Death, Trance, and Cosmic Spirit Exorcism: Science of Spiritual Healing part 2

By Drew Hempel, M.A.

Break On Through to the Other Side: How to spiritually Charge Up your energy

This is a continuation of Spiritual Healing (Part 1)

You took the Red Pill and you left the Matrix. Like Keanu having directed and starred in his real kungfu movie Tai Chi, the foundation for future training is laid once the Tai Chi enlightenment experience is achieved.

The qigong (energy work) book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality gives the esoteric details in symbolic language. After the initial intensive training then spirit light can be seen outside of the body as aura light around other people - the third eye has been opened up as the "cavity of original spirit" or yuan shen. Access has been permanently made to the "absolute void" or Emptiness, the Wu Chi as the origin of reality: post-death.

Science is now acknowledging this training: see "Fundamental Awareness: A Framework for Integrating Science, Philosophy and Metaphysics," appearing in Communicative & Integrative Biology, May 2016 (by Neil D. Theise, MD, Physics Professor Menas C. Kafatos, PhD) and also "Biofield Science," Kafatos, 2015)

(noun) foreknowledge of an event, esp. foreknowledge of a paranormal kind.

Precognition becomes a regular experience as trance visions more real and vivid than three dimensional spacetime. I call these precognitive visions "glitches in the Matrix" but a professional psychologist and Tai Chi master Dr. Christina Donnell, Ph.D. has experienced them as Transcendent Dreaming, the title of her book on unlocking "human potential." Dr. Stuart Hameroff gives a time "upper limit" of sustained quantum coherence consciousness as hundreds of milliseconds so does it enable precognition?


However evidence for backward time effects in the brain (Libet et al., 1983; Bem, 2012; Ma et al., 2012), and in quantum physics (e.g., to explain entanglement, Penrose, 1989, 2004; Aharonov and Vaidman, 1990; Bennett and Wiesner,1992) suggest that quantum state reductions in Orch OR can send quantum information backward in (what we perceive as) time, on the order of hundreds of milliseconds.

But the first enlightenment experience causes confusion as the alchemy book explains. Master Nan, Huai-chin in his meditation books says how in the modern era most commonly a person trains in alchemy but as they gain spiritual powers they have "heroic overexuberance" and so they "fall back into worldliness." Or as the qigong master said to me: You can fall out of enlightenment.

Of course when the spiritual powers are used this lowers the frequency of the energy again and the energy has to be harmonized and stored back up - charged up. Traditionally in the original human culture, the San Bushmen [pictured above] or !Kung, the males once a year do a month-long meditation trance dance retreat - called Tshoma - away from the females. But even during normal times the males spend three days away from the females while hunting - and so to store up their N/om (snake kundalini) energy to then "trance" the animals they are hunting. In the Bushmen culture - it was Nisa, in her book interview on trance healing, who said the healer trances the person to be healed but it is God who does the healing. (Nisa googlebook review link, so lots there on trance healing)

As the Bushmen have detailed - the master healers really do transcend death - their heart really does physically stop - when they do deep trance healing. Ramana Maharshi, the spiritual master of advaita Vedanta, described this experience of his heart stopping for 15 minutes and, after that physical death, he had achieved his permanent sahaja samadhi state: For every breath he took his consciousness went beyond his physical body - the space between his thoughts went to pure Emptiness as the quantum formless awareness energy.

The original qigong master I studied with, Chunyi Lin, reported that he had his heart stop for two hours but the whole time he was walking around fine. Nevertheless he does not recommend that experience for people. haha. A Kalahari Bushmen healer describes the experience of transcending death:

Your heart stops. You're dead. Your thoughts are nothing. You breathe with difficulty. You see things. Num things. You see spirits killing people. You smell burning, rotting flesh. Then you heal, you pull sickness out. You heal, heal, heal. Then you live." This is called the "death of !kia.

As the Bushmen anthropology book Healing Makes Our Hearts Happy explains: "The terror of !aia remains despite years of healing, and learning to accept this reoccurring death is at the core of the healer's training."

