The unfortunate case of the apparent murder of little Caylee Anthony has touched just about everyone through the nightly news reports. Recently, the Florida prosecution officials released a photograph of Casey Anthony's personal diary with suggestions that it was written just a few days following the disappearance of her 2-year old daughter.

Many people believe that Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her own daughter, Caylee. They believe she is a sociopath, unable to feel guilt and remorse, and that she attended parties immediately after killing her daughter and seemed little affected by Caylee's disappearance -- further, they believe this diary entry reveals this abnormal behavior.

What do you see in her handwriting?

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The sample pictured (from the diary) seems considerably different than the newly released notes from jail. In jail she has really ramped up the bigness and the roundness. The uniformity is quite apparent--more so in the jail notes than the diary entry. The lack of flourish and printing makes me think that she has esteem problems. Everyone is keen on stating that she is childish and egocentric, but I see also draftmanship and amazing control . I have a sense that she would have some talent in visual arts.

Celeste Clark

* Every K is capitalized indicating a rebellious streaK.
* Missing i and j dots show carelessness.
* Dominant middle zone, life mostly about ego (as opposed to superego and id)
* Y loops indicate a large sexual appetite
* Unstable base line, unstable emotions (despite efforts to appear normal)
* Writing pace speeds up at the last paragraph: more emotional and less deliberate
* The vertical slant throughout most of the entry indicates a desire to control emotions
* Print capitalized I: individualist, her value system isn't influenced by society

Philip I


Thanks for this excellent experiment. I just took the handwriting course here so I don't know how good this is but, here goes.

First she writes with vertical slant so she is possibly keeping her emotions in check. The baseline of her writing (I know this was written on lined paper but...) goes up and down slightly so that should indicate she has fluctuations in her emotional state. Like she is slightly unstable. Next, the she writes pretty much the same in upper and lower regions -- middle -- so she is mostly concerned with physical or material things. The spaces between letters in words is larger than normal so she is self-confident, the spaces between words is large so she has problems dealing with other people. The overall size of her writing, kind of large, indicates that she is easily distracted. And finally, the rounded tops of m and n letters shows she is very smart. OK? How'd I do?

Brittney J.

I am not an expert in the field of handwriting analysis, but I did find the article very interesting and well done.

I will say, just from my own personal observance of the paragraph written by that Anthony individual. I am not going to refer to her as a "mother", just can't bring myself to do that. But, one thing that jumped out at me about the 19 line page she wrote, she made reference to herself 18 times! Without handwriting analysis, one can conclude this individual is extremely self-centered.


Well, I'm no expert analyst; it's just been an interest of mine. I totally agree how narcissistic she is with every reference to herself and how everything revolves around her happiness. She is overly confident, and seems pretty excited about her future. The rounded letters seem to indicate a immature and childish mentality, not a complex one. There is no fear, no regret in her writing. It's clear, concise, evenly spaced, with no sign of stress or pressure. The lack of any disturbance or upset is really disturbing, further showing her inability to feel guilt or remorse. How could anyone but a sociopath so calmly write about looking forward to fun and friends just days after murdering their baby? She truly believes that any decision she makes is the only one that is right, and anything that impedes or discourages her pleasure is a no-brainer....eliminate it. She had been thinking about it for awhile. She openly admits how unhappy she had been for a long time. One can only surmise that the reason for her sudden state is the removal of the reason. She is proud of herself, and believes that others should be impressed with her decision. Her only worry is that others might not see the facts as clearly and simply, and try to accuse or malign her.


I am no handwriting expert but let me share a few things from the little I have learned:

Writer is egotistic wanting all the attention. Casey pays attention to what she wants at present, not thinking of the consequences of her actions.

She has not dotted her lower case i's, j's except for one i, which means that person is extremely careless. If an analogy can be drawn to person's life, it means that the writer does not pay attention to key areas in her life.

Most lower zone letters have small loops which means that she has restricted her social circle to few friends.

Letter f signifies organization ability, should be in all three zones while in Casey's it is only in the upper & middle zone, not looped suggesting that she cannot plan or execute.

Casey has a domineering personality -note some of the t-bars dropping downwards with sharp endings. This means she has a strong desire to be in control of people, situations at whatever cost.

Lower case o's open in left side indicating greed, acquisitiveness to materialistic things. Casey uses little imagination -abstract as well as in the physical area which means that she is inflexible in her approach.

Personal pronoun I is a stick form indicating total aloofness in relating with her parents.


Bangalore, India

Negative traits: She writes mostly in the middle zone which means she is interested in the everyday mundane world. kind of a childishness.

She isn't a very giving person, rather selfish as shown by short cut off ending strokes.

She has some wide gaps between words, denoting that she can't get close to people. She writes mostly vertical, so she can act independently. She has a somewhat wavy baseline in spots meaning that her emotions are up and down.

submitted by tanialee, topolx@yxxxx

What stands out most to me are her upper and lower case 'I's'. The Uper case 'I' usually means how one sees oneself. In this case, to me, it means, 'self importance, ego centered and standing alone in life', no connection to mother or father. The lower case 'i' are not dotted nor are the j's. That usually means forgetfulness yet mixed with the uneven baseline I think it represents recklessness. I believe the sample was written last June (08') because there is a certain maturity to it than that of a teenagers writing eight years before as they tried to say it was from. The tightly closed loops mean secretiveness.

