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From FretteS Posted on Friday May 03, 2013

Looks like an autoimmune problem which could be caused by exposure to low level radiation, possibly from ingested food that was accumulated a toxin. The ocean is a big place so I think one needs to look for something more potent than the fly-over radiation particles from the initial meltdowns. Maybe it is something more local to the Northern Alaskan shore. Possibly something to do with oil exploration.

Another idea is that the melting of glaciers has released some kind of pathogen that was kept in deep freeze until recently.

From DanE Posted on Wednesday May 08, 2013

Looking at the map it seems that another possibility is the HAARP installation could be admitting some cosmic radiation through the hole it creates. Just a thought.

From Ron Brunet Posted on Monday July 22, 2013

I would suspect that the seals may certainlt be exhibiting certain signs of radiation contamination by exposure or ingestion. Of course it could be other factors as well. The only way to be certain is to track their navigation and where they are actually feeding and what type of food they are feeding on.This can be done numerous way's by attaching GPS systems on some healthy seals and or cameras to see where and what they are eating. There can also be devices attached to some that can read the levels of radiation in the water they are in. This would only be a sure way of determining what is causing these lesionas and bleeding. Is it an external hazard or is it an actual virus, disease or invading bacteria or both.

From the gardener Posted on Monday July 22, 2013

I've become fascinated with the site -where all kinds of unusual deadly things are happening due to the hydrogen sulfide released in mass quantities and the ice melts would be contributing to the dangers in the ocean for sea life as they release ancient huge stores of methane, hydrogen sulfide and who knows what kinds of other bacteria etc. JJFH does list 'animal deaths and strange behaviors' on his site. Poor animals. the gardener