Brain wave synchronization is hardly a new technology. Mind machines, audio tapes, and other devices have been floating around for years. Each technique has its strengths and weaknesses. The benefits of these devices are wide in range. Some people use them to relax or fall asleep, while others use the practice of controlling their brain waves to aid in meditation or lucid dreaming. One utilization of the technology is grossly ignored. With proper use, this same technology can give us the ability to tap in to the Universal Field of Pure Creativity-- a state of Creative Silence-- and manifest any desire we have in our lives.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Most people will agree, at first, that it seems impossible. Here's why.

There's an incredible and diabolically hideous myth out there that "Life Happens TO Us." This myth dictates that all of the circumstances of our life and our habitual reactions to these circumstances are "just how things are...," and beyond our control.

This is an easy myth to believe because, for the most part, it is what we are taught throughout our lives. It's what some psychologists call our "belief system." Our whole belief system is learned from other people. Parents, teachers and friends share their beliefs with us. We trust them, and because of this trust, their beliefs become our beliefs. Often we may have no experiential knowledge of these alleged "truths" about life.

Racism and cultural biases are negative products of this belief system. Yet, these elements can be easily changed through experiences of life and growth of intellect. On a more personal level, what we believe about ourselves is also taught to us by other people, yet changes to this fundamental self-image can be more difficult. We are labeled as happy, depressive, angry, moody, funny, serious, etc. Such ideas can be established very early in life, and we find it very easy to just accept these labels as "who we are."

If everyone around you is telling you that you are the best person since Santa Claus, then you might want to leave your belief system just the way it is. Not all of us are that lucky. If you feel that your emotions are actually inhibiting your ability to be happy and to live a life full of satisfaction, you should consider changing some of the content of your belief system. Brain Synchronization is one way to do this.

Our Realities Originate in the Brain

It's necessary to take a step back and look at some basic biological, if not spiritual truths. We create our own realities on every level-- emotional, physical, financial, social, or otherwise.

The Brain is often thought of as a complex, electrically driven organ that works like an incredibly powerful computer. While this a good analogy, the brain is much more than that. It actually gives us access to the entire Universe. This vast collection of energy, vibrating and pulsating at various frequencies, is "decoded" for us through the brain. Every aspect of our reality is simulated within the brain to represent what our senses (plus our imagination) know of the Universe around us. The experiences of our senses (color, sense of touch, smell, sound...) are actually an elaborate illusion-- a method by which we have agreed to interpret our surroundings.

The entire Universe is made up of energies that, in and of themselves, are without form or substance. Solid material is, on the sub-atomic level, mostly empty space with particles of energy and electromagnetic fields. It is only the software (i.e. our "belief systems") running in our own brain that gives meaning to this Universe. Our belief system determines how we interpret what we see, hear, taste, smell, and feel. Our emotional reactions and attitudes towards such things as ESP, and other unusual phenomenon are also subject to these learned belief systems.

An important concept to understand is that we are not at the mercy of our current belief system. If we are to live lives of pure satisfaction, if we are to have the experience of manifesting our every desire and to live emotionally satisfying lives, we must understand that there is a higher source of energy over which we have direct control and that we can use this energy to influence how the brain works. Access to this higher energy is made available through specific brain wave patterns. With practice, attaining these brain wave states, while seeking to broaden and change our belief systems, can yield apparent "magical" results. These changes can best be seen in our emotions and our feelings.

What IS Emotion?

Emotion is just one of millions of interpretations and reactions to the universe that we experience every day of our lives. It is no more complicated than that. We decode grass as "green." We might interpret death as "sad" or certain situations as "hopeless." We have learned to interpret certain events and to respond to these events with certain emotions. Many of these emotions, such as fear, are beneficial in events perceived as life threatening, but can be an obstacle to life if they arise without due cause. This sort of "glitch" that impedes our happiness is rooted in our belief system.

Grass is not inherently green by some Universal Law. We, as a species, have simply agreed that the color of grass is a color that we will all call green. As part of a shared "belief system," our brain automatically decodes the color of grass as green. It is an effortless event and one we take for granted as reality.

Imagine that you have just put on a pair of colored sunglasses. At first, everything appears tinted and the normal hues of all colors are seen as different. Eventually, however, we become adjusted to these tints and readily call the grass green, the sky blue and a flower red-- even though these are not the colors our eyes are viewing. This is an example of how strong our belief system can persist as our "reality."

If a number of people, each wearing different colored glasses, can eventually adjust their perception and agree to see the color of grass as "green," despite the fact that each is viewing the grass through a tinted filter, then what is the "truth" about the properties of this color? This leads to a glaring observation about truth: There is no TRUTH about any given situation. We as individuals interpret-- or to put it a better way-- chose the truth about every situation we encounter. Whether we do it consciously or not is unimportant. It is simply enough to realize-- to FULLY understand-- that everything we consider as truth or fact is no more than our interpretation of an event based largely upon our learned belief system.

