Internet Pornography is a VERY REAL DANGER!

Be aware of the mental, emotional and even physical dangers of internet pornography. Read what you should do if you begin to feel you are addicted.

Some excellent and frank advice for everyone...

Here are some facts you should know:
* There are 420,000,000 pages of pornography on the internet.

* There are 4,200,000 pornographic websites.

* There are 68,000,000 search engine requests for porn every day!

My name is Pete and I am an addict.

No, not to alcohol. I never had that problem. But I did have an addiction to crack cocaine. I will always have some part of my brain that "wakes up" to the smell of crack, the sight of someone smoking it or if I am ever offered a chance to buy or use it. That's the reality of addiction. It never goes away. There is no cure.

But this new addiction I have is much worse. I am addicted to pornography.

Lot's of you think that it's not possible to be addicted to something like pornography. You probably think it's like someone saying they are "addicted" to coffee -- got to have a cup every morning. But it's not. It's very different.

Coffee doesn't ruin your life and the lives of people around you. It doesn't make you take extreme risks or spend money that you don't have. It doesn't make you feel bad about yourself and deflate your self-worth. But pornography does all of this in spades.

I'm going to reprint an article that I read on the internet today. It was written by a man who was addicted to porn. His story is so typical of porn addiction that I think just about any honest male can relate to it. And it makes you realize how you may be short-changing your own happiness by becoming an obstacle to things like love and respect of your mate, and of yourself.

But first I have a little story of my own to tell.

In the local newspaper there was a story last week about a Town Selectman who was arrested for possession of child pornography. He had a good business in town, a political future and was by all standards a good family man and church-goer.

Child pornography is certainly what most people would call the "bottom of the barrel" when it comes to sexual crimes. There are stiff fines and years of imprisonment for a conviction. You might as well throw your life down the toilet. And it doesn't end there. In prison, even the murderers and sadists have a moral code that draws the line when it comes to "short eyes." Often the years of imprisonment for a conviction of child pornography or child rape will be served in solitary confinement lest the other prisoners act out their own form of final justice.

So, knowing this, why would a respectable man collect child pornography? We might ask the same question about crack cocaine or crystal meth. Why start on this destructive road to hell?

Viewzone ran an article on pedophilia (see Why do people hurt children?) in which they suggested that there were things in a person's childhood that pre-disposed them to find children sexually attractive. I disagree with this theory. But later on the article showed how advertising, movies, fashion and our entire culture uses this archetype of the "sexualized child" to influence our appetite. They make us curious.

Just this past month on CNN's Headline News there was a story of a 7-year old girl in Brazil who was chosen to be the Marti Gras Samba Queen and dance in the annual parade. This seemed innocent enough but the news media immediately seized the story and made a "loop" of the little girl dancing and kept referring to it as a "sexual dance." Despite asking for comments from viewers (many who did not "get it") the commentator injected his views that this was a sexual thing and showed the loop continually for hours and hours.

Ironically in the video, the Brazilian people in the audience were smiling and obviously thought the girl was "cute" -- but not sexual. Who (besides the commentator) would think that?

When CNN asked the little girl's father about this he said, "Any one who gets excited about a little girl dancing should get their head checked by a doctor!"

The double standard of exploitation and condemnation of the exploitation is obvious. So is Britney Spears wearing pigtails and a Catholic schoolgirl outfit in her music video or the many hour-long TV specials about "teen sexting." The media know what they are pandering to and how to stimulate our appetites for these kinds of things.

It's all around us. So it is understandable that a respectable man, sitting alone in front of his computer, might click on a link that he shouldn't. And if this link brings him to the dark world of child pornography, an appetite which has already been stimulated, he will be hooked. Rationality will dissolve. The descent into the dark world will begin.

If you are reading this and nothing makes sense to you then you have been blessed, or lucky. The pornography business on the internet has grown exponentially over the past few years. You will not believe the things that you (and your kids) can see for free. I'd list them here but they are too depraved to even write about. And the depravity continues to out-do itself because the addict always needs more and more stimulation.

I know the editor at Viewzone quite well. Gary recently called me because he was upset over a link that a reader had sent to him, asking if he could bring the public's attention to the matter. The link was to a free porn site -- something that you or your kids could easily access -- and contained a video of a young girl lying on a bed and being raped by a man. Suddenly another woman appeared in the movie with a large cleaver and hacked the struggling girls foot off! Then, not to be outdone, the man gouged the unconscious girl's eyeball from her socket with his finger and cut off her tongue. Yes, it's gotten THAT BAD!

