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International Space Station catches photos of huge Triangle UFO!

Well, the video is self-explanatory... so watch and enjoy.

We located another video shot in Paris, France in 2011 that shows a similar craft in some detail. The authenticity has never been established, but it looks pretty good to us.

Previous reports of UFO sightings have noted that the craft seem to change shape -- usually forming a luminous sphere -- prior to disappearing. It is conjectured that this may be some cloaking device or that the craft can cross to another dimension.

We would like to hear any theories or other photographic evidence relating to the triangular shaped UFOs. Although the Stealth Bomber is of a similar shape, it cannot hover and is much smaller in size.

Lastly, a new photo has surfaced that appears to show a group of dead alien bodies on hospital-like gurneys. The photograph is unusual in that it shows genitalia not seen before and also a good look at the three toed feet. Also, dark areas (red) seem to correspond to potential injuries sustained in a crash. Again, you be the judge:

What do you think?


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