"The modern extension of this axis (completed in 1972) to the ancient Egyptian Temple of Debod exposes who the Vatican really worships.." -Scott Onstott


Temple of Debod

Luz from Columbia (really) emailed me to say I should check out the Temple of Debod. I just did and made a major discovery. The Temple of Debod was originally located very close to the great religious center dedicated to the goddess Isis, in Philae Egypt.

When the government of Egypt started building the Aswan High Dam in the late 1960s they needed to relocate some ancient temples to save them from eventual flooding including the Temple of Dendur (which was moved to the Met in NYC) and the Temple of Debod.

As a sign of gratitude for the help provided by Spain in saving the temples of Abu Simbel, the Egyptian state donated the temple of Debod to Spain in 1968. Here is the rebuilt Temple of Debod today where it stands near the royal palace in Madrid. Nice "as above, so below" symbolism in the reflecting pool by the way.

Image courtesy Osvaldo Gago under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.


Amazing as this is, it is not the major discovery I'm talking about. I checked out the site of the Temple of Debod in Google Earth. It's a linear complex so I wondered why it is oriented as it is.


Using the ruler tool I drew a line along the complex and noted its angle. Then I extended this line and guess where it points: Rome.


More precisely the line points directly to the ancient Egyptian obelisk at the center of Vatican Square. The line (which is actually a great circle whose center is the center of the Earth) coincides with the central axis of St. Peter’s basilica and Vatican Square, right down the line:


As my friend and fellow researcher Cort Lindahl discovered, the axis of the Vatican goes directly to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. So putting these discoveries together we now have one continuous alignment connecting the Temple of Debod with the Hagia Sophia in Byzantium/Constantinople/Istanbul running directly along the Vatican axis that bisects St. Peter’s Square.


So What Does It Mean?

The Vatican -- Hagia Sophia connection makes a lot of sense because Constantinople became the eastern HQ of Roman Empire after Rome was sacked by the Visigoths in the time of Constantine the Great. This alignment shows that geomancy was practiced in ancient times.

The modern extension of this axis (completed in 1972) to the ancient Egyptian Temple of Debod exposes who the Vatican really worships:


I'm not saying people of the Catholic faith worship Isis.

I'm showing there is an Egyptian connection that keeps popping up in relation to the Vatican. Consider the colossal bronze pinecone in the Vatican's Courtyard of the Belvedere which came from the Temple of Isis in ancient Rome, and the obelisk from Heliopolis in St. Peter's Square as two additional examples. Also I show how Pietro Perugino's fresco in the Sistine chapel uses occult Egyptian symbols in my Esoteric Astronomy episode.

Do you think these alignments are accidents? The mind boggles at the odds.

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