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The image above looks very similar to the one in Peru; however, this one is from Mars!

The point circled in red indicated where in Cydonia these holes were photographed.

What do you think?

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"Mysterious Holes of Peru". Not really a great mystery; these long lengths of "holes" are the product of 'Linear Inscriptive Art' whereby characters, formed from a series of linked holes, are pecked into the surface of natural rock (subtractive), or by the converse known as "additive" whereby rocks or stones are piled into small heaps - on more level ground,of course - to create and represent characters and pictorials. ( Veall 2002 Nasca Lines )

In my opinion and from research I carried out in 2004 on an aerial photograph of another Peruvian site; these very lengthy pictorial inscriptions may document historical facts: such as dates, voyages,conquests, dedications, provenance etc . Anticipate a date around 800bc - 600bc. We must await the hand of the epigrapher.

Bill Veall.

Maybe some other axtraterrestrial civilization was mining for something on the Moon and also on Earth. Zacharia Sitchin, in his books about the Annananuki, says that the ancient "sky gods" needed gold to do something about their planet's atmosphere. It would make sense that gold or some other heavy metal could be found in this dry and rocky area. That's where we likely find gold, silver, copper and such.

Maybe these are "test holes" to see if there is a vein of the metal and then, if there is, they would make a mine or dig a deeper hole. I wonder if there is any evidence of mines in this region of Peru? Vertainly on the Moon or on Mars there are enough craters to make these metals be exposed for collection.

Heather M.

I just wanna say that I think the best idea is that these holes on Mars are from someone trying to do an archaeological dig. A few years back I volunteered for a project in Egypt and they dug trenches in straight narrow lines so that they could tell if there was anything in a mound of earth. They were really precise when they did it too. You notice that these holes on Mars are all exactly aligned like a grid -- just how we did it. But I dunno who could have done it on Mars. Gives me the creeps!


Similar holes are being dug in Africa now for gold mining. [] According to the BBC, the miners go down tens of meters. The strips of holes would simply be dug to follow the bed of an ancient stream where the gold was deposited.

Joseph Grcar

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