So in my studies I wondered how this post-death experience is possible. In my alchemy qigong training I too went 8 days taking just a half glass of water the whole time and meditating more and more. I too could smell the burning rotting flesh of a man who had cancer from across a huge room. I also saw spirits that needed healing. Still I needed to find out more science. Then I discovered the medical anthropologist - Wade Davis - reporting that in Vodun or voodoo shamanism of West Africa and Haiti a person can die from a curse: But the real reason the person dies is over-activation of their vagus nerve to the right side of the heart.

This right side vagus nerve goes up from the reproductive organs to the brain and then from the brain to the right side of the heart. So it is the vagus nerve that is considered the key activation for kundalini energy - what the Bushmen called the N/om or N/um boiling belly heat bliss that turns into electromagnetic energy as it goes into the brain via the cerebrospinal fluid for the !Kia trance samadhi state. When that energy is very intense then the post-death trance is achieved.

Then I discovered, from science research, that if the breath is held after exhale this activates the vagus nerve in the stomach - and it is precisely this holding of breath after exhale that is practiced by Wim Hof to induce his tummo kundalini heat, the same "boiling energy" of N/om that enables him to withstand ice immersion for a long time - setting many world records. Ultimately the mind can transcend the breathing - called "immortal breathing" in Taoist alchemy. As Ramana Maharshi says, the mind controls the breath, so if you stop the mind you also stop the breathing.

Master Nan, Huai-chin also says that the key of breath retention or the "bottle breathing" method is to retain the breath after exhale - not after inhale. So at first there is deep reverse breathing trance dance or "quick fire" breathing to activate the adrenal medullae of the sympathetic nervous system as the activation of the "yuan qi" energy or N/om kundalini.

Reverse breathing means on inhale below the belly button it is sucked in back towards the kidney as the diaphragm is also flexed downward. Then after 30 counts of deep reverse breathing the breath is held after exhale. Several cycles of tummo boiling heat "quick fire" breathing causes the adrenaline to increase by 200 percent and the breath can be held a long time after the exhale. The breathing exercise to charge up the energy can even be done while lying down. When adrenaline greatly increases to the pineal gland then the perception of external time dramatically slows down while the increased dopamine dramatically increases the frequency of internal brain perception. Dr. Stuart Hameroff documents that when Michael Jordan is "in the zone" and he experiences the other players being dramatically slower - this is not a perceptual illusion! "Jordan has 50 percent more perceptions, decisions, and reactions over any given time interval of his opponents, who will appear to him to be in slow motion." (Hameroff, TIME, CONSCIOUSNESS AND QUANTUM EVENTS IN FUNDAMENTAL SPACETIME GEOMETRY)

The Secret of Frequency-Time Complementary Opposites as Healing Alchemical Energy

We "keep" time in a steady beat with our left hand as Professor Michael Corballis points out in his neuroscience analysis on laterality. Corballis writes: "For most subjects this was easy when the right hand tapped the rhythm and the left hand the beat, but virtually impossible the other way around. (Interested readers should try it.)"

Our left hand is controlled by the left side of the brain for keeping the steady beat since it is the cerebellum controlling the beat as timing. But the left hand also is right brain cerebrum dominant for emotions and vision. So when we listen to music it is based at the initiation of "keeping the beat" with left hand cerebellum dominance and then the right brain is dominant as we listen to music for emotion and vision processing. Intuitively humans want to dance in synchrony with a rhythmic beat but as we get older our left prefrontal cortex is trained by language-dominant civilization to inhibit this urge to trance dance. So we need to "unlearn" this inhibit of the left cerebellum brain that guides our beat as time.

It is now proven in neuroscience that the left brain for language dominance processes precision in time, the quick timing of speaking, while the right brain processes precision in frequency for music. So Dr. Nina Krauss has documented the better a child can keep the beat as left brain timing, the better their brain also registers language cognition. The right brain is dominant for visualization and emotional processing of our subconscious activated by listening to music. The left brain will lie about what the right brain is experiencing and perceiving whereas the right brain can't talk.

