. & Persinger, M. A.)

OK. According to classical physics, energy is measured by amplitude but with quantum biology energy is measured by frequency and this is why Dr. Mae-Wan Ho calls the energy "quantum jazz".

As she states there are over 80 octaves of energy frequency being activated all at once through non-local quantum coherence. The math to explain this is obviously complicated but involves a statistical probability correlation using wavefunctions. So as with the quantum paradox of the double slit experiment there is a 50% probability that the particle of energy goes through one of the slits. When the measurement detection is activated then the 50% probability shows up but when the detection is taken away - despite the measurement probability of 50% there is a non-local wave of consciousness represented.

Somehow the choice to not detect the energy changes how the energy travels or exists, changes it into resonating with non-local consciousness. This has been proven to not be due to actual energy interfering with the experiment - so it is only due to a non-local beyond spacetime interaction as consciousness.

It is the "potential" energy or the quantum infinite potential - based on phase and zero frequency. This is what quantum physicist Louis de Broglie called the Law of Phase Harmony - when the frequency is zero then the amplitude is infinite but it cannot be measured or detected as such so that there is actually a second time clock as phase.

This phase energy is sometimes called scalar waves - again it is controversial - and it cannot really be reproduced with technology. There are ways to utilize it "after the fact" by not violating linear causality but logical inference proves that this superliminal signal which de Broglie called the 'pilot wave' - it is a real signal and so as information it is non-local consciousness.

Most scientists argue that this pilot wave does not exist until it is actually detected - after the fact. So before that it's just a mathematical probability - and yet the double slit experiment shows that detection does change the outcome of the energy - and yet the detection is not energy interference! This is the Aharonov-Bohm effect.

Nonwestern Sound and the Frequency of Consciousness

So de Broglie admitted he did not know what the frequency was the he was measuring. In other words what "was" frequency? Because of probability this paradox is called time-frequency uncertainty and it is before the Heisenberg uncertainty and therefore less known.

The more you are accurate in the time amplitude measurement then the less you know the frequency as it spreads across the whole time domain. In fact this dynamic is non-commutative math and so it works through resonance and it is also eternal. It is called "squeezed light" and so limits the energy level of the biophoton measurement. [source]

So while gravity relies on symmetric math some have argued that inertia is this quantum zero point energy from the non-local consciousness. The measurements of the classical physics differ but it's recognized that spin or phase is dependent on this non-local connection.

Since the quantum potential as infinite non-local consciousness is not symmetric math then it cannot be contained by geometry or some matrices with boundaries. We always already exist within this non-local consciousness - so some call it Allah, God, Buddha, Tao, or Brahman, like how physicist Dr. Amit Goswami uses Vedic philosophy to help describe quantum consciousness.

It is not a light spirit in the sky or being but quantum consciousness is an infinite formless process of energy-mass and spacetime creation. You can't see the Emptiness as impersonal formless consciousness. So, just as the Tao cannot be spoken of - the process of logical inference is the source of the I-thought as a listening process.

Physically this means nonwestern sound is not measured by amplitude with symmetric logarithmic equations as is taught for Western music or physics. Quantum sound or phonons can travel superliminally - faster than speed of light sound, again, is assumed to only be a classical trick of statistical probabilities - the group wave that bends the pilot wave.

Yet sonoluminescence is real - how sound causes a shock wave of acoustic collapse creating heat stronger than the temperature of the sun! There have been many claims recently of sonofusion alchemy from this sonoluminescence effect which is explained in various ways - by quantum mechanics or a relativity spacetime folding. Ultrasound is used for sonofusion.

What quantum physicist Louis de Broglie discovered is that when Einstein relied on the Doppler Effect to explain relativity Einstein was ignoring his violation of the Law of Pythagoras - the wavelength is inverse to the frequency. So as the frequency goes up in the quantum energy going towards the speed of light - time actually also increases because time slows down which means a bigger wavelength. So de Broglie pointed out this cannot be true since it violates the ancient yet empirically true "Law of Pythagoras".

Well since relativity is true - the only way this paradox is possible is that quantum physics has a second time clock as phase wave and so the phase changes in direct proportion - or the Law of Phase Harmony - but for this to happen the phase or "pilot wave" has to travel backwards in time - from the future.

Similarly Qigong Master Jim Nance travels backwards in time to change the future. The classical interpretation is just to state the group wave has not yet collapsed into the actual detected measurement and so no actual "faster than light" signal took place. So the phase velocity is the group wave before it is detected or measured and it can contain a pilot wave that is superliminal.