According to statistics published in last week's report on the sexualisation of children, a quarter of all search engine requests are porn related, and 1.5 per cent of all the websites in existence are pornographic.

Only 37 per cent of parents have set up any parental controls on their teenagers' computers. Type the words 'sex pictures' into the popular search engine and it returns 83 million results in less than one-tenth of a second.

What can we do about this? I am going to post some good comments I found on the internet for all to read. It pretty much says it all. I hope you will pass this along to others who may need this information. You may not know they have a problem -- it's not obvious. But they will thank you.

Readers Comments:


I found a load of VHS and BetaMax tapes hidden in my father's hiding place way back in 1982 when I was 11 years old.

A plastic carrier bag from a local supermarket was pushed on top of a water tank in a cupboard upstairs at home. I was curious to see what was inside and so climbed up onto a chair and took the bag down to examine the contents. I remember seeing VHS and Betamax tapes (We didn't have a Betamax) and wondering why they were hidden in the cupboard.

When I pushed that first video tape into the VHS top loader and pressed the play button I could not believe my eyes! Real women showing their private parts up close and having sex. They looked amazing and even though much older than me. (They were most likely teens, 18 years plus) I found myself overwhelmed with sexual excitement. Feelings that I had never experienced began to rush through my body and I came in a few minutes. That was it, I was instantly addicted to porn!

Fast forward to my years as a teenager and I managed to get a date with the high school queen. She was not bad looking but "made out" wuth anyone she thought was okay and fun to hang around with after school. As you can imagine, she had a lot of boys wanting to be her friend. I remember that she couldn't believe what I could do with her and for that reason we were a couple for a long time. I just did what I had seen the men on the videos doing and she liked it a lot. I feel pretty bad about that now.

Once you start, pornography can take over your life

From that time I went through my late teens and right up to my mid thirties sleeping with as many good looking women as possible to fuel my craving from all the pornography I was watching. I was a DJ at a nightclub and this was perfect for picking up very pretty looking girls who were high on drugs or alcohol and wanting to come home with me.

I would meet a girl at a nightclub, take her home and then return a few hours later to do the same thing with a 'fresh' woman. I lost count of my partners years ago and it is very sad to realize that I am really (this is hard to admit) still stuck inside the porn illusion. For all the women I slept with, I don't think that I could ever have got to know any of them and if they showed any interest, I would run a mile.

It was full of desire and all I wanted from them was sex and that was all. I filmed them, photographed them, slept with two at a time and all sorts of my darkest desires were catered for during my height of conquests. I met some of the kinkiest women you can imagine and also some very nice sweet girls who were looking for a long term relationship; sorry for those girls.

No matter how much they satisfied me, I would often switch on my VHS video player and watch porno soon after they had left. Can you imagine this! A gorgeous woman has just let me make love to her and then as soon as she's out the door I'm watching porn? crazy!!

When you see porn you don't see the abuse and sadness that goes on behind the scenes. These girls are very pretty for most parts and even some of the not so good looking ones may have something appealing about them. There is no way to get a fix and even when you bookmark your favorite movie a few days, or even hours later, you are looking for a fresh one. You can NEVER get a fix from this stuff. It sits in your mind and all day long and it taps your sub conscious and tells you to look at more.

Satan the cause?

It isn't and will never be better than a real woman, but like drugs it traps you in a place that you can't leave without help and very strong willpower. It is seductive and I really believe that it is from Satan.

This may sound crazy but I do honestly believe that Satan has control of this and through his channels he promotes this addictive and very destructive poison through the illuminati elite class. It is a great way to control you and promote a society that looks at marriage as something for the weak. Be a man and abuse women... thats's what they want you to do. That way the family unit is destroyed and Satan can manipulate his workers into the perfect controlled world that he is getting closer to each hour of the day; with the help of our so called leaders.

Porn addiction has been a real problem for me and I imagine it is a serious and very damaging problem for millions of other teens, male and female, throughout the modern world. I run my own business here in the UK but so many times I get up early to start work and switch the computer on; then I am straight onto a porn site. Bad Jo Jo, Porn Rabbit, you name it, there are thousands of these damn 'Tube' sites. Before I know it half the day has gone by. Great way to run a business!

It is now so bad that every time I look at my computer I start to think about sex and sometimes can't wait to get home to look for a fresh 'fix'. I have a girlfriend (for the first time ever) who is very pretty but even so I often go to bed after her and will turn on my computer.

This is only going to explode and will become much worse than it is now. You can't go anywhere near a mobile phone or the Internet without some sex related material on display and if you say to someone that it will screw them up they think you're old fashioned or weird. I am not a hypocrite and never slam anyone for doing what i do; that would be self righteous and I just hate that sort of person.

