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News of Ancient Mayan Artefacts

Since late 2011, a story has been circulating around various websites of a cache of carved stones and clay tablets that were allegedly discovered in an old Mayan temple. These artefacts bare images of classic, saucer-shaped flying craft and the now archetypal big-eyed aliens.

According to the latest posts, these artefacts were discovered decades ago as archaeological teams moved inward and removed debris that was characteristically preserved by Mayan temple builders as they rebuilt the structures over time. Located in the inner rooms and spaces of a particular temple in Mexico, the collection of statues, masks and plaques were recognized to be evidence of Mayan contact with extraterrestrials and therefore hidden from the public, lest we all freak out.

But apparently, because of the global interest in the Mayan calendar's end on December 21, 2012, the Mexican government is said to have released photographs of the various pieces so that we can understand that this ominous date could potentially involve interaction with space aliens.

Here is an example of what the web reports are showing:

The stone pictured below is described as showing a planet with an atmosphere, a comet or other fiery object being deflected by a friendly UFO (saucer) while it is followed closely by yet another space vehicle. There is even a blow up of an alien apparently piloting the top vehicle.

Is this an event that happened in the past -- or a promise of protection in the future? Does this relate to the "end date" of 2012?

Can you believe your eyes?

There has been so much hype and disinformation about so-called "disclosure" by various governments regarding the evidence of both past and on-going contact with non-human space aliens. If the artefacts pictured above are authentic, this would be a breakthrough. Most rational people would find it hard to dismiss the images as representing anything but some kind of alien contact with the Mayans.

While this is just the kind of story that a website like would enthusiastically promote, research into the background of these claims raised red flags early on.

As you will see in this video presentation, the images are being presented by Nassim Haramein [right]. No stranger to YouTube, Nassim has made a living with his PowerPoint presentation which focuses on his discovery of fundamental geometry and its relation to time, space and the universe. I first encountered Nassim's videos several years ago and found it thought provoking and entertaining.

In Nassim's presentations, he mentions how he introduced his theories to the leading experts in physics and astronomy, how impressed they were, and how his thesis is currently under "peer review". Certainly he has a "good rap", as they say. But I was puzzled why such an important disclosure would fall in his lap, revealed to the world in a dimly lit room with folding chairs and an audience of a handful of foreigners.

In the videos, Nassim tells the audience, "You are one of the first to see these things." As the exhibition continues he admonishes someone in the audience for recording the images, although obviously the entire presentation was recorded by someone and posted on YouTube. Here, see for yourself. It gets interesting around 3:20 and beyond.


"The Mayans used to construct one pyramid over another. In the site at Calakmul, workers for INAH have discovered rooms inside the pyramid that have never been seen or explored before. Featured in this film are some of the finds found in these newly discovered rooms, plus some finds that have been held by the Mexico Government. These items clearly depict UFO's and Alien Life Forms. Was there CONTACT?"


Nassim Haramein's credibility has been seriously challenged by many scientists on the web. A detailed critique of his theories and assertions can be seen Here. But what about the artefacts themselves... are they also lacking credibility?

Follow the Money

People who know Nassim Haramein unanimously describe him as a humble intellectual who is pleasant to be around and genuine in his beliefs. They say it is uncharacteristic for him to be involved in a scam -- especially since he has little to gain from this. The images and stories appear to have been fed to him by someone with something more to gain.

One of my personal rules when assessing a conspiracy theory or breakthrough discovery is whether or not the person presenting these ideas has a book deal or is financially dependent upon presenting the ideas. Certainly, for Nassim, this does not appear to be the case. His presentation of the Mayan artefacts on the YouTube videos are not big money makers. But there is a money trail.

Let's revisit the first revelation of the Mayan artefacts in a Reuters story that was released in August 2011:

Mayan Secrets to Be Revealed by Mexican Government in '2012' Documentary

By Steve Pond at TheWrap

Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:59am EDT


The Mexican government is releasing state-held secrets about the end of the Mayan calendar to the makers of a documentary, "Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond," TheWrap has learned.

The information -- protected for 80 years -- is expected to reveal Mayan beliefs in future catastrophes and wisdom characterized as "shocking," producer Raul Julia-Levy, son of actor Raul Julia, told TheWrap.

The end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012 has long given rise to theories and speculation about the end of the world.

The agreement will allow Julia-Levy to film in never-before-seen locations.

"The Mayans used to construct one pyramid over another," tourism minister for the Mexican state of Campeche Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado told TheWrap. "In the site at Calakmul (pictured below right), workers for INAH [the National Institute of Anthropology and History] have discovered rooms inside the pyramid that have never been seen or explored before.

"And we're letting this documentary film there, to see what has been discovered inside the pyramid."

Julia-Levy (above) said he'd been made aware of the secret Mayan information by former Mexican president Vicente Fox -- a friend of his family -- and that it took four years of phone calls to finally get the OK from current president Felipe Calderon.

"This is very important for humanity, not just for Mexico," said Julia-Levy. "This information has been protected for 80 years, and now it's important for people to understand the series of events that are coming, and the consequences for all of us."

The English-language documentary will be directed by Juan Carlos Ruflo (whose other films include the 2006 Sundance winner "In the Pit"), and will begin shooting later this year. Elbert said the filmmakers are talking to investors and waiting for the government to give them their first look at the material and the site.