OK. How does this work physiologically or biologically? I actually communicated with Stuart Hameroff about this - he had mentioned ultrasound research at his University - something I had already looked into. His angle on it was the quantum consciousness implications. OK. So we have documented the ultrasound increased from the piezoelectric collagen, the most common protein of the body. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho argues this creates a proton energy that does not need the nerves and is also quantum non-local consciousness. Hameroff provides a physical structure for this to take place: the microtubules.

Beginning in 2001, experiments began to show coherent excitations from living cells in the low megahertz range, with microtubule vibrations the most likely source. A recent study shows specific resonant frequencies in single microtubules from 12 kHz to 30MHz, precisely in the range for ultrasound (8MHz used in our study is one particular microtubule resonant frequency)." (from Brain Stimulation, (in press), "Transcranial ultrasound (TUS) effects on mental states: A pilot study").

So what happens in quantum biology is a phenomenon called the Quantum Zeno effect which means that, for example, birds use non-local consciousness to convert photons to electrons, by delaying the collapse of the wavefunction - or, in essence by increasing the superliminal phase pilot wave, so that no classical measurement takes place. Again this is beyond any reproducible technology and yet it exists! It has to do with the rate of frequency versus the time and so the phase is reversed.

In meditation this is called "turning the light around" so that normally the spirit is housed in our heart as biophoton energy but with our eyes open the spirit then leaves our body. The light must be turned around by closing the eyes, thereby delaying the actual measurement in classical 3-D spacetime. This is contrary to how classical science interprets vision and this is how spiritual energy is increased - the frequency of consciousness by listening to light.

So we have a quantum consciousness spirit that can holographically heal our physical body if we can change the information signal of the spirit energy. For example with Qigong Master John Chang there is "yin chi" which is the electromagnetic energy made from the sex energy, from lunar food and from stored up celibacy. Then there is "yang chi" which is from the heart spirit energy as laser solar energy that creates the electromagnetic energy driving the heart.

When this yin and yang are combined there is an explosion - this is spiritual alchemy - the fire of the yin chi is the cauldron which then creates steam as spirit shen laser holographic energy - called yin spirit energy or yang chi.

Finally this yin spirit energy is stored up to create a yang spirit or physical transformations - even another physical body called bilocation. A good book documenting bilocation in the Western mystic tradition is D. Scott Rogo's book Miracles.

OK. So let's consider how this alchemical combination of yin and yang chi energy might be translated into science. First of all there's the Quantum Zeno Effect I mentioned - it relies on the geomagnetic field of the Earth:

Now, Iannis Kominis at the University of Crete, explains this by means of the quantum zeno effect: the act of observing a quantum system can affect its evolution, maintaining its state for longer than expected... A similar thing happens in birds: the presence of a geomagnetic field extends the lifetime of the singlet-triplet mixture from which the ions recombine. This gives the magnetic field time to bias the outcome of the recombination. [source]

For humans this "grounding" of the Earth's geomagnetic field to delay the collapse of the light energy as non-local consciousness - it could also rely on the ELF Ionosphere-heart resonance of the theta REM brain wave.

To build up this earth energy is called "rooting" instead of just "grounding" which is cycling the energy through you. For "rooting" in trance dance training it is now known that about 7 beats per second entrains the brain as the heart-mind to activate the theta REM visionary state.

In 'A Physiological Explanation of Unusual Behavior in Ceremonies Involving Drums', (Human Biology, 1962), Dr. Andrew Neher suggested the predominant sound frequency in most trance drumming is about seven to nine beats per second. And independent analyses of a wide sampling of trance drumming from Asia, North and West African and black American cultures, conducted by students at Bowdoin College, under the direction of this writer, point to a range of approximately seven to 13 beats per second. (Robert Palmer, "Trance Music: The Beat of a Different Drum...Drum...Drum..." Mother Jones, June 1977.)

So for normal Western music it's been documented that when chills are experienced - called "frisson" or skin orgasm by the musicologists - this, via the inner ear, activates the vagus nerve, thereby first increasing dopamine, just as with sexual arousal. But again with the normal male sexual build-up at ejaculation there is a switch from dopamine of the vagus nerve to stress cortisol of the sympathetic nervous system. So that's the limit of most music in the Western tradition, aka "cock rock".

Instead in the trance dance training the next step is called the Mozart Effect which is the slow movement of Baroque music as 60 beats per minute. This slows down the brain wave to the alpha brain wave harmonics thereby changing the vagus dopamine energy to vagus serotonin energy as right brain dominance. The same switch happens with the internal female orgasm. Finally when the left side vagus nerve kicks in that goes to the heart as the theta brain wave trance drumming effect which originally came from the trance dancing of the Bushmen culture. This theta ELF trance increases the oxytocin love energy of the heart and then increases the electromagnetic healing energy in resonance with the ELF waves of the ionosphere. This could be the secret of building up the energy as "rooting".

