by Gary Vey for viewzone

Psychic Photos... What are they?

Over the years we have received many photographs, both digital and film, that appear to show orbs, mist and unexplained images of people, both dead and alive. While some can be attributed to things like dust near the camera lens or cigarette smoke, the psychological affect on the people viewing them is dramatic.

If these are rally spirits then their appearance has special significance for those who were present when the image was recorded. It really doesn't matter what other people may think they are. These are very personal apparitions that can often be understood through introspection.

We share these images from the past year and hope to receive more in the next. Thank you everyone for sharing these.

To send photos please be sure they are in jpeg or gif format and attach an explanation of the circumstances. Send these to



Picture taken in the wood behind my home in Shannon Hills, Virginia. The man with the car was staying up at the cabin we built on the hill on my property. He got his car stuck in the mud and my oldest son took a picture of him cleaning his car out. We did not notice the figure over by the tree and what looks like a dog behind the figure until after we pulled the picture up to look at the car. My son was interested in the fact that his friend had lost the front right hubcap.


Wondering if you can tell me what the light over my son is from? Was a phone camera with a lamp on in corner behind my baby girl

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My youngest son passed in'97. I always feel him but my cell camera went off and this image appeared.oddly the surrounding area of the house you can't see. Is this a good sign or warning of illness, my husband is very ill.looks like him but too "cloudy".any ideas I would appreciate.



Hello, I have attached a photograph that I'm hoping you can look at. I took this photo last week of an empty room in a house that I have just purchased. I was taking photos of each room on my mobile phone.

Later that night when I was looking at them I noticed something strange in my reflection in the window. The photograph was in the day and nobody else was there.

In my reflection I can see a black and white picture of a man with a beard wearing a flat cap, white shirt and jacket. I have showed this to my parents and husband who can all see it too.

Could this just be a strange coincidence of shadows, lighting, the trees and bushes etc? I am feeling rather freaked out about it and would love to know if you can see it too. Many thanks.



thank you for taking the time to look at these. we were celebrating my son's 30th bday at his home. I took at least 95 pics, but everytime I took one of my brother in law I could not understand what I was seeing. can cigarette smoke do this? I can see faces and forms in the smoke...just wondering



Please look at this photo and tell me what this might be. Thank you



This image was taken at girlfriends wedding her sister died a year ago and there is an image I. Between her and her father is this a ghost.



I have taken a couple pictures lately, with spheres in them. This one was strange to me though. I was inside my house.   Could it be a ghost globule?



We always have heard foot steps and banging in our home. At times glass would break somewhere upstairs but we could never find it. The clock fell off the bedroom wall, the bedspread was pulled up to the center of the bed from the bottom up, creaking and various noises any time of the day. At night you can hear footsteps outside around the house walking on the gravel.


While reviewing several pictures I took of my (almost) 5 month old daughter this evening, I noticed this little round light spot. I sat in the same place as I photographed her (with flash, on high speed shutter mode, since she often tends to blink) as she played on a blanket for a good ten minutes, or so, and it appeared in just the one photo shown below, and shown again, enlarged for detail. Any idea on what would have caused it would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I found your page because I was looking for someone to explain these 'phenomenon' in a rational manor and not just jump to any conclusions. I have captured "light orbs" on video before and allowed someone to get me worked up, only to later come to the obvious conclusion that it was merely dust particles.... thanks in advance!



This is a picture taken of myself. Do you know what this is? I don't. All of the other pictures are normal. Please try to give me an answer.

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Hello, I came across your work on the web and wish to share with you a recent picture that took place in my home. Let me say, this picture followed the death of my mother. My mother passed away in Calgary August 6 2013. 12 hours after her death my wife was sitting in our living room in Vancouver Canada and took this picture of her and the dog sitting othe couch with her google nexus phone. Where she was seated was on the couch and in the background was a window with blinds only and no curtains. Directly to her left is a lamp. I'm uncertain if there was a flash or not.

Now to preface this, my father passed away 8 years prior to my mothers passing, and one month before my mothers passing she lost her dog. The death of my father put her in a deep depression till her passing, all she wanted to do was die to be able to be with him she missed him that much after 46 years of marriage. She had in her view nothing to live for. She died of eschemic colitis and it was the decision of us her three children to take her off life support at the age of 75. Our words to her was to let her know its ok to go now, we love her and understand its time to move on to her next life. We all wished and hoped she would be with her husband and dog again.

That being said, I was void of words when I looked at this picture. In the upper right corner I clearly see my mothers mouth, in the lower center I clearly see my fathers face and arm extending up to the silhouette of what appears to be a dogs head. There is a lot more going on in this picture than I can begin to explain. Perhaps you can look at this and share with me your thoughts and feelings on what you perceive.

It has all had a profound affect on my vision of life.

Thank you



Hello.....these photos were taken with a digital canon slr camera with image stabilization. I had propped the cutout against the wall to take pics and there seemed to always be too much light over the left shoulder of the cutout seemed hazy.....I zoomed in closer and took a shot of the head and doorframe and could see a definite haze over the doorframe, so I stepped back and took another full shot of the cutout and it was filled with the white 'smoke' !? I don't smoke, my house wasn't on fire, no candles were burning.It was overcast outside so no random streaming sunlight. I tried to reproduce the shot and took many more photos...but whatever it was did not appear again.

Could this be paranormal? thank you for taking the time to look at these....



Can you please tell me if this is a mistake from my phone camera or is it paranormal? Sent from my Windows Phone




Here are two photographs taken within seconds of each other. You will notice one having ghost globules




I was having a look at your website about spirits and how they an show themselves on camera. Recently my grandpa passed away, and on that same day everyone was down and I decided to go ahead and take pictures with my cousin so we could try cheer up each other. In one of the first pictures I took with him this "ball shape" came up and it is right in front of me. I was wondering if this is a spirit and if it could be my grandpa?

Hope you guys can help as this really got into my head.




I took a few pictures on this day. There we're no balloons in the room. I have no idea what this green thing is.




I have this picture im very curious there was no rain ,snow,fogg.




Last night my daughter woke up from a dead sleep screaming,  my husband heard voices coming from our bedroom where my daughter was he walked in and pick her up out of bed and I sat down in our rocking chair trying to get her back sleep while my husband took pictures with my cell phone (which don't have a flash) and caught what looks to us as someone sitting down over the top of me and my daughter but its so white you can't see us sitting there.! Can you help me? There's more going on this morning also. Please email me back!