Israel Is Not the Original Holy Land of the
Jews, Muslims, and Christians!
By Gene D. Matlock

This article is based on a chapter of Gene Matlock's book, Reaching for God--Now a Valid Science! ISBN 9780595462919. On sale in all online bookstores.


In reading the Torah we can infer that Eden was still a great place to live, even after Adam and Eve were thrown out of Eden, Probably in Adam's time, mankind had degenerated to the lower limits of his blessed human condition: the wise man.

Foreseeing that humans were gradually degenerating into little more than animals, the Divine Forces sent some divinities to the earth to give their help:

'When men began to increase on earth and daughters were born to them, the divine beings saw how beautiful the daughters of men were and took wives from among those that pleased them. The Lord said, My breath shall not abide in man forever, since he too is flesh; let the days allotted him be one hundred and twenty years. It was then, and later too, that the Nephilim appeared on earth--when the divine beings cohabited with the daughters of men, who bore them offspring. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.' (Genesis, 6:1--4.)

Above: Did a spaceship such as the above bring the Nephilim to this world?

Most people can't understand why this passage was placed in Genesis and who the Nephilim were. The Nephilim descended to earth to plant the seeds of God--Men who would, from time to time, reincarnate to lead mankind on the right path. Nephilim has its equivalent both in Sanskrit and Greek. In Sanskrit, 'Nau/Nu/Na=' ship; boat; knowledge; certainty; the descendancy from Noah or Lord Krishna; God Shiva; Buddha; Noah.' Navalin = Star Ship; Constellation Ship. In Greek, Nephilim= Nuphylum, meaning The Five Races (Phylum) of Noah (Nu). Of the five races, Yadu, Turvasa, Druhyus, Anu, and Puru, the only one I’ll deal with are the Yadu and their companions, the Yadavas. Yadava is a contraction of Yadu plus Deva, meaning 'The Yadu Demi--Gods or People of Yah.' It was through them that Lord Krishna, God Shiva, and Buddha came to earth to save mankind from time to time, as follows:

Nephilim/Navalin > Noah (Manu) >Jyapeti (Japhet or Yayati) > Yadu > Yadava > Jews/Yahuda.

Yayati/Jyapeti/Japhet was at one and the same time Dyauspitar (Jupiter), Dyus (Zeus), Vishnu or Lord Krishna, Shiva, and Buddha.

Notice that the Nephilim/Navalin did not detach themselves from their bodies and move into those of the Yadus and Yadavas. They could enter this world only via the bloodstreams of the Yadu and Yadava (Yahudas or Jews). For that, they had to breed with the daughters of men, leaving their seed in the wombs of these daughters. The closer people were tied genetically to the Yadu and Yadava, the easier it was to get a correct genetic match for producing a fetus capable of hosting a true Son of the Unbegotten. Any of the other races could produce saints but not saviors like Jesus and Krishna. For this reason, Lord Krishna and Jesus were related by blood ties. Krishna was a Yadu Kuru. Jesus was a Yehudi Koresh.

Could it be that the Hebrew and Hindu Gods, entering mankind's bloodstream through Japhet, the son of Noah, were really Gods? It seems that they were. We, whose religions descend from Noah's times, worshiping the same deities, accuse one another of being wrong and that we are right. We are all brothers. Let’'s face it. What amazes me is that the Krishtayani, who were the people of Noah, and now the Christians, have never left the world scene.

Before researching this information, I wondered why the Jews have always said they are 'The Chosen People.' That is because they, the Yadavas, and the Yadus were the only ones chosen by God to bring redemption to the world. Over the centuries, the Jews came to forget that they also shared that honor with the Indian Jyapeti, Yadus and Yadavas.

