"The matrix is playing games with us, trying to teach us about 6 and 5." -Scott Onstott


Amazing Architecture and Geomancy


Cort Lindahl discovered an alignment running between the World Trade Center in Baltimore Maryland USA and Baalbek Lebanon. When I zoomed in I noticed the line goes directly over Silbury Hill in the UK.



The Baltimore World Trade Center is the world's tallest regular pentagonal building, therefore being a temple of sorts to the number 5. The structure was designed by I.M. Pei and built in 1977. See my Paris Part 1 episode for my analysis of Pei's Louvre Pyramid.


The alignment is parallel to one face of the pentagon.

The Baltimore World Trade Center is 405′ or 123.4m in height.

Pythagoras' most sacred diagram was the tetractys, featuring 1,2,3, and 4 items in successive rows.

The Moon's mass is 1.234% the mass of Earth.

The distance from center of Stonehenge to the center of Lundy island is 123.4 miles. John Michell and Robin Heath reported this fact in The Lost Science of Measuring the Earth. Watch my Stonehenge episode to see how Lundy fits into the larger picture.

123.4 miles = 108 Egyptian Royal miles where 1 royal mile = 8/7 statute mile. Richard Heath reported this fact in Sacred Number and the Origins of Civilization.

108 Royal Miles takes us back to the Moon which has a radius is 1080 miles.

The decimal system is encoded in the number 1 / 81 which = .01234… Peter Plichta discovered this fact along with the fact that there are exactly 81 stable elements in the universe in God's Secret Formula. See my Egypt Part 1 episode for this discussion.

Silbury Hill (UK)

The alignment from the pentagon of Baltimore runs right over Silbury Hill on the way to the hexagon of Baalbek.

Silbury Hill is the tallest prehistoric human-made mound in Europe, made of alternating layers of chalk and clay. It was made about 4400 years ago around the same time as the pyramids in Egypt and perhaps by the same builders?

Silbury Hill it is similar in size to some of the smaller Egyptian pyramids of the Giza Necropolis.

Baalbek (Lebanon)

Known in the Roman period as Heliopolis (echoing the long destroyed Egyptian city), the complex in Lebanon is about 9000 years old, no joke. It is perhaps the oldest structure on this planet. Perhaps the Bosnian Pyramid is older.

The alignment from the Baltimore World Trade Center cuts through the midpoint of one of the edges of the hexagon.

The largest stone at Baalbek is in excess of 1200 tons. Ponder moving a stone tipping the scale at 2,400,000 pounds and welcome to the mystery. There is no way people will ropes and levers could ever budge such a behemoth. We can't even lift it today let alone transport it overland. There is no way to build a roadbed capable of supporting such weight.

I think people in the distant past must have understood the connection between electromagnetism and gravity. This implies a very advanced civilization doesn't it?


Incidentally there is a connection between Silbury Hill and a place on Mars called Cydonia made by Myers and Percy in their book Two-Thirds: A History of Our Galaxy, which is one of the most amazing books I've ever read.

Image source

A conical spiral mound on Mars and a crater have the same spatial relationships as Silbury Hill has with Avebury. The 19.47 degree angle between a "Wall" to a tetrahedral feature on the crater corresponds to the tetrahedral angle Richard Hoagland talks about. But how does this relate to 6 and 5?

The five sided D+M pyramid in Cydonia is the key.

NASA Viking image (1976)

Erol Torun's analysis of the D+M pyramid shows that it was made by combining both 6 and 5 sided geometry into one structure.

Image source

Chad Stuemke has uncovered mind-blowing secrets in plain sight in Detroit that I highly recommend you check out. He read an earlier version of this post and sent me the following:

Here are those few images of Augustus Woodward's (Freemason & Thomas Jefferson's disciple) city design for Detroit. The first map called the hub & spoke was never completely brought into fruition. The second map was implemented for the most part although it has changed in small ways over the years. In the heart of Woodward's pentacle street layout resides Campus Martius (Field of Mars). In the heart of Campus Mars (Detroit's Point of Origin) a new building has emerged, the Compuware Headquarters, taking the shape of a pentagon with a glass pentagonal pyramid at its heart! Some of the same symbolism found at Detroit's Campus Mars can also be found on Mars!!


Compuware World Headquarters‘ address is One Campus Martius. I analyzed its five-sided glass pyramid and overlaid some shapes in Photoshop in red and blue:



The upper part fits the pentagon and the lower part fits the hexagon. Chad was not kidding, the structure at the heart of Detroit fits the D+M pyramid on Mars and both are monuments to 6 and 5.

The Champ de Mars (Field of Mars) behind the Eiffel Tower is connected to this mystery.

I'll talk about the masonic Monument to the Rights of Man and the Citizen that Mitterand built in the Parisian Field of Mars in a future post.

The axis runs from obelisk in Place Fontenoy in front of UNESCO, through the Ecole Militaire, through the Champ de Mars, over the tip of the phallic Eiffel Tower, bisecting the Trocadero continues...



…all the way to Danebury in the UK:


Perhaps those responsible for the secret program of symbolism all over this planet once lived on Mars. The book Two-Thirds: A History of Our Galaxy talks at length about the former (now destroyed) Martian settlement in the guise of fiction but says also that everything in the book is true.

In this book the authors state that the original name for Earth was ... wait for it ...


The Earth

The number of miles in the mean circumference of the Earth is:

6/5 x 12 x 12 x 12 x 12 = 24883.2

John Michell and Robin Heath reported this elegant fact in The Lost Science of Measuring the Earth.

They also pointed out that the hypercubit (my name for it by the way) measures the Earth in amazingly round numbers:

David P. Myers pointed out the following fact in Two-Thirds: A History of Our Galaxy. This is a relationship between time and space:

6/5 = 25920 / 21600

Our Solar System

John Martineau's superb A Little Book of Coincidence has a page about a discovery made by Alex Geddes which relates the products of mean orbital radii of planets in our solar system through a series of elegant ratios. Here is one of them:

Each ratio is a symmetrical equation balancing inner rocky planets and outer gas giants. When you look at all three ratios all together something pops out:

The small "error factors" I identify reference the number 864 which is the number of the Sun whose diameter is 864,000 miles. The distance between Stonehenge and Silbury Hill is 864,000 feet, the number of seconds in a day is 86,400, etc, etc. See my post on 864.

It's beautiful how the simple mathematical ratios relate macrocosm to microcosm in the planets orbiting our sun.

Our Galaxy

Thanks to Joshua Schultz for a comment he made on my One Times Square post that points out that the edges of the Earth's precessional cone at 6500 years in the past and 6500 years in the future are another great example of 6 and 5.

The phenomenon of Galactic Alignment popularized by John Major Jenkins will occur at the crossroads of the galaxy if you will, that is the end of the Mayan long count calendar which will occur on 21 Dec 2012 at 11:11 AM GMT. See my Esoteric Astronomy video for more info.

In conclusion you should now have a better understanding for how 6/5 is a universal code built into the matrix in which we are embedded, from the snowflake to the flower and far beyond.

On 8/8/11 the S&P dropped by 6.66% and the DOW dropped by 5.55%. No joke.

The exact distance between the center of the Kaaba in Mecca and the center of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is 665.65 nautical miles.

The matrix is playing games with us, trying to teach us about 6 and 5.

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