One article quoting this right-left brain controversy reports:

For example, in one study, a [split brain] patient completing a picture-matching task used their left hand (controlled by the right hemisphere) to match up a shovel with an image of a snow storm (shown only to the right hemisphere). The patient was then asked why he'd done this. But his left hemisphere (the source of speech) didn't admit to not knowing. Instead, it confabulated, saying that he'd reached for the shovel to clear out the chicken coop (the picture shown to the left hemisphere was of a bird's foot).

Instead the right brain listens in silence yet understands the truth of reality in a holistic manner! For people who train in a musical instrument to synchronize the body and mind - if they start training before the age of seven - then they have a permanently enlarged corpus callosum that integrates the right and left brain. (Neuropsychologia. 1995 Aug;33(8):1047-55. Increased corpus callosum size in musicians.)

This left brain mantra time beat listening meditation enables the right brain visualization light to become a biophoton laser as coherent "yuan shen" original spirit healing light. So the shaman healer is then able - by "focusing" the monkey mind - to slow the time down of the prefrontal left brain dominance and thereby inversely increase the frequency of energy of the body as increased spirit-qi energy from the Emptiness itself. Science calls this "capturing virtual photons" from the future - the photons that are from reversed time of the precession or spin of the magnetic moment of the proton.

The secret of frequency/time energy healing is that what is covered up by the mathematical symmetric continuum is that spacetime is noncommutative so that the subharmonic is yin as 2/3 or C to F geometry - a perfect fifth and the harmonic overtone is yang as 3/2 or C to G geometry, also a perfect fifth. The human ear does not hear the difference. "Because of the perceptual equivalence of tone pairs that form the same interval, a music passage can be played by means of different pitches (it can be transposed to different keys), and provided the intervals remain the same its perceptual identity is preserved." Psychology Professor Diana Deutsch.

We learn that the "perfect fifth plus the perfect fourth equals the octave" but this assumes a commutative symmetric logic that does not allow 2/3 as frequency and so is not true empirically. As biophysicist Vitus B. Droscher states in his book, Magic of the Senses:

Let us draw up a fundamental vibration with its first and second harmonic overtones [2:1 and 3:2 as the second overtone=the third harmonic]... if we then shift the phase relationship, we get a totally different course of the combined curve; that is, of the pressure course [amplitude and frequency] which is apparently effective in the final analysis. When looking at both curves, one might suppose that in the two cases we should hear two sounds that are just as different. But in fact our ear does not notice any difference. (p. 168, my emphasis).

This is what I have called the Hempel Effect based on the infinite spiral of fifths as noncommutative frequency-time resonance creating quantum entanglement. Same Perfect Fifth music interval but the spacetime geometry is noncommutative - change the phase direction and you change the number value of the frequency-time resonance. In Western science there is an attempt to shift the phase to cover up this natural resonance of non-commutative or complementary opposite energy as the empirically true infinite spiral of fifths.

As math professor Luigi Borzacchini exposed: "The 'demusicalization' of the theory of proportions by Plato is shocking." (Borzacchini, 2007, "Incommensurability, Music and Continuum: A Cognitive Approach"). Again in the same article Borzacchini writes "...this 'removal' seems really astonishing!"

So the key secret when we practice the "small universe" meditation which is the foundation of Taoist alchemy is that the meditation was modeled on the original Chinese water wheel clock that keeps time. The 12 buckets of water are the 12 time nodes along the body/mind for energy transformation, linked to the 12 meridians of the energy body which change in dominance based on the 24 hours of the day. Each meridian channel is dominant for a 2 hour cycle of the day and so it is considered that a 2 hour meditation is then completing one cycle of qi.