In ancient times, these tribes were said to possess great mystical knowledge--more than any other peoples on earth. It may be true that those who were chosen for the priesthood had to perform some kind of test to prove they descended from the Divine Beings called Nephilim/Navalin. In Hebrews 7:3, we read a description of the mysterious figure Melchizedec whom I claim was Malika Sadhaka (Lord Krishna), the Incarnation of Vishnu:

Above: Picture of Jerusalem's Melchisedec (God Krishna)?

'Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.'

The Bible said clearly that the Nephilim/Navalin were 'divine.'

I know that some people might regard such speculations of mine as fantasy. But I'm taking the Jewish and Hindu scriptures seriously.

After the Nephilim/Navalin had been on earth for sufficient time to seed the Yadus' and Yadavas' bloodstreams with the spirits of future divinities, the Torah states:

'The Lord saw how great was man's wickedness on earth, and how every plan devised in his mind was nothing but evil all the time. And the Lord regretted that He had made man on earth, and His heart was saddened. The Lord said, 'I will blot out from the earth the men whom I created--men together with beasts, creeping things, and birds of the sky; for I regret that I made them. But Noah found favor with the Lord.' (Genesis 5--8.)

After that, God gave Noah time enough to build the Ark, and then, the floods came.

Some people may reject the idea that the Nephilim/Navalin impregnated Noah's progeny with the germs of potential God--Men who would later become Melchisedec, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Indra, Agni, Quetzalcoatl and others; men who would supply redemption to humankind in such severe crises as the Siberian Altai flood. If that is not so, for what other reason did God plant the Nephilim/Navalin in the blood of mankind before destroying all but a few?

It is possible that the ancient Jewish wise men did not want us to know the Nephilim came here to reseed the earth with people having an improved genetic structure, who would begin human life anew All we read in the Bible is a short description of the Nephilim/Navalin--and then the part about the flood. It probably took several hundred years for the Nephilim/Navalin to improve and regenerate the human genetic structure sufficiently in Noah and his descendants.

Just to give you an idea of how low mankind had fallen after the Great Flood in Altai, Siberia, read the Hindu account of Noah, taken from the Matsya Purana:

'To Satyavarman, that sovereign of the whole earth, were born three sons: the eldest Shem; then Sham; and thirdly, Jyapeti by name.

'They were all men of good morals, excellent in virtue and virtuous deeds, skilled in the use of weapons to strike with, or to be thrown; brave men, eager for victory in battle.

'But Satyavarman, being continually delighted with devout meditation, and seeing his sons fit for dominion, laid upon them the burdens of government.

'Whilst he remained honouring and satisfying the gods, and priests, and kine, one day, by the act of destiny, having drunk mead,

'Became senseless and lay asleep naked. Then, he was seen by Sham, and by him were his two brothers called:

'To whom he said, 'What now has befallen? In what state is this our sire?' By these two he was hidden with clothes, and called to his senses again and again.

'Having recovered his intellect, and perfectly knowing what had passed, he cursed Sham, saying, 'Thou shalt be the servant of servants.'

'And since thou wast a laugher in their presence, from laughter thou shalt acquire a name. Then he gave Sham the wide domain on the south of the snowy mountains.

'And to Jyapeti he gave all the north of the snowy mountains; but he, by the power of religious contemplation, attained supreme bliss.'

Can you imagine what men were like after the Great Flood if Ham attempted sodomy on his own father, an old wino? Ham was one of the 'good guys,' a man of 'good morals, excellent in virtue and virtuous deeds'?

Above: Remains of an ancient ark at Drupinar, Turkey, Visitor Center, believed to be either the Jewish Noah's Ark or the one mentioned in the Koran

Noah was a great yogi who spent his time in meditation and contemplating the Gods--while drunk as a skunk on mead.

What were the 'bad guys' like in those days? It goes without saying that the future Jesuses, Krishnas, Indras, Vishnus, Agnis and other God--men would have to endure many reincarnations and crucifixions before mankind could be regenerated sufficiently to return to the right path. Even now, in this bleeding world, we are noticing that many Navalins are forgetting the Divine Purpose for which they came when they left that faraway planet in Outer Space!

