An Alien Space Ship on the Moon


Strange tubes were found on the alien female's face. These were later removed and her body was inspected and filmed on board the Lunar Module. The video is available on youtube.



Samples of what appears to be writing were also discovered, although it looks more like scribble.

Viewzone's conclusion

While the video and story could have been faked, the object which was photographed by Appollo 15 is patently real. It is not discoloration of the surface, a photographic artifact or an oddly illuminated crater. The 3D photograph clearly shows the shape and position of this very unusual object.

Below we have taken two images published from the Appollo 15 mission and have merged them to form a 3-D image. To see this clearly you will need a pair of 3D glasses (red on left, blue on right). What is it?

We always present interesting theories and encourage you to comment. Please let us know what you think.



I had some of the glasses from an old comic book and looked at your picture. I do see the spaceship or whatever it is and it is something very unusual. Not sure I believe the rest of the story though. But thanks for the entertainment. Who knows? Could be true.

Leon DJ

OK... You are discrediting yourself when you publish something like this! This story is NOT TRUE! It is easy to see from the video. It's a piece of crap. Quarantine procedures would not allow the alien to be brought on to the lunar lander. Its easy to see the man flipping the camera is not in the moon's gravity.

Don't be a HACK!

You have to screen material you publish so as to not misinform the public. You have an excellent web site with marvelous information. Don't discredit yourself!

Brent Sutton

I just finished reading your article on the space ship on the moon. Very interesting. Why would anyone go hrough such an elaborate hoax if it were not for some film or book promotion? Also, have you seen the other videos on youtube where they show a city? Not sure how to believe that one. But your picture of the carrot shaped thing is intriguing to say the least.


Personally I don't believe any of it. Not sure what that thing on the moon is but the alien pictures look like made of wax. Like some other poster said it was entertaining. How could anyone prove this?
The description remind me if the movie ALIEN and I think that they would not have been in the lunar module with a dead body unless they had their space suits on. Also the video spends too much time photographing the inside of the module rather than on the body. That kind of made me think it was fake. The astronoaut says the body was pale blue, I think, but how come it looks orange? Lots of questions...but thanks for the look.


I downloaded the real files from the Appolo 15 mission and they are valid. I can see how you made them because they were originally stereo images. Yes, they do show what looks like a space craft of some sort. But the rest of it is unbelievable.
Please see the following image:

Provided by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Image data of Japanese KAGUYA /SELENE -- lunar explorer ( image MVA_2B2_01_03747S186E1179.igz) shows no "alien ship". Case closed.


This to EA. Thanks for posting the picture from the Japanese lunar orbiter. The resolution according to their wbesite is 10 meters (28 feet) per pixel. That is quite low actually. If you look at the photos taken by Appollo 15 you will see lots of detail in the lunar surface. It is leterally covered with little craters and pits and has a sandy appearance. By contrast, the Japanese images look smooth because they cannot obtain the same detail. I don't think this proves anything but it does add more mystery to this phenomenon. But it's not yet busted.

Now the woman's body... I have problems with that but that's a whole other issue.

Dave O.

Didn't the astronaut say they landed near this ship and explored it, then took off again... wouldn't that have left some type of impression on the surface that the Japanese camera would detect? Or maybe it was too small to see in the photograph with that resolution? Anyone?


Before everyone dosmisses the female EBE as fake, consider this. Her lips are open and then closed in the pictures. This rules out wax figure. If you look outside the lunar module in the film on the site, you can see a lunar rover craft. This is an elaborate presentation more suited to a major film than some small hoax. In this video on youtube [Il Mistero dell'Apollo 20-Parte 1] you even see the spaceship through the window of the linar module! Who would fake this?


I agree there are lots better videos of this being than the one you selected to show on this page. I suggest people take the time to look at some of these others before rushing to judgement. Also, remember that this is a decomposed body. So the skin will appear damaged and flakey.


Yeah, had some 3D glasses from my kids and took a look. It's not some discoloration or landscape. You can definitely see the shape of the front of the ship sticking up. No way to fake stereo photos and Apollo 15 was way back in 70s. Interesting.


for Dave O.

The top image by Kaguya is taken with the Multi-band Imager with resolution 20m per pixel.

The bottom one is by NASA taken in the visible light range . As Gary pointed out it looks like a case of "the face on Mars".


Remote viewers have been to this site. It is not far from a burned out city. The photos are real as is the missions. We knew they were going up before they went up as we lived in the area at the time and word leaked out. We watched the take offs from the beach. Vandenberg said they were testing a new missile. No missile in our arsenal are that big and with our 16inch Cassegrain, we followed it into orbit. Other legitimate test never went up that far. We calculated the trajectory and saw it orbit the Earth 3 times then we say it break orbit and head directly toward the Moon. We followed the capsule for 4 hours until the Earths rotation carried beyond our sight. We were not able to pick it up again from California but our friends in Australia picked it up for 3 hours until a storm moved in.

They did go to the Moon on that date. That much is certain.

LF and JS Kline

This is a response to Brent Sutton's comment on quarantine procedures.

Obviously, Brent doesn't know anything about quarantine procedures. 1st order of business is this mission crew is expendable. 2nd quarantine procedures are in effect as this mission is conducting an examination of the body on the moon, not on earth where the risk is greater for contamination.

Geez, a 2 year old could figure this out.