An Ancient Temple Beside A Clearly Military Airfield?


I have always been fascinated with the UNEXPLAINED even at a very young age and coming across your site gave me tremendous satisfaction in knowing that's something is far out there and that I'm not alone who are aware of these. Since viewing your various articles, especially enigmatic sites whose locations are clearly UNUSUAL. With the aid of Google Earth, i've had the impetus to combed the world with unusual site formations. And I was quite successful. I'm planning to create a blog-site just for this new hobby of mine. But it would be enlightening for people like if EXPERTS like you can shed a bit of information. Somehow, something inside me is tugging in knowing that world military has more to hide than what they're willing to share, information-wise.

This would be a start of my quest for greater knowledge.

For a start, I have been very curious with the existence of tremendous way lines, perfectly straight lines and impeccable curves of great proportions running atop plateaus simply defying rugged terrain.

A few kilometers south of the "Triangle" near Area 51, I came across what is clearly a military airfield made in the middle of nowhere only to find that alongside, just south-southwest is what seems to be an ancient (perhaps Indian) temple site, a circular dirt path some 250 meters in diameter, circumscribing a 6-pointed star (Star of David?) which in turn inscribed around an inner circle of 150 meters across, each of the points of star has what appears to be mounds and some structural slabs. In the center of the site is a quite larger structure.

I'm sending 3 images- the military airfield (there are even planes on runway), the ancient temple site(?) and their relative position with one another.

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Comments from readers:

It's a Surface-to-Air Missile battery (SAM site) protecting the airport or base or whatever. The bunker structures in the periphery are the missile launcher emplacements. The bunker in the middle is the radar acquisition/guidance vehicle. The battery provides 360 degree quick acquisition protection from airborne threats. It can engage several threats simultaneously - it can shoot several missiles at different attacking aircraft simultaneously. I'd guess that's a phased array radar vehicle in the center. My expertise in this sort of thing comes from wasting dozens of hours playing the computer SIM "FA-18 Hornet", "FA-18 Korea"; versions 1.x through 3.xx, so take it all with a grain of sand.

Sergio V.

The 'Star of David' aspect along with the apparent mounds and structures appear to be nothing more than a bore sighting area for military aircraft guns. The mounds and structures are probably amunition storage sites far enough away from each other to prevent an explosive chain reaction mishap. These sites were located near an air base runway. Once a gun crew loaded an aircraft with ammo, theoretically the bird could take off down the runway for immediate engagement with a hostile. Cheers!

Don C.

Don C.

Why would they have to bother with that Star Of David design in the first place? What has got to do with the the mounds and structures being used for as military sighting area? Why in circular fashion? and whats with the dirt road practically traversing the site? Given today's military technology, the design is too crude in dimension given the premise of preventing chain reaction mishap, dont you think? Compare this with the Triangle Target, whose visual representation are proportionately accurate.