The War of Armageddon Already Happened in India, Nearly Five Thousand Years Ago!

When Lord Krishna (Melchisedec or Malika Sadhaka), his son Abraham, and Sarah fled to the Middle East, they took along many of Hinduism's favorite myths with them. That's why the Jews and the Hindus have similar deified heroes and legends. One memory that accompanied them, eventually weaving itself into Jewish--Christian--Islamic mythology, was the so-called 'prophecy' of The War of Armageddon which we mistakenly think will happen on the Plain of Meggido, in Israel--but only if we make it happen.

Supposedly, of the 200 million soldiers on both sides, who will be involved in that war, only 144,000 people will survive. For the Christians, the losers will be the Jews and the Moslems. For the Moslems, the Christians and the Jews will be the losers. Christ will be the champion of the winners, regardless of which side wins. Without a doubt, the Jewish Zionists have a less than favorable fate planned for us Christians and Moslems.

According to the Mahabharata, the ancient Indians fought a long war to rid themselves of the mercantile class of Indians called Asuras (Assyrians). In reality, it was mainly a war involving wandering landless nomadic goat and sheepherders and subsistence farmers against the shippers, merchants and traders, lumber men, miners, farmers, and cattle and horse ranchers who were exploiting ancient Western India to the limit. The nomads wanted to settle down but because of their poverty, they had to end up as servants of those who owned all the land, forests, and cities. The Bible refers to this war as the contention between Cain and Abel. It was similar to our own Wild West range wars. It took about a thousand years for the Asuras (People of Yah) to be defeated and driven out of India, among whom were Krishna, Abraham, Sarah, and all those tribes destined to become Yahudas or Jews.

'The Jews alias Judaists alias Zionists are the Vedic people of the clan of Lord Krishna who had to migrate from the Dwarka kingdom after the Mahabharata war.' (World Vedic Heritage, by P. N. Oak, p. 187.)

Historian Oak's statement confirms my thesis that the War of Armageddon (Ar-Maghada) was long ago past tense when the forefathers of the Jews arrived in the land over which the Jews and the Palestinian Arabs are now fighting.

Above: Israel's Plain of Meggido, named in remembrance of the Battle of Ar'maghada back in India.

Besides naming a plain in Israel, Meggido (Maghada), the forefathers of the Jews named two small mountains Zion and Moriah in remembrance of the Mt. Meru they left behind in India, for another name of Mt. Meru was Siyoni (From the Vagina [Source]). Even in such places as Egypt, pyramids are called M'ru, for every people on earth originated in the ancient Turkic countries and India.

Above: Archeological dig at Mt. Zion, named after Siyoni or Seuna, another name of Mt. Meru.

Above: Jerusalem Temple Mount or Mt. Moriah, also named after India’s Mt. Meru

Nothing that I have said thus far is original with me. Everything is derived from other sources. Even the early Portuguese Jesuit priests in India noticed that the Yadus and Yadavas called their ancient homeland in Maharasthra, Gujarat, and other places in the upper part of India, Seuna--Desa (Land of Zion.)

'…as the records of the [Seunadesa] dynasty traced its history from the Puranic hero Yadu, its rulers were better known as Yadavas although the word Seuna was not totally forgotten.' (The Yadavas and Their Times, By Onkar Prasad Verma, pp.2--3.)

Godfrey Higgins, in his monstrous two volume work, Anacalypsis, gave a detailed account of the Northern India origin of the Jews. When I was compiling my book, Jesus and Moses Are Buried in India, Birthplace of Abraham and The Hebrews, I bought a translation of an ancient book entitled History of the Afghans, by Khwaja Neamat Ullah, who lived about 300 or 400 years after the time of Mohammed. What I read in that book astounded me. To make sure I had understood the book accurately, I lent it to an educated friend of mine, a retired mathematician, asking him to read it and tell me his conclusions. After reading it, he said to me, 'This is a history of the Jews.' For the reasons I have described, it is absolutely certain that Israel is in no way the original holy land of the Jews, Muslims, and Christians. They are fighting one another over the wrong piece of real estate!

