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Scientific Proof of Alien Abductions

One of the tenets of scientific proof is that a valid observable phenomenon can be predicted and repeated. I know, for example, that if I drop my cup of coffee it will fall to the floor and spill its contents. Although this has something to do with gravity, my intricate understanding of Newton's Laws is not necessary to prove that something is pulling the cup down when it is released.

Trying to scientifically prove the existence of extraterrestrial beings requires the same prediction and repetition but does not require an intimate understanding of their origins, purpose or significance.

The closest evidence that meets these standards was reported by John E. Mack, a Doctor of Psychiatry and a professor at Harvard University. Dr. Mack specialized in psychiatric problems associated with repressed memories, often from abused or neglected children, and developed a method for helping his patients unlock these painful memories, confront them and eventually move through the trauma.

In his practice, Dr. Mack encountered hundreds of cases where adults revealed, often under hypnosis, memories of being abducted by alien beings. At first these memories were thought to be substitutes for actual sexual or physical abuse, too painful to be recalled even in the hypnotic state. But then Dr. Mack noticed that the reports were all very similar and contained details of the appearance, actions and interactions of the small humanoids, their space vehicles and even the surgical utensils used in the physical examinations that were the central theme of these memories.

At the time of therapy, Dr. Mack's patients were not yet exposed to the plethora of movies and books that popularized the UFO phenomenon. In fact, his patients often knew nothing of these things and were quite taken back when they were exposed to their own recollections under hypnosis.

Eventually, Dr. Mack documented over 200 cases and published his findings in a book called Abduction. The book was published in 1994, the same year that the series X-Files appeared on American television. This focused attention of the phenomena, both good and bad, and put Dr. Mack in the world's spotlight regarding UFOs and alien abductions.

Unable to explain why these repressed memories were all quite similar, many summarily rejected his findings and subjected him to ridicule. Nevertheless, Dr. Mack's work chronicles the phenomenon which has become the archetypal abduction experience that continues to happen even today.

In summarizing his observations of the abduction experience, Dr. Mack wrote:

"I was faced with the choice of either trying to fit these individuals' reports in a framework that fit my worldview -- they were having fantasies, strange dreams, delusions or some other distortion of reality -- or of modifying my worldview to include the possibility that entities, beings, energies -- something -- could be reaching my clients from another realm. The first choice was compatible with my worldview, but it did not fit the clinical data. The second was inconsistent with my philosophical grounding, and with conventional assumptions about reality, but appeared to fit better what I was finding. It seemed to be more logical, and intellectually more honest to modify my cosmology than to continue trying to force my clients into molds that did not suit them."

The patterns or common elements that Dr. Mack observed in his patients' abduction memories can be described as: (1) medical and surgical procedures, often including an introduction of the abductee to alien/human hybrids; (2) the relaying of an ecological warning about the survival of the planet and the human species; (3) the initiation of a transforming, consciousness expanding phenomenon; (4) the eventual development of relationships with these beings. We will explore these elements with some real stories from abductees.

Medical and surgical procedures... why?

Many people have tried to equate the abduction procedures with our own system of tagging endangered species in the wild. Others have described the abductions as the normal activity one might expect when an alien race encounters a different species, on a different world. But the fact that physical exams have been going on now for many decades seems to suggest something other than benevolent protection or scientific curiosity. The systematic abductions of the same individuals over their entire lifespan is indicative of some larger agenda, perhaps even one which we are not prepared to accept.

Having studied the abduction phenomenon for over 35 years, Temple University professor David Jacobs, Ph.D., the author of the highly regarded books The UFO Controversy In America and Secret Life, has come to regard the abductions as a means to breed hybrids (beings which are part human, part alien) in an attempt to replace our human population on Earth. He is somewhat apologetic about his conclusion and realizes how outrageous it sounds -- especially to those with little or no knowledge about the aliens or the abduction phenomenon.

"I've been involved with UFO research for about 35 years now, since about 1965, and I have never been downcast or depressed about the phenomenon. I have never been pessimistic about it. I've always been filled with wonder and awe and amazement at it. I've been enthusiastic and optimistic about it.