San Francisco

I first noticed that her letters are big and fat, denoting inflated self-worth and conceit. She also had many unfinished letters, such as I's, T's, and S's. She mainly writes in the middle region with her T's, H's and lowercase M's all the same size, meaning she thinks about the here and now, she probably has a shallow personality. It may also mean that she's getting the business of the entry out of the way so she can get to what she really wants to say. She's also rather erratic, but not in a very noticeable way, which is indicative of a Sociopath. Some of her words are spaced widely, while others are average. Some O's are completed, some aren't. She has no sense of self, because her I's are straight lines, like printing. They are singled out. Alone. Aloof. While the rest of her writing is flowing. So she projects a certain attitude, while not actually owning it.

Notice, after she talks about finding good people, and her being finally happy, her Y's become very long and fat. She's found a sexual interest in somebody. Her entry begins with a vertical slant, but somewhere in the mid- to end, it has a slight right slant to it, indicating she's following her heart now. And her handwriting at the very end is a bit more rushed/erratic.

That's just what I picked up. I could be wrong.

Keri B>

Casey's slant is slightly inclined to the right in many key words (no regrets, happiness, friends, surrounded, finally happy, doesn't change, etc.). Slightly inclined to the right means expression of real emotions and oriented toward the future. However, her slant is overly controlled to stay more vertical (worried, I, completely, judgement, made, to know, future will hold for me, guess, etc.) in the majority of her writing. Vertical writing means suppression of real emotion, complete emotional self-control, undemonstrative, detached, cautious, independent. Now consider those words again.

Even when Casey wrote on a lined paper, you can see the ups and downs in her baseline (I have no regrets, justifies, what the future, I will soon see). Erratic baselines indicate moodiness. Sometimes she writes with overly straight baseline completely trust my own judgement). That reveals excessive control to compensate for an inner fear of loss of control. Inside she feels one step away from losing it. There's a partial descension -- sudden sinking feeling associated with the word that suddenly fell down (words: decision, my happiness).

Crushed right margin (in words: means, time, will) is a WARNING sign. It means dangerous impulsiveness, people don't learn from mistakes, accident prone, don't plan ahead, do things that later regret. Narrow lower margin -- Casey delays the inevitable, she'so eager to express herelf that she feels it would take too much to turn the paper over.

Overly wide spaces between words means paranoia. Casey cannot get close to people; she's suspicious and apprehensive of the motives and intentions of others; she cannot get intimate. (Words before and after pronoun I; space between words: completely trust my, just hope, in a very long time, I’ve surrounded, finally happy.)

Overly narrow spaces between letters -- Casey is feeling uptight and narrow-minded, not open; she's in a tense posture.(Words: regrets, worried, just, completely, trust, own judgement, right, justifies, surrounded.

Hard to tell how heavy is the pressure, but the ink seems very clear so it may be heavy: Casey is feeling resolute, active, energetic, forceful or belligerent, as a dynamic person who seeks to impose her will on others. Key words are intense and aggressive. Moreover, the pressure seems to get lighter by the end of the note when she starts writing about her happiness.

Bigger to average size of letters: large -- Casey is extroverted and wants to be noticed by other people, the need for space in life. Average -- average ability to concentrate.

Casey has slow speed in writing, associated with lesser intelligence and guarded behavior. If adults with average intelligence write slowly, it is a sign of calculated responses.

Some of her lower zone letters (j's and y's) show predominant large loops (in words: just, okay, completely, very, my [happiness], really, myself, finally, happy). That means a big drive for the physical and material things.

Casey has dominating middle zone -- egotistical and immature like a child. She's concerned with outward appearances, self-centered, want instant gratification, and expect to be the center of attention.

Too many retraced upper loops (l's, t's, d's in words: worried, completely, judgement, made, decision, etc) means that Casey could be lying.

Casey has stabbed a's, d's and g's all over that page -- and stabs they show up in exactly the part of the writing where someone is lying. Words: made, that [the] end, what, happiest, have, a [very], long, happiness, made, that, happy, that, change. She's loosing it.

Casey shows a very dangerous trait: the maniac d -- it means maniacal behavior. It is a d that suddenly leans to the right and shows loss of mental and emotional control. It shows in words: worried, end, hold, friends, good.

Casey's pronoun I stands out as a single line -- her mind rules over her emotion. Within the context of this note, that's scary.

Interesting discoveries:

1. Considering that most of hr writing is connected, a few words appear "broken":

* the word future (the f is separate from the rest of the word)

* myself (written as my self).

* will (w separated from ill)

* see (s separated from ee)

* is

* I've

* friends (s is separated at the end)

Brokenness in words means fragmented thinking and the words where they happened are key words in her situation of being under investigation for a crime.

2. None of the i's seem to have been dotted -- either carelessness, low intelligence or defiance of society's rules.

I believe that I found several clues of Casey's selfishness, calculated behavior, lying, and fragmented thinking. How did I do?

the DC area

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