The power of the "small universe" meditation is then to "tie down the monkey mind" as it is called. As neuroscientist Rodolfo Llinas stated - human thinking is really to initiate what had been subconscious movement action. Dr. Erich Jarvis confirms the close connection of the motor cortex to the auditory cortex. The mantra chanting meditation trance "ties down" the left brain to keeping the beat as time but without thinking to initiate movement. Since the cerebellum also controls emotions with movement this meditation then "settles" the emotions to calm down the stress energy.

So instead of that subconscious movement action taking place as left brain prefrontal thinking, during small universe meditation the left brain thinking is tied to the timing of the breath and the right brain vision is "turned back around." Right brain light frequency energy is visualized along these 12 nodes of left hand beat time - which in reality are the 12 subconscious emotional brain nodes that initiate body movement. The slower the "beat" is kept by the left brain as focus, the higher the frequency energy of the right brain as visualization as per the Law of Pythagoras that frequency is inverse to time.

As the trance timing of the left brain slows down and concentrates (stopping the thoughts) then the right brain frequency energy as visualization goes higher. So then when we are taught to "focus" and "visualize" in meditation the focus indicates the concentrated left brain stopping of thoughts through a mantra by listening to the source of time. Science has proven that visualizing biophotons with our eyes closed then increases the alpha trance brain waves and also increases the biophoton emission. Majid Rahnama, Jack A. Tuszynski, István Bókkon, Michal Cifra, Peyman Sardar, Vahid Salari: "Emission of Mitochondrial Biophotons and their Effect on Electrical Activity of Membrane via Microtubules," 2010.

This 60 beats per minute or 60 BPM music, for example, is the standard meter of the slow movements of the Baroque music which is the key of the "Mozart Effect." So when our prefrontal cortex monkey mind is "tied down" to the subconscious time of the cerebellum keeping rhythm of the heart this activates our heart-mind as a waking theta-REM visionary state.

The Mozart Effect creates a strong amplified relaxed alpha brain wave of ELF waves then which build into a deep theta vision, the REM dream state of the heart-mind being synchronized. This "Mozart Effect" activates the right brain vision state as a waking dream which enables faster information processing at the subconscious photon level - what's called "photographic memory" of the subconscious. So this is why in ancient times poetry was sung since long sagas could be memorized in trance due to the strong alpha and theta brain waves of right brain frequency dominance. These trance singer shamans then were the griots or story keepers or historians of the community.

Through the sound-current infinite spiral of fifths Hempel Effect we then learn and reveal exactly why music as trance initiation has the power to unleash deeply buried memories of an otherwise catatonic brain, as has been documented in the music mind documentaries online. Music on the Brain is a good documentary on this topic. This is also why music therapy is proven to heal deep brain injuries like stroke and Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. The chills from music aka frisson as "skin orgasm" are this activation of the vagus nerve of the deep brain connection to the body emotions.

The spontaneous loud OHM sound is then based on what Ramana Maharshi calls the highest level of samadhi - "mouna" or silence samadhi. The original qigong master says he can hear this OHM sound everywhere as the sound of the universe energy. OHM originates from the "three gunas" - the oldest philosophy of India and the "three gunas" are from the Perfect Fifth-Perfect Fourth-Octave music harmonics that are found worldwide and are the basis of the San Bushmen healing trance energy.

As musicologist Dr. Victor Grauer documents in his blogbook Sounding the Depths - he traces the spread around the world of the San Bushmen spiritual healing culture via these 1-4-5 music intervals which the Chinese modeled as the yin-yang-Emptiness energy. Sattva is the octave and tamas is the yin energy as the perfect fourth and raja is the perfect fifth as yang energy - since 2 does not go into 3 then the infinite spiral of fifths energy resonates eternally as frequency-time complementary opposites.

And from the Taoist quantum biologist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho we know that in fact the self-awareness formless qi-consciousness is synchronized coherent energy of the Universe. The mind-body energy has over 70 octaves of frequency-time complementary opposites that are phase synchronized. The OHM is then the infinite time-frequency spiral of fifths as complementary opposites of noncommutative geometry.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho documented a macroquantum resonance that she empirically verified as the "rainbow worm" body - the astral spirit body of a coherent light that each of us has within our bodies - the shen spirit light that Western science as a mainstream discipline is totally unaware of.

