Checking Out (Of) The Asylum

by Juan von Trillion

Warming Up

Just like most of you, I have enjoyed the articles on this website very much. Not only have I en-joyed them, they have often brought some sort of decanting effect with them. The amazing complexity and confusion of this world we live in can be overwhelming -- just read the headings on this website for ten seconds. You also know that investigating certain topics can be an extremely dangerous activity if you have read Dan Eden’s "The Never Ending" ebook, available on this website.

It would be most interesting to meet the people in person that congregate at watering holes like this one, and a handful of others. Most of you are probably looking for answers, or at least for some additional pieces of the Big Puzzle. While we are experiencing a shocking decay of Life and Business as Usual, we are more and better informed than any self-selected group of people in the (known) history of Terra. Most of us here are better informed than all the Lodge members clumped together into one big heap. Because they admittedly fool and deceive their own members, that's why. It would be less obnoxious if the consequences were not so significant.



Post-Katrina mess -- but it could be much worse

But while here in this zone we are slowly coming to terms with alien visitations and genetic manipulations and gold confiscations and other major obfuscations, understanding our consciousness as light working with DNA somehow, unmasking the Poop Cult of The Powers That Be for what it is, and figuring out more and more aspects of this often irritating Whole Sort Of General Mishmash ... some of you must have the feeling that time is rather limited. And it is.

Time for being able to live life in the most fulfilling way. We have all heard about living your day as if it were your last one. Perhaps your last days are not coming, but the time after which you will not recognize life as you know it is certainly just around the corner. It is not about December 21, 2012. It is about getting there in the first place. Less than nine hundred days away.



Running the Facts

No, it is not about surviving 2012 or any such catchy phrase. Forget about the long count Mayan calendar, forget about anything related to doomsday "prophecies". Focus on the doomsday news. Being an awake(ned) participant in this weird human experience we call life, you know how bad things are without any ancient culture's calendar, thank you very much. And the Mayans are not the only ones with 2012 in their crosshairs. But then, they may be off by 220 or so years because the dates were translated incorrectly. Hey, you had me scared there for a moment.



Confused? Me, yes. Here is a graphic with a bigger picture, and it does not include the Web Bot or the Timewave Zero derived from the I Ching by the late great Terence McKenna. Or remote viewers hitting a wall before December 2012.



Sorry if you don't really want to be reminded of this, but ... things are not looking good if you live in one of those so-called industrial societies in the northern hemisphere. Your job, your money, your freedom, your sanity, your health, your humanity and dignity, it is all being deconstructed, eliminated and reposessed at increasing speed. You need to get out of harm's way after you realize this situation to its full extent. Do you really think that World War Three is just a scary concept? Have you not read Albert Pike’s letter to Guiseppe Mazzini, a Dimluminati chat? Are you going to take the fetal position once it hits home, your home?



Lucky Africans going home, or oil-soaked people fleeing? Just kidding.

This will not be better next month or next year, it will be worse by most standards. You have to be a brain amputee to believe that things will just get better, somehow, for some reason, eventually, with a new prez perhaps? Perhaps, likely, they will get better, but only after they get much worse.

If there isn't going to be some really large event, catastrophic or not, but essentially, a big flush of the toilet this planet has partly become because of some psychopathic, hereditary, inbred, inhuman and possibly led by an un-human group of people you would not leave alone with your chicken, then we really have a serious problem. And that means "us" in general, not just our sorry individual ass. Remember, you are not only here because your parents had intercourse, you are also the current front line of human generations. That means, you are the latest model of 200, 250, 290 thousand years of human devolution. Yes, devolution.

Your ancestors did not drop the ball, and ... there you are. Sitting like a duck in the water, ready to get blown out of it. When the horse manure hits the fan (or duck), you will not be able to just fly away, quack quaaack.

Fortunately, the planet earth is a big place, and you have options. You have the power to choose a better place to live. It will involve one huge decision, and many smaller actions, both mental and physical, none of them with much time for rehearsals. But it can be done. People do it all the time. Some people. If you have some means and put yourself fully to the task, you can turn your life around by relocating to a sane place. Not paradise, but close to it. And doing so, having good information beforehand has helped pretty much everybody who has done it.

Facing the Answer

The place where you are reading this is a very special zone. I found it quite late, and I don't really know why, because my information intake appetite has always been voracious. What is out there on the web that has good data in varying densities, subjects, in detail and in synthesis, I thought I knew where it was, pretty much. And since I have a clue or two about the traffic into this special zone, you can be assured that you are not a lone loner here. You are Juan in a million.

This concept has at least two meanings. Sorry to plaster it into your face, but we really want to be on the same page here:

First: you are a "minority", one in a hundred thousand, one in a million, taken globally (and only within the group of online english-reading humans) in that you have stepped out, or at least do so occasionally, of the mainstream cultural paradigms. Such as.

  • The mass media (less massive by the day, the soon "dot.gone")
  • The politickal-congressional-industrial-military-petroleum-pedophile-pharmaceutical cabal as designed, implemented and run by you-know-who/it'
  • The un-natural and highly explosive and dangerous living environment that is any large city or town in a country where almost anything can be deployed in little time, affecting you directly. Such as viruses from small spraying planes in Austria, ballistic nastiness from pretty much anywhere, insta-collapse via banking "holiday" (on ice), moron nazified dimwits checking your trash bin and writing tickets, and you can add what comes to your mind right here.



The frog that has been sitting inside the pot, on the lit stove, is now pretty hot. But does not remember what it was like some time back, though something is definitely not quite right. The frog is you, José. No way, you say? You are essentially living in an asylum, which is not as bad as it sounds, however: someone is going to light up the asylum, and the toolbox to do it is well-sorted, and what is worse, the exit doors are chained shut.

And second: you are one of a million people who come to this place regularly, and we won't say in what timeframe to not spoil the low-key attitude, and not wake up the bad dogs. That is quite a lot you may say, but then, this is a global zone, inhabited by a network of curious people, and I mean this in both ways: curious as people individually, and curious about other things, and I don't mean checking facebook. Some of you frogs may want to jump out of the hot pot, and soonly.



If you want to move to a truly sane place to continue your experience of being a human under better conditions while not really missing any of the basics that you absolutely need, and if you are potentially serious about it, you found a good place here.

Because I have done it. I left a long time ago, worked for a decade to help others relocate, and I can and want to help you get the information you must have to first make up your mind, and then pack up and leave. It is not a piece of cake and it is not for free. You are supposed to be able to read between the lines, and sloppy thinking will not cut it. This is not a business ad. You are self-selected in the first place, and then selected again. That is how it is.

Have you got a clue? Because good intentions are not enough

Do you? Have you traveled outside your native country long enough to actually feel the difference, or lived in at least two countries? Could you make it permanent, at least for a while? Yes, it is an oxymoron. Are you able to raise the funds? In other words, are you willing and able to haul ass? That's the very basic kit you need. Many of you will qualify, very few will actually do the next step. Because it is the next thing, and this is not a stampede. It will most certainly become one, but by then, the gates will be closed, or burned, or under water, or crumbled, with no planes on the runways [insert sheep herd audio recording here].

As said before: Juan in a million, or 0.000001% (approximately, don't nail me down with this). You can get some initial information here and take it from there. Make sure you introduce yourself and make your words count. Speak frankly and respectfully like you want to be spoken to. This is not like filling out a form. You will be "judged" solely by your human intelligence, decency and eloquence. It is the first good bit of information you absolutely will need to get serious about relocation to the southern hemisphere, a sane place you most likely never knew existed. Not like this.

You can get in touch with me here:

Checking Out Info

Juan von Trillion

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