So as CIA mind control scientist Dr. Andrija Puharich argued in his parapsychology research - the ELF waves actually are a byproduct of the ultrasound creating a subharmonic with the protons of the body.

Remember the piezoelectric collagen emits ultrasound but the piezoelectric bones are resonated by ELF waves. So ultrasound, when heard internally, is the highest pitch sound, and then Dr. Andrija Puharich argues this ultrasound energizes the nervous system - the vagus nerve.

Quantum chaos is based on significant increase in amplitude from subharmonics of frequency. With Tibetan throat singing it is actually achieved by relaxation of the autonomic nervous system - the throat has to be relaxed by activating the vagus nerve. The diaphgram must be flexed, just as it taught with Western singing - or reverse breathing in energy healing training. For more on these subharmonics from ultrasound as alchemy see Andrija Puharich's book online: ELF Magnetic Model of Mind and Matter.

Obviously there is a lot of speculation on the part of Puharich and also nefarious military connections to MKULTRA mind control experiments, as exposed by Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince and others. So I emailed Dr. Michael Persinger to ask him what he thought of Dr. Andrija Puharich and Persinger responded that he thought Puharich was greatly underappreciated.

Soon after Persinger actually conducted the ELF telepathy experiment that Puharich recommends in his ELF Magnetic Model of Mind and Matter book that is linked. At any rate, like Puharich, some have implicated Persinger in using ELF waves for mind control experiments as part of Navy research yet Persinger has argued that when there was less ELF electromagnetic pollution then people had stronger theta brain telepathy and visions.

Persinger's latest vision has been a very direct promotion of what I exposed as the Actual Matrix Plan - Dr. Persinger has documented that this telepathy is increased when the person can increase their own person brain's 7 hertz field so that it synchronizes with human brains' around it and also resonates with the earth's geomagnetic field. Dr. Persinger says that the windows computer operating system blocks telepathy because it uses all frequencies and also modern technology has caused a dramatic decrease in natural paranormal abilities.

Yet with the proper focus on the energy of the paranormal abilities - the Earth's resonance energy - then technology can be developed that will mimic what I call the natural resonance revolution. Dr. Persinger then argues this new technology will bring a utopia because of the inherent empathy and because there will be no more secrets. Dr. Persinger says the technology will be holographic but the military implications are not discussed - nor is discussed who will be in control. (From Dr. Michael Persinger, in a March 2011 university video lecture called No More Secrets.

So Michael Persinger has used the same type of math that Puharich used to argue for a quantum phase wavelength - based on de Broglie's quantum relativity science - so that the human mind consciousness could potentially interact with the universe as a whole. He is coauthor of a paper on how human thought might affect the universe and goes about measuring the size of the universe as a wavelength of apparent consciousness. All I can say is that Puharich did a similar measurement with the ELF wave and the size of a galaxy.

The Holographic Universe Confirmed as Real by the Qigong Masters!

Now without going into the wild speculative science I will offer the Qigong Master claim of Chunyi Lin having his heart stop for over two hours and yet he was functioning fine the whole time! This is on the video archives of the international Spring Forest Qigong Guild - which has free membership registration to access the videos at This is how Qigong Master Chunyi Lin describes this level of Emptiness:

You see something without feeling anything... It's way beyond the vitality in your body alone.

Qigong Master Chunyi Lin emphasized he does not recommend this experience for others!

From a science perspective Qigong Master Chunyi Lin has read the book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. Chunyi Lin said that the book is an accurate portrayal of how Qigong Masters experience the universe. For example Qigong Master Jim Nance described being able to go see inside the body even on the microscopic level and this is also described by the spiritual healer "Adam the Dream Healer" - confirmed to have his third eye fully open by qigong master Effie Chow.

Qigong Master Jim Nance describes dimensional travel as like through a portal or gateway - like a wormhole or black hole into a white hole.

Suffice it to say, science has begun to document that there are real energy masters out there who are spiritual healers. But this skill is as old as humanity itself! The best book on the original human culture healing energy is Dr. Bradford Keeney's Ropes to God: Experiencing the Bushman Spiritual Universe.