Modern westerners still live in a lower subconscious frequency of light possessed by a lower emotional state of the "monkey mind" that needs deep exorcism only achieved through music trance healing. This is why the secret of Tai Chi is called internal listening - and why "sound-current" is another translation of the Buddha who taught the "inner ear" method as the best meditation for modern times.

This is also called Nada Yoga or inner sound: Buddhist monk Ajahn Amaro writes, "If you listen carefully to the sounds around you, you're likely to hear a continuous, high-pitched inner sound like white noise in the background... When you stabilize the skill of attending to the nada sound, so that its shimmering, silvery tone is a constant presence, it can greatly enhance your capacity to realize both these kinds of emptiness - that of subject and object, self and other."

From Internal Hearing of Ultrasound to ELF Subharmonics as Superconducting Proton-Proton Psi-Plasma Qi Energy

Through the small universe meditation as the relaxed parasympathetic trance then the breath and mind are tied together and as the qi energy increases; then the qi energy body is self-organizing the body-mind functioning. CIA MKULTRA mind control scientist Dr. Andrija Puharich developed his psi-plasma model based on the magnetic moment or precessional spin of hydrogen superconducting protons. He called his model "psi-plasma" as a vortex from the left-handed rotation of light by life-based elements creating the amino acids.

Puharich relied on the "biological transmutations" discovered by Louis Kervran - in vivo proton-proton superconducting chemical changes that have since been corroborated. One of the key Kervan discoveries is that with increased intake of oxygen (the deep reverse breathing) then sodium, the neurotransmitter, is turned into potassium.

And guess what also increases potassium as a neurotransmitter? the parasympathetic nervous system of the vagus nerve as the kundalini N/om energy. Consider that in the traditional diet of humans, the San Bushmen, sodium was not based on salt and so sodium was not eaten in refined concentrated amounts. The diet was much higher in potassium and magnesium than sodium.

To quote Dr. Puharich from his ELF Magnetic Model of Mind and Matter book:

The 1 KHz [ultrasound] wave is then transmitted by ossicular coupling to a fluid medium - the cochlear perilymph which transfers the energy to the Basilar Membrane. ...This mechanical displacement of the B.M. is transferred to the auditory sensor - the hair cell where the 1 KHz sine wave undergoes transduction to produce an analog 1 KHz sine electrical signal - the cochlear microphonic signal. ...

As the current flows (the higher the frequency, the higher the current density) it will set up a magnetic field. The magnetic field will be picked up by the hydrogen proton of the C=O:H:N: set and cause it to precess ... We would expect a short range transfer of ELF magnetic information from the precessed proton to NA+ [sodium] and K+ [potassium] via the acetylcholine molecule ... The distinctive aspect of this scheme is that protons form the storage, and hence the gestalt of the system; while input and output access is mediated by quantum electronic and photonic pulses.

Young humans can hear ultrasound as the highest external pitch and even adults have been documented to prefer natural resonance of music into ultrasound - called the "hypersonic effect" which activates strong alpha brain waves of increased serotonin relaxation. OH Cho - 2014 - "Hypersonic effect means increase of alpha wave and decrease of beta waves." For example non-Western gamelans rely on the Perfect Fifth/Perfect fourth/Octave tunings that naturally resonate into ultrasound, amplified by the ELF subharmonics of the gongs.

Now we know why this Hypersonic Effect increase in alpha brain waves occurs, as Dr. Puharich revealed: the ELF alpha brain waves are the subharmonics of the ultrasound: due to the hydrogen superconducting proton-proton precession as micro black hole energy. This is the secret of sonofusion to split water into superconducting proton energy.