Change you life now!

All I can say is this; If you are starting to like porn movies and have a bit of a habit developing, stop right now. You will seriously mess yourself up. Emotionally you won't be able to bond with a partner (Well, not properly) and if the addiction is very strong you will never lose the desire to watch it whenever you get the chance. You will spend hours of your life addicted and will waste loads of time on your own looking at a computer monitor in search of that never achievable fix.

It is very depressing and can, I believe, lead to mental health issues and possibly suicidal thoughts as you realize that you can't get this fantasy in the real world. You can have amazing sexual relations, don't get me wrong, but it is not the same "fix" as when you're watching a person who isn't there to see your reaction and maybe even fall in love with you, and you with her.

Anyway, I had to write this as I'm hoping it may just prevent someone else from going along the same road that I did back in 1982. I'm still on that road and would love to find an exit but so far the road is between a barrier of beautiful women who give me continued pleasure. What I can't seem to do is just slow down and notice that the exit is always there if you look for it.

Porn really will blind you from the true meaning of sex. It was meant to be a gift from God to bond the two persons together so that the two become as one flesh and enjoy not just the sex but all of the other amazing things that a partnership can bring, love, loyalty, a family and other more important things. Porn has to go or else no one will ever stand a chance of a successful and happy relationship.

* * *

What to do?

I told you I am an addict. I will always be an addict. So I decided to get out of this festering bog and make some changes. First, I deleted all the bookmarks in my web browser that had anything to do with pornographic web sites. Then I deleted any files, pictures or texts on my hard drive. Just doing that gave me a feeling of accomplishment -- the first step to my recovery. Next, start canceling any e-mail lists that you might have gotten on to -- even if ou didn't intend to. Follow the instructions on the botton of the e-mails to cancel or delete your name from the list.

Next, you will need a reminder that you are addicted. Since there are not many meetings where pornography addicted people can help support each other -- you're on your own. One thing that worked for me was putting a personal item on my computer screen. I taped a small cross on it. If you're not religious then use a picture of your children or your wife -- something that will wake you up if you slide towards offending again.

It's not easy -- after all it IS an addiction. You will have relapses and ravings. But remember you are stronger and better than this evil. Good luck!




Hey, thanks so much for this article. It has helped me to open my eyes about what has happened to me a couple of days ago. I stumbled on a website that had a pop-up ad for an adult site with graphic pictures. I was shocked byt then clicked on it out of curiosity. I guess that is what they intended.

I have found that I keep thinking about what I saw and have gone deeper in to this particular web site where they have free samples of movies. I even got out my credit card last night and was ready to order a membership but I checked out.

Now after reading this article I understand that it is an addiction and it really is evil. I have deleted the bookmark and also the history and I only wish I could delete what is in my mind. Anyway, thanks.



I just read your article on internet pornography and I can relate to your story. I've spent many long nights staying up and watching this stuff and it has polluted my head. The videos totally disrespect women. I think maybe watching the gladiators in Rome must have been similar to the evil thrill that this stuff makes you feel. I've tried deleting the links and then after a few days I have a relapse and crave to see it again. It is a lot like drugs in that way.

I'm not saying this will work for everyone but for me it was turning back to my religion and prayer that gave me the strength to fight these impulses. Anyway, thanks for the information. I don't think anyone will ever get rid of internet porn as it is a big business. Each person has to just be strong and respect their mind more. Garbadge in = garbadge out.

Street H.

This article got me thinking of whats inside the human mind. I mean the feelings to be with someone of the opposite sex are natural and we need them to make babies and continue making people. But the stuff on the web sites is different. It really has nothing to do with anything natural. So where does that feeling to want to watch the stuff come from? I thknk it is evil in our heads and it is always there but most times it is not turned on. Maybe the devil is real because people seem to have bad things in them that can be turned on by him so that kind of proves that he is real. Thank you.


Hi Pete,

Thanks so much for sharing these ideas. I have a suggestion to anyone who suffers from this problem. I know it has worked for me.

When you find yourself tempted to click on a link to one of these web sites, stop for a second and ask for Jesus to give you the strength to resist. Someyimes I say something like this, "In the name of Jesus I command these thoughts to leave my mind. My mind is the temple of God and I command evil to leave immediately."

I know this sounds a bit lame, and I am not a religious person by any definition, but it works for me every time.

Good luck.


Hey Viewzone!

Love your web site and so glad to see you tackle the important issues like this. Keep on doing what you do!