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I am submitting this story in honesty and good faith. I am not seeking exposure or monetary gain from this. It is simply something that happened to me and my wife on the morning of August 27, 2008.......here goes

I was returning home from dropping the kids of at school, I was about 2 blocks away and my wife called my cell phone, she asked how close I was to returning and I told her I was just down the street and asked why, if everything was OK. She said everything was fine but she was trying to find an old friend of her mother's for her using the Internet and was not having much luck, she just said when you get here I want you to look for him stating that I was better at this research stuff than she was. I said, no problem I'll be there in a couple of seconds.

I get home and find her frustrated sitting in front of the computer with the Google search engine on the screen. I offered to help, she gladly accepted. I asked her why she was using Google when all you need to do is search in a site called "white pages". She said oh, OK. So I got my laptop and asked her for the spelling of her mom's friend's name, and she new it was Dave but could not correctly spell his last name..so exit white pages.

I asked her where he lived and she told me he lived in Phoenix by a church. I was like OK, lets find the church. So I went back to Google and typed in Phoenix Arizona Churches...several came up. I asked her if any looked familiar and she pointed to one and I clicked on the link which brought up a map of its location. I asked her if this looked like the area he lives in. She said yes, sure does, that's the church its by Cave Creek Road. I was like, all right, were getting somewhere now.

So I took the address of the church and went back to the white pages site and typed it in, after wards a new page came up giving me the option to "view in satelite" so I clicked on it. I guess when I did, it redirected me back to google apparently google maps. I zoomed down in the vicinity of the church and my wife, looking over my shoulder, recognized a house on the street across from the church. I zoomed as far as it would let me, which was pretty close, I mean you can clearly see cars, trees, vents on the roof tops.. I was impressed at the clarity. But anyway, she pointed to his house and wanted me to get the address to his home so we could cross-reference it through the white pages and hopefully get his home phone number. I told her it wasn't that easy, she thought I could just move the arrow on the computer over top his house and the address would pop-up. I told her it didn't appear to work that way because we actually arrived at the location via the churches address. She said well, can you get any closer and maybe read the number on the house, I said I don't believe so, I personally had never used google maps, I've used Google Earth many times but not maps. She asked me to click on a particular tab that was on the screen that said "street view", so I did. WOW.. now we were viewing the house from right in the middle of the street..eye level. I said this is really cool, and it free. She asked me to zoom closer to the house if I could and possibly get a number, we new it was 22nd street but did not know his exact number. I began to click on arrows that were in the image and began to zoom a little but not close enough to view a number, even was able to do a 360 degree of the neighborhood. She even had me zoom on the house next door to see if a number was visible but to no avail.

I apologized, told her I was sorry but really did not know what else to do except maybe take a drive up there over the weekend and slowly sat back in my chair with my hand still slightly on my optical mouse, and as I sat back my index finger rolled the scroll wheel on the mouse moving the street view image up into the sky. By now my wife had walked into the kitchen and I noticed the screen move but didn't pay to much attention to it until I went to exit out of the screen........and there it was. I asked my wife to come and look at "this", she came over and looked and said "what the............

You decide, I've tried different views from the same neighborhood at different addresses and its still there. I've also tried other addresses across the USA......nothing even remotely close to this.

Try it yourself...go to google maps...use this address or one nearby if you prefer...13428 N 22nd St., Phoenix, Arizona...zoom.....click on street view...scroll up to the sky. There it is, whatever it may be. I'm not sure how long it will be there because I do know they update the images every so often., Try different locations around Phoenix or the World for that matter and if you find anything similar, send it to Viewzone if they want them, personally, I've seen all I need to see.

Michael B. Bradbury
Chandler, Arizona

I use Google maps often in my work as a GIS technician. Street View is very handy when looking at images such as street lights and transmission poles. One day while viewing images on Hunt Hwy which is on the far south east end of the Phoenix metropolis I moved the image up to view the direction of some power lines. I saw a similar image that at first startled me and a co-worker that I called over to verify what I was seeing. After viewing it from different places on the road, which is about 6 miles long and straight, I remembered that these camera shots are made inside a bubble like device atop the vehicle. The camera takes 360 degree panoramic pictures and the sun often reflects inside the bubble to form unusual images from time to time, along with an annoying glare that can totally wash out the image. That's what it might be. I don't know.

Craig S
Phoenix, Az

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