Alchemy starts with lead - the jing life force energy - and turns it into gold. This is the secret of "zero time/infinite energy" of white holes as the ultimate self-aware harmonized body of alchemy training. As Dr. Stephen Porges uses in his medical treatments - "flexing" the middle ear then focuses our internal listening to higher frequency, activating the vagus nerve ultrasound-ELF resonance. In Tai Chi then the pressure from the standing with knees bent activates the ultrasound piezoelectric energy of the collagen-water connection with the ELF subharmonics resonating the Earth ELF energy.

Dr. James L. Oschman in his Energy Medicine: The scientific basis book details how energy healers have ELF electromagnetic fields a thousand times stronger than the normal heart field - but also that the Earth ELF wave is a thousand times stronger than the normal heart field. So the energy "yuan qi" is from this Earth resonance ELF waves synchronized with the healer's heart-mind theta REM vision state. When I experience the qigong master yuan qi energy it does feel like it's pulsating 7 to 8 times per second!

The right brain then consciously processes and exorcises the otherwise subconscious emotional energy of the lower body emotions - thereby converting the stored up sympathetic nervous system qi blockages into relaxed healing parasympathetic energy for qi energy storage.

So then what I detailed in my Secret Science of Spiritual Healing article is that to store up qi energy means to store up the energy in the organs of the body via the parasympathetic nervous system. This means conversely that we lose qi energy when we release the emotional energy of our organs as a reversal of parasympathetic to the sympathetic nervous system - as an emotionally triggered discharge.

This is an amazing insight that Western science has not discovered yet but traditional Chinese medicine has detailed - how for example the liver is wisdom green light energy - called the "green dragon" of yin qi energy but if blocked it gets turned into anger which is then discharged through cortisol and the sympathetic nervous system.

This is why alcoholics have high cortisol levels when they drink causing great anger - since their livers are blocked from the poison being processed and over the years their livers have been damaged. But if a person drinks alcohol when they are not an alcoholic then they will experience an increase in dopamine from the parasympathetic nervous system as a relaxed bliss of the "Green Dragon" yin qi liver energy.

This is why controlling and harmonizing the emotions is the key to building up qi energy and that the key emotion is lust as part of what I call the lust-fear-anger cycle. For the male lust builds up as parasympathetic dopamine energy from cholesterol testosterone but at ejaculation it is discharged as a switch to the sympathetic nervous system that spikes cortisol stress. This turns into ejaculation addiction used to sell commodities - called the "commodity fetish."

A male wants more dopamine bliss after the cortisol stress spike of ejaculation but then the cycle gets worse and worse. More bliss creates even greater stress. Lust and anger are both processed through the gray matter connections in the hypothalamus connection via the cerebrospinal fluid. This is why there is such a close connection between lust and aggression and how the two can easily flip from one to the other. Dopamine causes both lust and violence and it is via the vagus nerve connection from the reproductive organs to the brain.

Similarly the sense of smell goes directly to the limbic brain, without any immediate prefrontal cortex processing. When we perceive a new smell we flash into the REM theta visionary state as well. "Theta oscillations track and represent respiratory behavior in the OB [Olfactory Bulb] ... Theta gating of sensory information appears to operate similarly in olfactory and thalamic circuits, so this may indeed be a common frequency band for coordinating and passing sensorimotor information within and across sensory systems." (Leslie M. Kay, "Circuit Oscillations in Odor Perception and Memory," 2014).

The molecules to perceive smelling are just one or two neurons away from the hippocampus that stores and activates long-term memories. Hence smell activates deep memories very easily. But then our prefrontal cortex left brain language dominance as Beta waves takes over and we "adjust" to the smell no longer making it as perceptible. For example our first thought and breath upon waking was called by Poonjaji to be an example of self-awareness of formless consciousness and this first thought and breath upon waking is when the REM-theta brain waves are still dominant but then Beta thinking takes over. The REM theta activation of the Olfactory Bulb actually arises from non-local quantum tunneling consciousness as the foundation of reality:

If an odorant molecule's vibrations (or phonons) cause electrons in a nasal receptor to tunnel between energy states, nerve signals are sent to the brain. Different vibrational frequencies are detected by different receptors, so because different odorants have different frequencies, odorants smell different. ("Quantum Mechanics may explain how humans smell,", February 1, 2007.)

