The Mystery of Ancient America's

Canyon People


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The Thamudic Alphabet is 2000 years old yet it is similar in style and age to the Picket Wire petroglyphs!

Thamudic is an early writing style that was used in what is now Saudi Arabia, or Iberia, in assorted forms from about 500 BC to as late as 500 AD. It eventually developed into the Arabic script of today. The fact that these symbols appear to contain most of the Thamudic alphabet gives this possibility some weight, although all attempts to translate these petroglyphs has been unsuccessful.

Just as the English alphabet is used to write French and German, this Old World alphabet may have been used to encode some other tongue which we have not yet encountered. Nevertheless, the symbols do appear to convey a meaning and are arranged and combined in a way that suggests the knowledge and survival of a language and writing system.

We asked our hosts what they believed a possible scenario might have been possible to arrive at Thamudic symbols in Colorado. It appears that there are as many theories as there are investigators into this matter. Most have a sea-faring group from Iberia, made of a diverse crew, arriving at the shores of North America by way of the Gulf Coast. They envision these visitors navigating up the Mississippi River to the Arkansas River and eventually ending up in the Picket Wire region. Some of the problems with verification are due to the soft rock and impermanence of petroglyphs along this alleged route. No related symbols or artifacts have been found along either the Mississippi or Arkansas Rivers.

Some investigators point to the similarity of these symbols with known sacred symbols in use by the Plains Indians (above on Shaman stick) of a later period. Because these same symbols are used singularly (and not in groups), it is thought that they were perhaps found by migratiing Plains Indians and incorporated into their shaman culture with their own meanings.

Even LaVan Martineau recognized that many of the Old World writing systems appear to have had a common origin at some very remote time. So it is possible that both migrating Native Americans and Iberians could also have had this Old World symbolism as part of their ancestral heritage. Although we can acknowledge that Native Americans had the intellect and ability to develop their own writing system, the evidence of such a close match with a known culture, from similar time periods, seems to weigh heavily on the side of foreign settlements in the Picket Wire Canyons of Colorado.

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