Above: Israelis capturing Palestinians on Temple Mount.

Over the millenniums, the people of India have forgotten where their original Mt. Meru was. Some think it could have been Mt. Ararat in Armenia. Some say it was Bulgaria's most sacred mountain, Sinanica. Others claim it is a mountain in Altai, Siberia, called Shambala. In his book, Ancient Geography of Ayodhya, Hindu geographer, Dr. Dr. Sham Narain Pande, says it was located in what is now Herat, Afghanistan. The Hindus have settled on the West Tibetan Kailasa as the original Mt. Meru. I feel that the real Mt. Meru may be found in today's Madhya Pradesh state. For the Christians and Jews, our 'Mt. Meru' was the Tower of Babel in Babylon. However, Edward Pococke, in India in Greece, stated that when the people of Northern India fled northward as a result of the War of the Mahabharata, they named Babel after Bopal which is a place in Madhya Pradesh.

At the tail end of the War of the Mahabharata, the forefathers of the Jews were composed of many tiny republican principalities because each tribe and clan was fiercely independent. They were always fighting among themselves, even for trivial reasons. However, one nation among all of them was unusually powerful and stable: Magadha. Because of his divine stature, the Yadus and Yadavas counted on Lord Krishna to be their divine savior and unite them as a single nation under Maghada, but things did not work out that way. One day, some drunken teenagers from various tribes and clans started fighting over the results of a dice game.

Above: Young Yadava men who got involved in the dice game.

Almost immediately, all the Yadus and Yadavas became embroiled in what was perhaps the bloodiest war in human history: The Eighteen Day War. The combatants faced off against each other in two different groups: the Kaurava (Kuru) army, headed by Krishna and his friend Arjuna, consisting of 11,000 chariots, 10,900 elephants, 200,000 horses, and three million foot soldiers versus the Pandavas, composed of 6,000 chariots, 6,000 elephants, 10,000 horses, and 1 million foot soldiers.

At the end of those 18 days, all the animals of both sides were killed. Only 18,000 warriors survived among an estimated 5 million warriors! Counting the wives and children of the surviving warriors, only about 144,000 Yadus and Yadavas survived just as we have been taught. Besides being called The Eighteen Day War, it was also called the War of Ar-Maghada, meaning 'The Maghada Massacre,' for the Sanskrit AR means 'misfortune, injury, and inflicted pain.'

Because he failed to unite the Yadus and Yadavas in a single monarchy, Krishna was impaled on a tree to atone for the sins of his people. A few days later, he arose from the dead. When Dwarka--Haran sank under the sea, Krishna led his people to what is now Jerusalem, becoming its King Melchisedec as St.Paul himself intimated in The Book of Proverbs.

Above: Lord Krishna involved in the falsely prophesied and plagiarized 18 Day War or the War of Ar'Maghada. According to Hindu historian P.N. Oak, when they went to the Middle East, they agreed to forget their tribal differences think of themselves as just Maghadans and just worship 'Yah.' In this way, they could preserve their tribal unity.

Above: Map of Kuruksetra. The site of the Battle of Ar'Maghada, which happened more than 4,000 years ago, but which ignorant Christian, Jewish, and Muslim clerics say hasn't happened yet, is colored a dark orange. (

It may come as a surprise to most readers to learn that Sarah and Abraham were Yadavas. The Sarasvat Brahmin Yadavas are even today prominent world traders, especially the Gauda (God) Sarasvatis. In Sanskrit, Goda means 'Brain or Vulva,' the Source or Creative Principle. For that reason, Sarasvati is the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge. After four thousand years, Abraham and Sarah are still with us. However, in general, the Hindu Yadavas are lower caste, many of whom suffer unbearable misery. As the old saying goes, 'The more things change, the more they stay the same.'

