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From CSmith Posted on Saturday May 11, 2013

And will the leaking ISS fall to earth soon?

"Carpe Diem!", Seize the day!

From harleyhooch Posted on Sunday May 12, 2013

Something is coming and soon.I think all the government stuff going on and the shootings and bombings may be a distraction to keep us from finding out about a boulder or a planet hitting earth. Time Will Tell. Tell your loved ones that you love them and accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour and pray hard.

From Wayne Posted on Sunday May 12, 2013

One doesn't need to remote view this at all. It is clearly typed in EVERY bible Revelation 18:21 "Then a mighty angel picked up a boulder the size of a large millstone and threw it into the sea, and said: ìWith such violence the great city of Babylon will be thrown down, never to be found again."

From RoboTyphoon Posted on Sunday May 12, 2013

Is it just me, or has anyone else felt an unexplainable mood/mental shift in the past couple months? I don't even...

From RegularJoe Posted on Monday May 13, 2013

In 2006 I'd had a strange dream in which I could see something exploding in the sky, and a constant flash of australia viewed from space and while I was talking to someone about how the sun has lost its bright while quoting that portion in the bible "and the sun has become dark as black cloth". Every body in the street started to look up to the sky due to a strange rain.(A climate change maybe)and a feeling of how things would get worst. There was a voice telling me of me that voice was the God's voice as when looking at a book in a shelf in a room crowded with books I was, there was a particular book with the the name YHWH in gold letters changing repeateadly to the word Jesus . I told that to my pastor at that time and never more talked about that again, beacause this is nothing something you pull up in a restaurant or in your job asd start to talk about.Every thing in that dream gave me such a sense of reality as if I really was there that it really sacared me a lotthrough the rest of that year.The thing is that I believe that the man has this ability of have these glimpses of future events, in alternate states of conscience like the shamans, the prophets,as if we were anthennas;most of the time mixing the information with data in our subconscience.I also believe that the great problem arises in the interpretation of this mixing informations.

From regular Joe Posted on Monday May 13, 2013

Sorry guys, I 'm not a native english speaker and I was in a hurry

From Mary Posted on Monday May 13, 2013

From Tyler Posted on Tuesday May 14, 2013

This is getting creepy. The space station crew just landed back on earth today. Could this be the final event preceding the kill shot? I'm right on the east coast so it's kind of got me worried.

From RoboTyphoon Posted on Tuesday May 14, 2013

Only a few more days..

From Danny Mac Posted on Thursday May 16, 2013

Actually, we do stil have a space shuttle in orbit.

From Spiro Posted on Friday May 17, 2013

the picture between Sydney Opera and Kilimanjaro is the outline of the Memorial of Slovak National Uprising in Banska Bystrica. Precisely! Check!

From Caitlin Posted on Friday May 17, 2013

Come on lets get real you can call it remote viewing but why don't you tell people the truth instead of all of you making money off it. Tell people what technology is being used and that is inside everyone and whose making it. There you go let's not be so innocent about this. Also, why don't you tell the rest of the population that 911 etc., could have been prevented etc. Thank you. And you know who I am.

From RoboTyphoon Posted on Friday May 17, 2013

Things are starting to get interesting; - Meteoroid Impacts the Moon Today, May 18th 2013 - Fallout from Huge Solar Flare Sideswipes Earth Today, May 18th, 2013

From nimbunje Posted on Monday May 20, 2013

So when this does not happen I want to see a full retraction and a personal apology , from you and Ed Dammes can go and lodge with Nancy Lieber .

From dong543 Posted on Monday May 20, 2013

@nimbunje the writer doesnt need to apologize for anything as he never states that this will actually happen. no one forces you to read these articles or visit this site.

From NF Posted on Wednesday May 22, 2013

A very interesting read but i have a distinct feeling May 2013 will come and go as it has always done with nothing particular happening. The Bible? give it a rest please!

From photonX Posted on Thursday May 23, 2013

Well, no apologies may be technically necessary, but if it doesn't happen, I bet a bunch of people are going to want their money back. Certainly traffic and sales will fall dramatically for Dames. There is an awful lot riding on this prediction with all the emphasis that has been put on it. And I'm not saying it couldn't happen.

From arthur Posted on Friday May 24, 2013

If Ed Dames really believes in Spring (or more accurately May) 2013 as being 'killshot' date, why is he still selling 'learn remote viewing' courses for Sept. & Oct. 2013 for $249 per person?