Amazingly smell can be changed just by the frequency of the molecule while the chemical content of the molecule is the same shape - the only difference is the direction of the vibration of the molecule against light. "While hydrogen and deuterium have the same shape, deuterium has a lower vibrational frequency... They found that flies trained to avoid an odorant molecule containing deuterium also avoided an unrelated molecule with a similar vibrational mode." (Lisa Zyga, "Quantum explanation for how we smell gets new support,", March 28, 2011)

Smell is perceived holographically by the way that light is processed by the brain - the direction of rotation of light by the molecule which then determines the change in quantum frequency! "The smells of oranges and lemons are examples of the D [right-handed light] and L [left-handed light] enantiomers." So there is a new test that measures the rate of change of the electron frequency in contrast to the photon. A new smell will cause a conscious flash of R.E.M. vision trance from non-local quantum frequency energy.

A smell will trigger a subconscious memory association - before the smell is consciously perceived. "For example, conscious smell occurs when odorant molecules induce gamma synchrony among olfactory bulb dendrites. With conscious pleasure and reward, gamma synchrony is occurring in ventral tegmentum and nucleus accumbens." Stuart Hameroff, "The Conscious Pilot - dendritic synchrony moves through the brain to mediate consciousness," J. Biol Phys, January 2010.

When the pineal gland is permanently activated as an open third eye then the subconscious becomes superconsciousness because the theta ELF brain waves are permanently synchronized with the self-conscious gamma waves. This means the pineal gland will supersede the normal perceptions and convey the information from "direct perception" with the quantum consciousness itself - so that a person is told by the Emptiness the information before the normal sense (in this case smell) registers the perception. In other words the subconscious association is no longer subconscious.

This quantum non-local polarization shows the direct connection between spirit energy as coherent light frequency - and so the "yuan shen" energy (original spirit of Taoist yoga) is considered to originate on the left side of the heart and the "yuan qi" (original qi-information) energy originates out of the right side of the heart - via this vagus nerve right brain connection to the right side of the heart. This slower theta R.E.M. Dream consciousness of the heart modulates and drives the higher gamma prefrontal intentional awareness consciousness of linear time and left-brain planning. This is now called the "Theta-Gamma neural code" (Lisman, 2013) and "coupling between theta phase and 30-45 Hz gamma facilitates retrieval of previously learned memories." (Colgin, 2015)

So the dream visionary state comes first as quantum non-local phase harmony and the theta REM heart-mind quantum consciousness is the conversion of the electrochemical energy into the electromagnetic energy via the heart-brain resonance. Psychiatrist Jonathon Winson made this discovery about R.E.M. sleep as the necessary "off-line" processing of the critical survival information so that the waking state could be focused on prefrontal intentional planning.

The best-selling book Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology (2015) by Professors JohnJoe McFadden and Jim Al-Khalili discusses how there is a resonant harmonic amplification of the non-local quantum consciousness into the macroquantum realm of biology. The non-local quantum realm is not random as classical physics had assumed - instead it is "order from order" as Erwin Schrodinger first declared in his essay on quantum life. This "phonon pumping" quantum resonance model was pioneered by quantum biologist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho documenting the quantum phase synchronization of biophotons for the whole organism. is a 2015 quantum smell non-local consciousness Physicsworld podcast by physics professor Jim Al-Khalili and biology professor JohnJoe McFadden. Phonon pumping as internal sound synchronization creates theta brain waves as a significant increase in amplitude which then enables Long Term Potentiation (see Jonathan Winson).

