"The Ennead were worshipped for more than 3000 years, making them the longest lived theology in human history. And it seems that there is an elite still worshipping these gods today." -Scott Onstott


If you watched my New York Part 1 video, you might remember how I was led by the linear element within the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir to the Temple of Isis (originally from Dendur Egypt) within the Met.


After watching my NY videos Grant Chamberlin sent me a few photos he took within Central Park. Here's one of the Gate Houses on the reservoir. Note the year on the building is 1864. See my 864 post to get the universe's little joke, but I digress.


Image courtesy Grant Chamberlin


The line running through the reservoir leads directly to UN headquarters:


In the NY Part 2 video I analyzed the mural inside the UN Security Council chamber. I'd like to draw your attention to the phoenix at the center of this highly symbolic mural.


The UN flag has an earth divided into 33 sectors, the number of the highest degree in Scottish freemasonry. Here's my post on 33.


The Coat of Arms for the state of Israel is also cyan in color. It features 13 leaves on each branch with the menorah at the top of a step pyramid of sorts.

There is an amazing correlation between the menorah, the freemasons, and the days of the week that youtube user bobzimmerfan pointed out:



Watch his video to see how he came to this startling conclusion:

On the subject of globalization there was a article published in the Economist way back in 1988 extolling the virtues of a one world currency called The Phoenix, whose symbol appears to be a circle with a line drawn through it.

Due to the law of free will they have to put their game plan in plain sight in order to obtain your consent.

The maxim is Qui tacet consentire: the maxim of the law is Silence gives consent. If therefore you wish to construe what my silence betokened, you must construe that I consented. --Thomas More

Title of article: Get Ready for the Phoenix; Source: Economist; 01/9/88, Vol. 306, pp 9-10

Here is a quote from this article:

"The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy. The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF…Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, and welcome it when it comes."

Notice the Fleur de lys on the phoenix's head in the above cover image?

The second chapter of the Song of Solomon, the most important of ancient Kabbalistic texts, begins with, "I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys." Originally, the fleur-de lis was a common Jewish symbol. Not only are lilies frequently mentioned in the Songs of David, but early Jewish coinage also featured similar lilies. The great Kabbalistic book, the Zohar, begins with an exposition of the mystical significance of the lily, which it describes as being the symbol of the "Jewish congregation". Source

The NWO plans for a one world currency and ultimate one world government are absolutely chilling in my humble opinion. Would you rather be controlled by the all seeing eye at the top of the tower/pyramid ...

... or move toward decentralization with local communities governing themselves, printing their own non-debt based currencies, creating their own non-fractional reserve banks, growing most of their own food, creating their own renewable energy, and staying interconnected to the larger world through the Internet? The path to preserve our humanity, our uniqueness, and the diversity of culture is clear: it opposes the globalists' agenda of control.

What kind of a world do you want to live in? Be mindful of what you consent to before it is too late.

The original House of the Phoenix was located in Heliopolis Egypt. Philip Coppens wrote a great article about this entitled Heliopolis: Egypt's Radiance.

Cleopatra's Needle just outside the Met originally came from Heliopolis.

Image courtesy Grant Chamberlin

Now that I've set the stage you will better appreciate the following geomancy.

Manhattan Geomancy

I've often wondered why Cleopatra's needle is where it is just outside the Met. This alignment explains it:

The line starts at Cleopatra's needle:

Incidentally in my New York Part 1 video, I mention how the glass atrium in the Met looks like a Templar flag. I was amazed but not too surprised when Grant sent me a photo of what this atrium looks like from the ground: a pyramid.

Image courtesy Grant Chamberlin


The path passes directly over the Grand Masonic Lodge of NY at 71 W 23rd Street. I notice it bisects the garden of the Caroline building across the street (not sure of the significance?)


The path also goes over Rockefeller Center, and directly over the fountain in Bryant Park, the most densely occupied urban park in the world, which was restored by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The park was originally called Reservoir Square because it fronted the Croton Distributing Reservoir which fed what is now called the Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis Reservoir in Central Park.


The line passes right in front of the Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park, currently the second tallest building in Manhattan. This US$1 billion solar monument is 365m tall (1200 feet) with a spire measuring 77m atop a building housing 55 stories (it's got that repetitive digit thing too). It's one of the "greenest" buildings in the world (recalling the green-skinned Osiris perhaps).


