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Looking for something unusual in the way of decorative art? Here's a gem we found on the web.


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Marilyn Parkinson Thrall
This Connecticut artist turned a talent for sculpture into a rewarding career. We visited this Canton artist at her studio for a look at her works in progress.

Viewzone's Sky Dorey travels to New York's Brooklyn Museum to see this controversial British exhibit. See what caused all the comotion... and judge for yourself.


Past Artists in the Spotlight
Take a look at some of ViewZone's past features.


The Surreal Art of
Ryoichi Yoshida
from Tokyo, Japan

Yoshida-san shocks and amazes with his lifelike creations and photographs.  


New York City's
Stickman Jones

A little bit rock and roll - a little bit Celtic/Irish folk music, their cerebral melodies are candy to your ears.


Oksana Baiul:
Then and Now

Dan Eden's popular interview and insights explore this bright and shining star's recent departure from Simsbury, Connecticut. Although Oksana has been out of the spotlight for some months, this insightful story is still relevent.

Action Painting!

With only her feelings and her fluency in color and shape, Carol Ganick is a masterful communicator.


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