"But I must say that now that I've learned as much as I have learned, and I think I've learned an awful lot, I am very, very unsettled and upset by what I see. I don't like what I see. I wish I didn't see this. I wish I hadn't uncovered this. I despair of it. It's thrown me into a tremendous sense of concern about the future and unease. I just don't like it very much. I wish I did. I don't want to be this way. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news. I could not have ever imagined that I would come to this position. What I'm seeing now, what I've found with the phenomenon, I could never have imagined."

According to Dr. Jacobs, the program is huge and spans a tremendous amount of time. It's done slowly and carefully to remain clandestine. However, the duration only seems long to humans, with a lifespan of 80 years. Aliens presumably live much longer and have more patience and time to reach their eventual goal. And that goal, according to abduction experts, is to take over our planet, replacing homo sapiens with a hybrid race.

A typical abduction/breeding procedure

Michele was four years old when she remembers seeing the "face" that frightened her. Her parents thought she was having nightmares. Michele remembers a face with big eyes that would frighten her so much that she couldn't move. She would "wake up" to find herself in her bedroom, surrounded by something that felt like an invisible solid wall, at which point she would become hysterical. When her parents came to her she was unable to explain what had happened and could only tell them about the "face". Naturally, they thought it was a bad dream.

When she was a little older she began playing "doctor" with various kitchen utensils, pretending they were surgical instruments. Her playmates were often made to undress and play "check up". This abruptly ended when her parents learned of this odd behavior and suspected that she might have been molested by someone in the neighborhood. They couldn't imagine how their eight year old could have been exposed to this behavior.

Michele once was "missing" and returned home late from high school. Her friends told her parents that she would sometimes insist on walking home alone through a remote wooded area. This caused concern that she had had an accident or met with foul play. She eventually returned in a dazed and confused state leading her parents to think that she might have been experimenting with drugs. They took her to a doctor but there was no evidence of any medication in her system. Instead, the physician found raised, reddish, triangular patches on both arms. Michele was unable to explain how she got these marks.

In her senior year of high school, Michele remembers that one of her friends became pregnant and left school to care for her infant at home. When Michele first saw the baby she became hysterical -- so much so that her mother had to come and get her. It was then that she started "remembering things."

Michele remembers feeling that she, too, had a baby. This was foolish, of course, since she had not even dated a boy. But she began to believe this more and more. A year earlier she had suddenly stopped having her period and thought nothing of it. Several months later she recalled having a bloody discharge that initially scared her, but she kept it to herself. Later her regular period returned. It made no sense to her, but the idea of having had a baby persisted.

She began to "see" mental vignettes which she described as "like scenes from a movie trailer" where she was being shown an infant which was then taken away from her. The emotion she felt when recalling these memories was so strong she would start to cry. Eventually she became obsessed with the memories and confided in her parents. They then sought psychiatric help for her.

Under hypnosis, her therapist sought to revive the truth of what happened to her in her younger years. It is common for girls to repress things like a rape or sexual abuse. But when she began to recall the on-going events in her life it was obvious that something more extraordinary was happening.

"There was a small person I call the 'face' because his face used to scare me. He had big eyes and was really skinny. But he talked to me -- I mean he could send me thoughts -- and he would tell me that I would be ok and that I was special. There were other small people who would do things to me but always the 'face' would be with me and tell me that no one was going to hurt me. They would put me on some kind of bed or table and then they would touch me with instruments like in an operation. I don't remember getting hurt but I was afraid. Some times I would be in a small room and I would see the 'face' and I would suddenly know what was going to happen, like I had done that before. I think it has happened many times."

When she was asked to recall her memories about the baby, Michele got very emotional.

"One time the 'face' took me to a different place. It was much bigger than the room with the bed. It was like a waiting room with chairs. Then another small person came into the room -- she looked more like a person, but had different eyes -- and she held a small baby girl and showed it to me. It was a beautiful baby girl. I asked if I could hold her and the person with the baby looked, as if to ask permission from the 'face' and the answer was no -- but they held her close to me so I could touch her and she grabbed one of my fingers. She looked like she was sick or something. Then the being took her away.

I remember I started to cry when they took her away but the 'face' told me that I would see her again. I kind of knew it was my baby but I didn't remember ever having a baby. It was confusing. The 'face' said that I would understand some day.

He once made me look at his face, which was horrible. When I looked at his big eyes it was like watching television. I had a movie inside my head and the earth was on fire and lots of people were dead. I didn't understand why he made me see such sad things."