The alignment passes right in front of the One World Trade Center building which is currently under construction. Notice how the building is oriented parallel to this alignment.


The Freedom Tower as it is also known will be the tallest building in the US at 1776 feet when completed in 2013. July 4th, 1776 is of course date the Declaration of Independence was signed, which also "happens" to be Aphelion, the day the Sun is farthest away from us.

Note: This building achieved the coveted LEED Gold Certification award after extensive LEED consulting with qualified experts. The building's form is two obelisks meeting as above, so below on top of a cube. The floor plan at the midpoint of the shaft is an octagram star (solar symbol).

Errata: I mistakenly said the Bavarian Illuminati was formed on July 4th, 1776 in my Red Ice interview, but this actually happened on May 1st, 1776 (Beltane fire festival).

By the way the US constitution was ratified on June 21, 1788 which "happens" to be summer solstice. But I digress.

The alignment terminates directly in the center of the Museum of Jewish Heritage at 36 Battery Place at the tip of Manhattan. Freemasons are steeped in the Kabbalah and obsessed with ancient Egypt.


The Core Exhibition is housed in a remarkable six-sided building -- symbolic of the six points of the Star of David and the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

The Museum of Jewish Heritage building is a step pyramid ...

Image courtesy Gryffindor under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


... which reminds me of the step pyramid in Laguna Niguel California at 33° 33' N which I blogged about here.

The above Chet Holifield Federal Building was designed by William Pereira, the same architect who designed the Transamerica Pyramid. The Ziggurat's primary tenants are the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Internal Revenue Service.


Thinking about all the phoenixes I'd been discovering in Manhattan I drew a line from the Museum of Jewish Heritage to City Hall in Phoenix Arizona and another from the Museum of Jewish Heritage to the oldest standing obelisk in the world in Heliopolis Egypt (where the House of the Phoenix once stood).

Taking a page from Cort Lindahl, I discovered these paths align beautifully with the hexagonal structure as shown:


A patent for the city was issued in 1874 by President Ulysses S. Grant, and in 1881 it was incorporated as the City of Phoenix.

" After the USA civil war, once General and then President Ulysses S. Grant, a 33rd degree Freemason, wanted to move the Capital of the USA to Phoenix, Arizona -Source

Phoenix Arizona sprawls over 33°N. The Phoenix metropolitan area is called the Valley of the Sun. Heliopolis means City of the Sun.


San Francisco

San Francisco is said to have risen from the ashes of the 1906 earthquake and subsequent fire:


That's right, the flag on top of SF City Hall depicts another firebird.

If you watched my San Francisco episode you will recall the Ennead I discovered there with the Transamerica Pyramid on the vertex corresponding to Osiris; Columbus Ave and the street grid form two of the edges and Treasure Island in the Bay forms another edge (the creator god Atum points true north of course):


The Ennead (Greek ἐννεάς, meaning a collection of nine things) was a group of nine deities in Egyptian mythology. The Ennead were worshipped at Heliopolis and consisted of the god Atum, his children Shu and Tefnut, their children Geb and Nut and their children Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys.

The Ennead were worshipped for more than 3000 years, making them the longest lived theology in human history. And it seems that there is an elite still worshipping these gods today.

I highly recommend tuning into Henrik Palmgren's Series on Zionism and Multiculturalism on Red Ice Radio.

I want to make it clear that I am not against any groups of people no matter their faith, membership in secret societies, ethnicity, or any other categories you care to assign. I'm pointing out connections and leave it to you, dear reader, to draw your own conclusions. I urge you to keep an open mind and use your own power of discernment to navigate the flood of information that keeps pouring in.

In the words of Depeche Mode:

People are people so why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully

So we’re different colours
And we're different creeds
And different people have different needs
It's obvious you hate me
Though I've done nothing wrong
I never even met you
So what could I have done

I can't understand
What makes a man
Hate another man

Help me understand

People are people so why should it be
You and I should get along so awfully
Help me understand
Now you're punching and you're kicking
And you're shouting at me
I'm relying on your common decency
So far it hasn't surfaced
But I'm sure it exists
It just takes a while to travel
From your head to your fist

I can't understand
What makes a man
Hate another man

Help me understand



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