As Ramana Maharshi experienced and transcended his death - his heart physically stopped but he continued experiencing formless awareness as yuan qi energy-bliss - what he calls the "knowledge-ether that is within the Self-light in the heart." But instead he was just in formless awareness "yuan qi" energy-bliss for 15 minutes - not his spiritual ego awareness as self-aware consciousness - but his pure God Emptiness awareness. He survived death but without self-aware ego. This is what Andrija Puharich calls the proto-consciousness of proton-proton superconducting energy, the cosmic consciousness.

Deep Post-Death Trance Spirit Holographic Exorcism Healing

So the only way it was possible for Ramana Maharshi to not physically die - even though his heart was stopped - was due to the "synchronous resonance" as qigong master Yan Xin calls it that is the key of spiritual qigong healing energy. As Ramana Maharshi describes it - he used his mind to kill his mind. Or as the spiritual light meditation is described: "turning the light around." He says you start by repeating I-I-I not as a mantra but as the logical inference of the source of the I-thought. This then concentrates and stops the "monkey mind" so then the right brain can visualize light on the right side of the heart. So then the formless awareness was experienced as shooting an electrical prana charge from the right side of his heart over to the left side of heart which then brought back his spirit light as self-awareness or the spiritual ego. Only because he focused his spiritual ego as laser light to its yuan qi source did the reference beam resonate with the source as "bi-directional intention."

The qigong master who befriended me, Jim Nance of said he only achieves that deep heart beyond death Emptiness state about once a month but the original qigong master is in that state all the time! The original qigong master said people reported his healing energy being much stronger after he had that transcending of physical death - his heart being stopped for two hours. Amazingly since he was walking around while his heart was stopped for two hours that means he maintained spirit self-awareness while his physical heart was stopped and this is considered key for the Mahayana Buddhism training.

For example the main student of Ramana Maharshi describes how he would create other physical bodies - the "yang shen" of Taoist alchemy. This creation of other physical bodies is also described by the San Bushmen. But for H.W.L. Poonja - or Poonjaji in his memoir, "Nothing Ever Happens," he was not aware that he had created other physical bodies until after the fact. Sometimes he created multiple other physical bodies at the same time - for example when many of his students had all invited him to their houses for his birthday. Poonjaji was physically at all of their houses at the same time! Six houses so six physical bodies created at the same time.

So as Master Nan, Huai-chin and Bill Bodri explain in their tome, "Measuring Meditation," the difference of Mahayana Buddhism is that there needs to be a self-aware harmonization of the samadhi energy whereas in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta of Ramana Maharshi the self-awareness of the spiritual ego is not necessary. But the problem with not needing the self-aware spiritual ego (prajna) is then a loss of harmonization can occur. So in Western science, as I detail in my Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music free pdf the theta brain wave of the REM vision dream state or trance vision state is synchronized with the gamma brain waves of egotistical self-awareness from brain synchronization.

What has been found in Buddhist meditation masters - tested through UW-Madison (my alma mater) - is that the Buddhist meditation masters have much stronger and higher frequency self-aware gamma waves than most people. So for example in the biography of Phra Acharn Mun, the most famous Thai Buddhist meditation master, his meditation colleague starts levitating but when he becomes self-aware that he is levitating then his body falls back down. It was not until he could synchronize his trance REM theta vision brain waves with his gamma self-aware brain waves was he able to levitate while being self-aware that he levitated.

The qi energy on its own has been documented by science to be from the alpha trance waves that resonate with the Earth's Schumann ELF energy frequency - so the Earth Schumann ELF waves are 7.83 Hertz and the most common trance drumming found around the world is also 7 to 8 beats per second. And so the energy healers as Dr. Puharich also documented, have strong alpha brain waves and the energy emitted is based on the ELF waves.

A healer will then "trance" or synchronize the brain of the person they are healing! I call this "rewiring" another person's brain from the synchronized qi-shen light entering into a person, especially via their eyes. The Bushmen state this trance is very difficult as only when there is no "time" movement can the energy frequency light be very synchronized for this trance staring energy.

For more details and vast links on alchemical natural resonance healing info please see the site of Drew Hempel, M.A.