From LVic Posted on Friday May 24, 2013

One good thing about this article.. It was good conversations at dinners with my family on what to do if a disaster happens. We discussed meeting locations and alternatives to them if we were separated. Also since I work in water utilities I was able to plan where would be good areas to head towards that won't be jampacked with traffic. Also bought a bunch of survival foods just in case and prepared a to do list. My wife loved it all. She witnessed firsthand the Kobe earthquake when she was young and is all into emergency preparedness. Thanks for the entertainment.

From Lvic Posted on Friday May 24, 2013

Also wanted to share how different a disaster survivor's mentality is from my sheltered life. Wife would rather be the first to die with the kids than work hard to survive in a Mad Max world. When we talk about zombie apocolypse she rather be one of the first zombies or have me kill her as painlessly as possible.

From Winson Posted on Friday May 24, 2013 57 earthQuake in the last 24 hours. Is it normal?

From des Posted on Sunday May 26, 2013

see what is to pass by on May 31st..

From NOVA Posted on Sunday May 26, 2013

There's obvious evidence that something is going on in our Solar System that can explain the unusual weather anomalies, so don't believe the global warm-up hoax...because if mankind is responsible for global warming.....then how can you explain. the bizarre weather on the outer planets?...there can only be one other cause...the recent arrival of an intergalactic energy particle cloud...that can explain the intense Solar Flares recently....and the fact that most of the massive X-class CME's appears to occur on the back end of the Sun....that means the threat is coming from behind our Sun.....mankind will have little time to prepare for any kind of disaster of this magnitude....

Posted on Monday May 27, 2013

Well. One month further we have a new lesson to learn. And that is that the world did not end and predicted. Mainly those remote viewings revealed can be somewhat to bright and maybe the thing is that what had been predicted is hapening only less worse. Next to that there is a real concern for so many things, but we forget that this earth is realy big, realy big....

From Jonathan G Listened to Clif High today on and he is still gung ho on the global event. Says he won't breath easy until June 2. Says RV is shit if nothing happens and that it can tell stuff at a distance geographically but not over time. I think he is right. That also casts doubt on the predictions made in the past and is likely the reason the military scrapped the program. Just saying...
From mazakman Posted on Thursday May 30, 2013

Anything is possible. I try and prepare my family and myself by stocking up on supplies, for as many situations as possible. If we die from a meteorite impact it doesn't much matter. But if we survive we have a fighting chance at survivial. And if nothing happens, We have supplies to see us through storms, power outages, unemployment etc. My point is it doesn't hurt to prepare.

From Cassandra Posted on Thursday May 30, 2013

I had a dream last night that I was talking to a friend and distracted by something in the sky. Looking at it, I said "that's the craziest/closest shooting star I've ever seen!" Then, it hit the downtown area of Houston and I watched all the buildings consume with fire. When it came for us, we ran, as I screamed "Houston's gone, Houston's gone!" I don't think it will happen in Houston, though, I just live there. The last time I had a dream like that, it was also in the city I lived in. I saw an airplane falling from the sky, then people running from flying debris- a week later, 9/11 happened. That's all I'm saying... good luck.

From RoboTyphoon Posted on Thursday May 30, 2013

Apparently the approaching asteroid has a moon? When it's at it's closest to Earth, our gravity's going to pull the asteroids moon away from it, and into us, ye.

From Ajxzs Posted on Friday May 31, 2013

OK people , are you now convinced this guys is full of garbage just to make money, look at the date and tell me this BS is real.

From vw Posted on Saturday June 01, 2013

Ed Dames and Nancy Lieder are making love in a pool of one hundred dollars at this very moment.

From editor Posted on Saturday June 01, 2013


From Abhi Posted on Saturday June 01, 2013

Well? :)

From RoboTyphoon Posted on Saturday June 01, 2013

What a disappointment, lol.

From Everyone Posted on Monday June 03, 2013

Here we are at June 3rd, and no global event... it appears that you need to revise this article a third time since the event did not happen... again! Or have you considered that perhaps remote viewing is not quite as accurate as you've been led to believe?

From Ricky Michael Posted on Monday June 03, 2013

Or, maybe not.

From Ricky Michael Posted on Monday June 03, 2013

Right now I am trying to remote view Ed and Nancy but I can't quite get zoomed in on them, there some big space rock in the way.