Actually the cave art, as Keeney details, depicts astral travel ("ropes") from the trance dance celibacy training. The ropes are the astral light ropes out of the top of the head to go into heaven or astral ropes out of the belly to have telepathy and travel across Earth. Here is how a Westerner experienced the real laser holographic love healing from a true Bushmen spiritual master. This was actually shown on cable TV - a very rare documentation! Andrew Zimmern describes it in his book:

Toward what I believed to be the end of the evening, Xaxe, a great hunter, healer, and shaman, laid hands on me ... I felt the energy, his energy, surge through my body. He had his hands on me for about twenty-five or thirty seconds, but it felt like he had only touched me for a split second. Time stood still. I literally had a short out of body experience. I could see him touching me from just above my body, almost like I was floating six feet off the ground, watching myself.

All of a sudden I was back in my body observing an image of him thumbing through the book that contained all the pictures and moments in my life. I saw images of my childhood I hadn't remembered in years, pictures of my mother and me walking on a beach and shelling, very strong images. At the time, both during his touch and immediately afterward, I described it as him flipping through the pages of my life ...

Later the next morning, I spoke with Xaxe about the trance dance. He told me he wanted access to me in a way that was not possible through a translator ... Xaxe's curiosity was such a caring, loving gesture ... When he detached from me it felt like someone was unplugging a lamp from a wall socket. As he let go of me and continued to dance around the fire, I spontaneously burst into uncontrollable tears ... I had been stripped to my emotional core, completely stunned by what I had witnessed so up close and personal.
(Andrew Zimmern, The Bizarre Truth: how I walked out the door mouth first -- and came back shaking my head (Random House, 2009), 234-5).

So I hope this article has given a decent overview of how spiritual healers could shock people like an electric eel, as John Chang is shown to do. Remember just because someone can fake something does not disprove that others are doing it in a spiritual manner! That's a logical fallacy of the skeptics. Like John Chang, Chunyi Lin also experienced a master at Shaolin who could light things on fire with his eyes! From Chunyi Lin's book Born A Healer:

Then, he said he wanted to make another demonstration. He grasped a piece of paper from the table, newspaper. He put it in his hand and just stared at it. Within one or two minutes, smoke came out and then, Voom! Fire. I just said, "Wow!"

After my first master's meditations, my back pain completely went away but I still had two bone spurs on my spine. So, I asked Master Yau if he could do something for my back. He said, "Oh, yes." He used two fingers to touch my back. Within one or two minutes, his fingers felt like two burning hot iron stakes. Very, very hot. Oh, you just don't know the sensation. It was like fire burning there.

Later, when I got home I found two fingerprints on my back where he touched me.

To tell the truth, I also wanted to test Master Yau to see whether the burning paper was real or not. Many people called themselves Qigong Masters but they were fakes. They would make demonstrations like that but put some sort of chemical on the paper and hold it in the sun and it would burst into flames. Like a magician's trick. So, I still did not trust him completely. But, after he touched me with his two fingers, and the bone spurs completely disappeared, I totally believed in him and told him I wanted to have him teach me.

And so folks there are real spiritual healers out there! They are rare and science can only really speculate on how they are able to have such amazing powers.

I have personally experienced this laser holographic love energy! The Qigong Masters can see inside people's bodies! They can do long distance healing! I encourage people to investigate this energy for themselves.

I first went to experience Qigong Master Effie Chow in 1995. I was so skeptical I asked for the admission price to be reduced and she allowed me to attend for half price - only $10. Then she transmitted electromagnetic chi energy - or I don't know - shen laser holographic spirit energy. She had us make "chi balls" between the palms of our hands and sure enough I felt strong electromagnetic energy pushing my hands apart.

Then when everyone was leaving the University room where she had given her presentation, a female security guard wandered in wondering what was going on. The guard said the fuse in the room behind us - the fuse had been blown - in the room behind Qigong Master Effie Chow!

For further study...

Spring Forest Qigong Master Jim Nance Qi-talk April 26, 2013, part one

[Above: Spring Forest Qigong Master Jim Nance said it was OK, I could video his qi-talk for the internet. I have also transcribed the talk into written text available at my blog post You can see Qigong Master Jim Nance doing healing as he is talking, in full lotus yoga position and gesturing with his hands.]

Here are the Qigong Masters I recommend: Effie Chow, Wang Liping, Master Zhang of and Jim Nance and Chunyi Lin of and John Chang ... but he has made himself scarce to Westerners since it takes a pure harmonization environment to build up this spiritual energy. Qigong Master Yan Xin is now a "national treasure" of the Chinese government after the government cracked down on mass Qigong healings in China. So the government controls his physical movements. You can read a great overview of Qigong in China called Qigong Fever by Professor David Palmer.

UPDATE: Story Continues - part 2