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From HelenG Posted on Thursday April 18, 2013
Good read. I was just thinking what would happen if they tried this technique with a human embryo? You know that somebody, somewhere, will try it eventually. Then perhaps our evolution theories will be tested. But before that, dogs might be a good place to start since their diversity has been well studied since they were domesticated from... well, we will just have to find out.

From anonymous Posted on Thursday April 18, 2013
LOL... "Revert to saved"!

From JK321 Posted on Thursday April 18, 2013
I'd like to know more about these things we can do to improve our vegetable gardens. I have heard of some Russian work with pulsed lights that seems to make seeds grow more productive plants. Can you please look into this for a future story? Thanks.

From Rfd Posted on Thursday April 18, 2013

I thought all the mutations were for the benefit of people,s nutrition --not for their reaction to some pesticide!

From elle Posted on Thursday April 18, 2013

nice investagating repoting...I learned a lot from this article... thanks hopefully many peole will.

From Dr John Miller Posted on Sunday April 21, 2013

We would like to invite anyone who is familiar with these techniques and research to be a guest on our internet tv show. We have 50,000 viewers on a good program. It would help sell your book, or spread the word.

Call our Spokesman, Sir Timothy Thrapp at 330 317 1428 or email us back.

From Mbugua Posted on Wednesday August 28, 2013

Quite informative and if proven to be true, would be a revolution for food security in Africa. We welcome the project proposers to Kenya where we would facilitate further research and experimentation.

From Posted on Saturday December 28, 2013

Very interesting article. Want to try this myself. Where do I get the designs, plans for this device to I can do this myself?

From Peter Benedict Posted on Friday January 31, 2014

Great article! A wonderful "discovery". I hope it will be picked up by the natural and organic farmers of the world. Do you have any information about powdered rock (granite) used / promoted in the late 1800 s as a natural fertilizer and which, when when yields were compared wit that of high nitrogen synthetic and natural (guano) fertilizers, was said to produce smaller but hardier fruits and vegetables which were more resistant to insects etc.

From Otto Posted on Sunday February 09, 2014

Does anyone have info on building the electrostatic device as shown in the picture above?

From MyID Posted on Saturday March 08, 2014

Aw this isn't new; the Bush family has known about this since the 1940s: that's how Barbara Bush produced George W Bush. She stood near high-voltage low amperage sources just before and after getting pregnant (carry old G.W. Bush). That's why he was born with the retro-grade 'chimpanzee' forehead and eyes look (i.e. early hominid DNA got activated). How else do you think President Bush got his simian face and language difficulties? Notice neither of his parents have these traits, so that means he monkey like face must be the result of epigenetic changes in archaic gene expression.

From Njenga Posted on Wednesday September 30, 2015

Very interesting. I too was wondering what kind of human would come out of this..but otherwise this would be very interesting with further testing..such info should be opensource to reduce time and money on r& d

From CCB Posted on Friday October 02, 2015

I find this, if true, to be almost as frightening as GMOs -- because they describe the resulting organisms not as being restored to their pre-GMO status, not a "heritage" species, but rather to a possibly primeval organism, one which did not co-evolve with the organisms currently on the planet (like us). Depending upon how many eons back the organism reverts, couldn't it cause the same havoc among extant natural organisms as GMO release can and does cause?

From Colin Posted on Wednesday February 24, 2016

What if we extrapolate this effect onto a larger scale, such as the difference in electrical potential between the ionosphere and the surface of the Earth? This could go a very long way towards explaining a great many historical --and prehistorical-- and evolutionary mysteries. What if Sigil Magic was more effective? What if, additionally, men were more robust, intelligent and conscious than men today, primarily because the electrical environment of the Earth has changed? The physics of consciousness itself would surely be different, more intense, particularly in terms of the quantum effects of neural discharge, etc. etc. etc. What if?