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From DanEden Posted on Friday April 26, 2013

Good read but I want to know more about so many of the topics you touched on...

From Rudy Posted on Tuesday October 22, 2013

The article title is "The Secret Science of Spiritual Healing", yet there is no real science given in the article. Where is the tangible science? Is there some webpage you can direct me to where this is scientifically laid out? I am very curious.

From drew hempel Posted on Saturday November 30, 2013 Qigong Master Telekinesis aka psychokinesis videos - a compilation: Skeptics debunked!

From drew hempel Posted on Tuesday December 10, 2013

This new blog post by neuroscientist Dr. Jack Kruse confirms my research - it is on quantum music of cells amplifying weak electromagnetic signals for macro quantum reality. Dr. Kruze focuses on the same water-collagen piezoelectric secret of fusion energy.

From metric2000 Posted on Thursday March 31, 2016