One big condition from the Mexican government was that the film get an initial theatrical release, which is planned for next fall, said Ed Elbert who is co-producing along with Julia-Levy and Sheila M. McCarthy and executive producer Eduardo Vertiz.

"It has to be released before the end of the Mayan calendar, which is Dec. 21, 2012," said Julia-Levy.

That’s the date that the Mayan calendar -- which some believe predicts a worldwide cataclysm -- comes to the end of a 5,126-year cycle, and resets for another cycle.

Julia-Levy has been specifically ordered not to talk about any of the more mystical possibilities that might strain credulity as Mexico prepares to launch the far-reaching (and tourism-inducing) 2012 Mayan World Program.

At one point, Rosado was quoted in a press release talking about contact between the Mayans and extraterrestrials. That statement has been recalled, and Rosado now paints this as a simpler, more archaeological-oriented documentary.

"At the moment, talk of the Mayans is a big thing," Rosado said. "We've counted over 3 million websites talking about the end of the Mayan calendar, and we have been contacted by a lot of producers who want to come and film on our sites."

The project is similar in some ways to a novel Julia-Levy was writing, variously entitled "Chronicles of the Mayan Tunnel" and "Secrets of the Mayan Time Machine." He and co-producer Elbert were also going to make a 3D movie from that novel starring him and Wesley Snipes, he said in the summer of 2010.

Several reports from that time said the novel was being written with the help of "secret information" never before released by the Mexican government. But in their conversations with TheWrap, Julia-Levy and Elbert dismissed that project as a "Harry Potter"-style piece of fiction with no connection to the current documentary.

That film has been set aside, they said, because Snipes is serving a prison sentence for tax evasion. "We put that film on hold," said Elbert. "Dollar-wise, this documentary might be smaller, but it is based on the release of new and important knowledge from the Mayans."

Asked if the movie will involve aliens, mystical elements or doomsday scenarios that have fueled the popular imagination, Julia-Levy declined to elaborate.

"I'm not allowed to speak about that," he said. "Everything is going to come out in time, but I can't comment on aliens or on 2012.

"I can just say that the Mexican government is preparing to tell humanity and the world things that are critical for us, for the way we live, for the way we've been handling the planet." --source

A Year Later... Million Dollar Lawsuits, Stench of Hoax

The headline in a report by reads, "Lawsuit Charges 'The Wrap' With Libel Over Documentary Story".

The suit, filed by Elisabeth Thieriot [right], says she was the victim of a fraud when she financed a documentary, and has been further victimized by a blog that repeated false accusations against her.

A dispute over a troubled documentary about the Mayan civilization has prompted a libel lawsuit against Los Angeles news blog, TheWrap and writer Steve Pond for at least $1 million on allegations of libel, invasion of privacy and defamation.

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Thieriot charges that she financed a documentary titled Revelations of the Mayans: 2012 and Beyond, in partnership with Raul Julia-Levy, but that she had to shut the production in Mexico down after he misused rented equipment and enlisted the local authorities to try and "steal the footage, equipment and documentary" from her.

Her suit claims that in retaliation, Julia-Levy falsely accused Thieriot of fleeing Mexico in violation of a government order, illegally filming on federal ground in Mexico and stealing footage and equipment related to the documentary; all of which she says is completely false.

Thieriot says what The Wrap has done "exposes the continuing demise of journalistic integrity" as "publications purporting to be serious news outlets race to be the first to post online sensational and inflammatory articles without the requisite research and with total disregard for the truth."

Julia-Levy, producing the documentary, apparently is a false name used by a Salvador Alba Fuentes who falsely claimed to be related to a famous and well respected Mexican actor. In a New York Times article, the late actor's wife says that his use of that name is not only false, but that it damages her son Raul Julia Jr., the real son of the late star of Addams Family and many other major films, as well as stage and TV productions.

It's a big mess and quickly unraveling as a quick-bucks scheme. There is no Mexican government release of secret information and no forthcoming "disclosure" of past Mayan interaction with extraterrestrials.

But what about the artefacts? Who really made them? Where are they now? Frankly, it is a moot point. A real disclosure would have specific details and analysis, including age verification and microscopic studies of items for such things as tool marks and organic material suitable for carbon dating. This is totally lacking here.

Are they REAL?

Unfortunately these artefacts belong in the same questionable category as the Ica Stones and Clay Dinosaurs that were a brief sensation about a decade ago.

Star gazers, pyramids and trident images suggest these stones depict human history from an ancient time. [source]


We'll all have to hold our breath for the REAL disclosure... someday.




A well written disclosure of a questionable disclosure....your collection of pictures of the Mayan artifacts are amazing. They all are truly beautiful and awe inspiring...It is heart breaking to think some may be fakes... The ancient Mayan history has always had a profound attraction for me, as obviously it has for many on our planet...My disappointment goes deep....but with the human greed factor, I should not have been surprised... I am grateful for your article and your attempt to keep the truth in prospective....I am anxious to hear more on “truth or fake”and I hope you will continue this article as it is disclosed to you...You have a unique site that is highly regarded by many all over the world for writing such as this article. Thank you.