After fleeing to the Middle East, the Yahudas (People of Yah) named a certain plain there, 'Meggido,' in remembrance of the so--called Eighteen Day Yadavi War back in Brahmavarta, India, in what is now the state of Haryana. Who would have known that the Bhagavadgita story of Krishna and the War of Ar-Maghada would end up being the sweetheart of ignorant Christian Evangelical preachers, Moslem extremists, and Zionist dreamers? And isn't it strange that hundreds of millions of thoroughly brainwashed people on earth are willing to lose their lives and even blow up this world to please their ignorant religious leaders and selfish interests who have stupidly and ignorantly led them astray?

Above: Most of the Yadavas (Hindu Jews or People of Yah) who didn’t escape to Jerusalem with Krishna Malika Sadhaka, Abraham, and Sarah are now low caste. Many of these low-caste Yadavas suffer almost unbearable pain in their lives. The Yadava man and woman (Dalits) in this picture were killed by some upper caste thugs who were angry because the victims were trying to improve their lives. Will the erroneous Armageddon prophecy in Israel spawn more horrors such as this one?

Throughout the millenniums, not only in India, but wherever they wandered in the world, the Yadavas, also known as People of Yah, and Jats, have affected human civilization as no other peoples on earth. Anyone wanting to find out more about these amazing people should read the following books: Yadavas Throughout the Ages, consisting of two volumes, by Yadav Singh; The Yadavas And their Times, by Onkar Prasad Verma; History of Jats, by Ram Sarup Joon; World Vedic Heritage, by P. N. Oak; Anacalypsis, a large two volume masterpiece by Godfrey Higgins.

In Yadavas Throughout the Ages, Yadav Singh discussed the astonishing cultural similarities between his distant relatives, the Israelis, and their modern brothers back in India:..their struggle for freedom, love for their motherland, attachment for land, stubborn attitude, their way of struggle, greediness for money, fighting qualities, fit to survive in adverse circumstances, make the best use of the worst type of land for agricultural production… (Volume 1).

In volume II, he said that they civilized all the peoples they conquered, giving them 'new philosophy, religion, calendars, medical science, art of warfare, sculpture and what not ... Instead of Vedic religion, they had Bhagavata or Sarvata Dharma (Science of Living) as their way of life, which came to be known in later times a Vaisnavadharma (Bakhti Yoga, Science of Divine Love)...The Yadavas were progressive, dynamic, and energetic people. They opened new vistas in every walk of life-music, dance, fine arts, archery, government, wrestling, breeding, scaling high peaks, inventing new device, discovering new ideologies, philosophies, etc. The contribution of these people to India in particular, and the world in general, immense...' (Vol. II, pp. 7--8.)

Even today, In India, the Yadavas continue being the greatest social reformers. In my research, I noticed that many non--Yadava Hindus wish they were not such aggressive missionaries for social reform and human betterment. Historian Singh said that in the past many foreign and native--Indian non--Yadavas thought that they had been cursed by Yayati, and that non--Yadavas could never have their own gods and monarchs. Could the Nephilim/Navalin be the reason why?

Above: Portrait of one of India's most distinguished leaders of the 19th century, Swami Davanand Saraswati. He was the founder of India's Arya Samaj or The Society of Nobles Hindu Reform Movement. The society condemns and fights against ancestor worship, animal sacrifice, the caste system, child marriage, discrimination against women, idol worship, religious pilgrimages, and untouchability. It also champions reincarnation and celibacy.

The society is finally beginning to transform India and bring it to the forefront in this world of nations. Hopefully, in the near future, we will never again have to observe such heart--rending tragedies such as that mutilated couple whose only crime was in wanting to better themselves educationally and morally.

Note: This article is based on a chapter of Gene Matlock's book, Reaching for God--Now a Valid Science! ISBN 9780595462919. On sale in all online bookstores.

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