Michele is now in her mid-30s, married and has children of her own. Her youngest daughter, now 7 years old, knows nothing about Michele's past and yet has started to exhibit similar behavior, suggesting that she is also being abducted. Abduction experts say that it is common for aliens to be interested in specific genetic lines.

Michele is at an impasse now, not knowing whether to discuss such things with her young daughter for fear of traumatizing her. Michele also believes that her own abductions are continuing. She often finds herself "waking up" in different rooms of her home, or outside, with no memory of having intentionally walked there.

The abduction procedure

  • Abducteed can be any age and in any environment when they are abducted. Typically they are rendered imobile by some type of telepathic process and then moved to a waiting vehicle which is nearby.
  • When the abductee is secure in the alien vehicle, their clothes are usually removed in a separate chamber before being moved into the examination room.
  • The abductee is made to lie down on a table. There is often a "handler" -- a being with whom the abductee is familiar -- who assures them that everything is ok, no harm will come to them and that they are "special".
  • The "exam" usually starts with an alien who places hands on the abductees body. Many report that they feel very uncomfortable when this happens. Then other beings approach the table and begin poking and scraping the skin with various instruments. The focus of the aliens appears to be on the health of the abductee and their sexual organs. Many males report that an apparatus is placed on their penis and they are stimulated to ejaculate, at which time their sperm is collected. Women (and girls) report that they are often subjected to invasive procedures during which eggs are taken or, in some cases, actual fetuses are implanted or removed.
  • Before being released, some female abductees report being shown infants and asked to interact with them. Others have reported seeing what can be described as "hybrids" who look human-like and can be of varying ages from toddlers to teenage in appearance. Often abductees are shown "movies" on a screen or have scenes projected in their mind. The scenes can be of ordinary life (barbecues, playing in the park) or, more often than not, depict tragedies and disasters in which many people are killed.
  • The abductee is brought back to the first chamber where they are dressed and then transported back to the site of their initial abduction.
  • Within seconds of being returned to their initial abduction site, the abductees awaken and remember nothing that has just happened to them.

Th abduction phenomenon is a traumatic one and usually is not welcomed by the abductee. It is rare to have a real abduction victim consider themselves "lucky" or "special". Instead they live with a secret they cannot share with others and the constant fear that they can be taken by aliens at any time and subjected to intimate and invasive procedures without understanding the purpose or nature of the abductions.

Alien Agenda

It's looking more and more like the ultimate plan of the aliens is to create a hybrid species that can adapt to the climate and environment of our planet. Specifically, the alien hybrids are being designed to appear more human like and there is evidence from various encounters that some hybrids are already living among us now and successfully manipulating science and culture in preparation for their eventual take over of the planet.

I know this sounds like science fiction, but it fits logically with what has been observed. Abductees report that hybrids look very human like except for their eyes, and often report that hybrids wear colored contact lenses to remedy this anomaly.

So the big question is, why are they secretly creating hybrids and what are their intentions?

Dr. Jacobs explored this issue in a recent interview on godlike productions radio and painted a dismal picture of the future of humanity which he derived from the changing nature of his patients' abduction regression sessions. Abductees report seeing hybrid toddlers, teens and even adults who so closely resemble humans that they are now apparently living among us.

In some amazing stories, abductees are shown movies where people are standing in line, walking down streets or having a picnic. The alien being then asks them if they can tell if the people in these movies are real humans or hybrids. Apparently other abductees have been made to teach hybrids and explain how to behave like a human and to understand various aspects of human culture.

In one amazing story, an abductee reported being made to drive two alien hybrids to an apartment complex where he was taken inside an apartment unit and made to arrange newly purchased furniture in a manner consistent with human living. He reported that the hybrids had absolutely no idea where a kitchen table, bed, sofa or pillows should be placed.

Dr. Jacob has spent 35 years studying the abduction phenomenon and has regressed hundreds of abductees. He feels certain that the intentions of the aliens is to build a critical mass of hybrids and then, when they are ready, a "trigger event" will disable our infrastructure and culture, allowing the hybrids to initiate their planned takeover of the planet.

Yes, it does sound a bit woo-woo... but the evidence seems to support this idea. The projected visions of an earthly catastrophe, increasingly shown to abductees before their release, appears connected to the trigger event and Dr. Jacobs believes that this should happen relatively soon.  

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