From EricV Posted on Thursday June 06, 2013

I really believed something was going to happen. This all sounded so credible. I actually check back daily since 5/15 here and far sight to see what the hell might have happened. I suppose it's a good thing nothing happened, and to be honest I see plenty of things ramping up, such as the weather, the economy, riots and summer heat. Was that meteor that flew by earth meant to actually hit in some other timeline. What diverted it? Did the government use the future information to prevent the meteor impact? If so, why? So many questions left unanswered. I refuse to believe that remote viewing is bullshit, but with everything put on the line, that's exactly what it appeared as.

From Renderspud Posted on Friday June 07, 2013's June 7th and I'm not sure of what would be considered a reasonable margin of error. I know when a self-proclaimed prophet (Harold Camping etc.) miss a date they usually get 2 or 3 re-computing tries before no one listens anymore and the guy is branded a kook. I'm guessing that since remote viewing is more of a "scientific" endeavor, we should extend a more gracious number of attempts. Maybe if we give unlimited attempts the science will get proved right. Hey, it works for the evolutionary model. :-)

From Dd Posted on Friday June 07, 2013

New Neo asteroid spotted. 2013 Lr6

From RoboTyphoon Posted on Friday June 07, 2013

I've found this website to be quite interesting, of course it tells about the current 'Space' weather, and if you scroll down the page some, it lists all near Earth asteroids for the current month, and when they'll pass (or possibly hit) Earth;

From LDB Posted on Monday July 01, 2013

the Russian Meteor occurred on February 15 and could Superstorm Sandy have been the coastal event?

From Posted on Monday July 08, 2013

From Spd1275 Posted on Monday July 08, 2013

No global event as predicted, BUT, a huge underground complex built in the Ozarks, another in Kansas, Homeland Security buying countless rounds of hollow point bullets... Something is going on that smacks of a disaster that will throw the US into anarchy, and soon. All I can say is be prepared.

From Vickey Posted on Tuesday July 09, 2013

Where can I go to learn how to control this RV natural ability?

From Ed Dames Posted on Sunday July 14, 2013

You can learn about remote viewing at one of my seminars! What's your credit card number? #scam

From Headcatherder Posted on Saturday September 07, 2013

So where are we on these Spring 2013 catastrophic predictions? It's September.

From Titan2 Posted on Saturday September 21, 2013

It does not take a prophet to make predictions on future events History does it. It repeat itself constantly, if you study history you will see that Global catastrophes are unevitable, tsunami, volcano, sun flare, cosmic events, asteroid, flood, Volcano ...Always be and always will be, the question is when? and the amplitude. So fare we were lucky. But we can not dodge every bullet, one day we will get the wake up call UNPREDICTED There is been 5 extinction level so fare do you think there is not going be the sixth, if you do you are naÔve. Till then enjoy live you got one chance only, why worry there is nothing we can do but watch it happen!

From Thimothy Green Posted on Monday September 30, 2013

Remote viewing as a science. How ridiculous.

From Thimothy Green Posted on Monday September 30, 2013

Remote viewing as a science. How ridiculous.

From nicetry Posted on Thursday March 27, 2014

Nice job with these predictions perhaps --as Quantum Physics has shown these guys are living in the wrong universe with their Remote Viewing....nothing exists until the wave collapses --there are many possible realities this stuff can be playing out but might not in this time line...."fear also is the best way to sell a product guys"

From Regina Posted on Saturday April 05, 2014

English is not my native language, but i read this page every time and I find very interestings themes. thank you!!

From Regina Posted on Saturday April 05, 2014

Recently, web bot and others say, there was an intervention®s time and this year 2014 we will have the situations that mus had in 2013

From good guy Posted on Sunday April 06, 2014

It's impossible predict an event like this because if this happens, nobody could write the related target in the future, jeje

From Ray Posted on Monday May 05, 2014

Many prophets have told of tremendous disasters at the "end days" as written by John, Isaiah, Nostradamus, Merlin, Edgar Casey, the new "remote viewers," etc. None can give a reliable date. That does not mean it won't happen. They all have a great deal of common predictions. Ancient astrologers tell us to watch the signs of the times and be prepared. Maybe, that is the best advice.

From JON NEWCOMB Posted on Thursday June 05, 2014


From JON NEWCOMB Posted on Thursday June 05, 2014