To be able to re-learn these emotional responses and change our realities, we must gain direct access to our belief system and make some changes. You can think of it as "upgrading" your belief system to a version of beliefs that will make you a happier person. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is in a particular level of consciousness sometimes called the Creative Silence.

Creative Silence refers to a stage of brain activity during which we can most effectively confront and improve our belief system and the visualization of the Universe. It is a stage of brain activity that can be induced and, with instruction, can be used to overcome and undo harmful, deep-rooted beliefs about our own character, abilities and potentials. In technical terms, this is associated with the Theta Waves. Accessing these states can be learned through meditation techniques and biofeedback-- or they can be induced by external stimuli through either audio or visual input. The latter is what we do in brainwave synchronization. The main advantage of using brainwave synchronization over other techniques to achieve this Creative Silence, is that it's effortless. In actuality, brainwave synchronization, as is discussed here, acts as a sort of short-cut to a meditative state.

The practice of meditation is a very powerful tool in the process of any type of reality creation or change. Because we all lead busy lives, and have little time for lengthy protocols, mantras, or to sit still for long periods of time, the Flightwaves CDs, and other brain wave synchronization technologies, make this as easy as putting on a pair of headphones or wearing a pair of goggles.

Whether you chose to learn the art and science of meditation, or attempt to make changes through brainwave synchronization technologies, some guidelines and tips will help to make your adventure in this Creative Silence more effective and rewarding. The following are some important facts that experienced synchronizers share, along with some serious admonitions.


Flightwaves has chosen brain wave synchronization as our primary technique of entering the Creative Silence necessary to make real and lasting change in our lives, both in the physical and non-physical realms. The Flightwaves CDs induce a very specific state of consciousness, thus guiding the listener into a thought-less field of pure creative possibilities. While we obviously promote use of our CDs to induce this state, there are several brain wave synchronization technologies on the market. If you know what you're doing, many of these products can be used to produce these states as well.

Without getting into meticulous detail, it's important to communicate the basic premise of brain wave synchronization.

All of our various states of consciousness are associated with a very specific brain wave pattern that we emit while in these states. The four brain wave patterns most frequently discussed are beta, theta, alpha, and delta.

Beta Waves

The most rapid brain waves, beta waves, range in frequency from 14 cycles per second (14 Hertz, or Hz) to more than 100 Hz. We are in a normal waking state, eyes open, focusing on the world outside ourselves or dealing with concrete, specific problems, beta (particularly those between 14 and 40 Hz) are the dominant and powerful waves in the brain. Beta waves are associated with alertness, arousal, concentration, cognition, and- at excessive levels- anxiety.

Alpha Waves

As we close our eyes and become more relaxed, passive, or unfocused, brain wave activity slows down, and we produce bursts of alpha waves. These range in frequency from about 8 to 13 Hz. If we become quite relaxed and mentally unfocused, alpha waves become dominant throughout the brain, producing a calm and pleasant sensation called the alpha state. The alpha state seems to be the brain's 'neutral' or idling state, and people who are healthy and not under stress tend to produce a lot of alpha activity. Lack of significant alpha activity can be a sign of anxiety, stress, brain damage, or illness.

Theta Waves

As calmness and relaxation deepen into drowsiness, the brain shifts to slower, more powerfully rhythmic theta waves. Theta waves have a frequency range of about 4 to 8 Hz. Theta has been called the twilight state, between waking and sleep. It's often accompanied by unexpected, dreamlike mental images. Often these images are accompanied by vivid memories, particularly childhood memories. Theta offers access to unconscious material, reveries, association, sudden insight, and creative ideas. This is a key state in the practice of reality creation. The Flightwaves CDs combine theta waves with both delta and alpha waves to produce an optimum effect.

Delta Waves

As we fall asleep the dominant brain waves become delta, which are even slower than theta, in the frequency range below 4 Hz. When most of us are in the delta state, we're either asleep or otherwise unconscious. This seems to be associated with certain deep trance-like or "non-physical" states.

Editors note: The delta wave state has also been implicated in such phenomenon as "remote viewing" and other paranormal states. For more information on this subject, see our recent feature on Remote Viewing in our archives section.


Bob Doyle is the founder of Flightwaves, a company with the sole purpose of teaching people how to utilize the techniques touched upon in this article for the fulfillment of any desire imaginable. Flightwaves feels that it is vitally important that human beings "remember" their own natural wizardry. They strongly believe that much of this inherent human ability has been forgotten over the past several thousand years. Flightwaves has created the Flightwaves CDs which use Brainwave Synchronization to swiftly and effortlessly take listeners into that ultimately Creative Silence in which all desires begin to manifest.

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