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From the author, Gary Vey

Since I began writing this series of articles I have received many e-mails asking for my opinion with regards to what is happening in the world today. I'm certainly no expert. What I have is my opinion, based on over 20 years of researching this weird stuff. Yes, I have my theories but I've been reluctant to share them on viewzone. Hopefully, this web site isn't just a "blog" by some guy with crazy ideas. I try to be honest.

What follows is my interpretation of what happened, what's happening and why.

It is a generalization and it should be somewhat familiar to you. Every religion and ancient culture has elements of this story that you will recognize. Hopefully it will have the ring of truth. It's my view, remember that:

1. The universe is more complex than we presently can understand and it is inhabited with myriad forms of life. Forms of life encompass non-material beings and can exist in other types of energy systems which we presently cannot detect.

2. Our solar system and planets are relatively young on the universal scale of time. Older and more advanced civilizations have discovered, understood and exploited universal energy systems to advance their technological achievements. This allowed for interplanetary exploration and familiarity with other planetary civilizations, the sharing of technological advances and a wider understanding of the universe. Sharing philosophical systems also gained fruit, resulting in universal truths and the idea of a primal source of everything.

3. Intelligence and consciousness usually result in organization as well as social intercourse. On the universal scale, this means that we should expect some organization with regards to maintaining peace and respecting life, what we might consider "laws", and some agreement regarding the origin and purpose of existence. Let's call this the "universal view" -- the accepted way that things have been understood and organized.

A universal "religion" recognizes the existence of a creative entity or "God". The concept is appreciated as being necessarily imperfect. We can only "know" those aspects of the Creator as they reveal themselves in the creation. The rest is outside our reality. The idea of creative intelligence is evidenced by the universal energy and material systems which exhibit purposeful design. No better example of this can be found in the atom.

Philosophically, the purpose of the created universe is ultimately unknown, even to advanced minds.

The order and "assignments" of non-material entities, in ancient literature, suggests that it is possible for mortals to escape annihilation of the self -- what we might think of as death -- by consenting to participate in the "universal view". To accomplish this, the real "self" must be activated and make the decision. Free will appears endemic to sentient beings.

The more dynamic life lies in the non-material realm. To participate in this non-material existence, the sentient being must understand the significance of the decision and whole heartedly wish to participate in the universal plan of the "unseen" and necessarily imperfect concept of the Creator.

4. From numerous ancient texts, it is apparent that some sentient beings of a higher order questioned the "universal view" and the so-called "ascension plan" of mortals. In particular, an order called the "sons of god" in ancient texts had among its ranks some very intelligent and universally respected personalities. They challenged the reality of the unseen Creator. The scheme of mortal non-material evolution was described as a waste of effort.

Going against the status quo was viewed as treason to the universal view. Various worlds involved in this "rebellion" were isolated, stranding many different types of interplanetary and non-material beings on our own planet.

5. We currently live on a planet that is refuge to several interplanetary beings who were here when the "quarantine" was implemented. Material and non-material beings are here -- including some of the most intelligent and revered non-material "sons of god". Ancient texts support that these "sons of god" have attempted to implement their alternate plan, denying the reality of the Creator and demonstrating that the "universal plan" -- especially participation in the ascension scheme -- is moot and pointless. We are living now under this "Plan B".

The characteristics of this alternate plan are basic: denial of the unseen Creator, reverence to the new "leader" and cooperation with the rebellion in preventing mortals from making the decision to participate in the non-material evolution. This is effectively achieved by creating a civilization and culture which places personal identity of the mortal being in transient mental phenomenon such as personality, instead of the real self which is a pre-requisite for consent to participate in the universal plan.

Making mortals identify with their personality is perpetuated by appealing to the animal mind. By identification with various hormonal and metabolic processes, and allowing these to motivate consciousness, the real self remains illusive. Identification with personality results in greed, lust and heightens survival reactions. Insecurity and fear constantly occupy the mind, making the mortal freely embrace the alternate plan of life.

6. It is obvious that non-material beings would need to have the cooperation of mortals to materially influence civilization. As the population grew, mortals experienced the terror of death -- acknowledging their own transient nature -- and looked for some transcendant belief system for relief. Knowing this, the "leader" represented itself as the God to many varied tribes and nations. Most recently, Yahweh, has entrapped mortals who sought the truth, offering them a red herring instead.

Because of the inherent nature of God, certain aspects will always be hidden from sentient beings of the material creation. The idea of "God" is thus somewhat vague, albeit absolutely real. By manipulating human culture and beliefs, the new earth bound "leader" cleverly hijacked the God concept and introduced many racial, ethnic and cultural definitions which often have human characteristics, get angry, seek revenge and oppose "false gods". All God concepts that do not recognize the singularity of God create fear, hatred, misunderstanding, conflict and war -- and ultimately annihilation of the self.

7. This is not history or myth. It is happening now. We are all living in a civilization which has been engineered to prevent us from becoming something more than an animal. We have been conditioned to avoid introspection to minimize real selfhood. If we do seek something beyond ourselves to believe in, the "leader" has myriad religious systems with just the right recipe of intellect, exclusivity, emotional catharsis, death placation, legitimate scripture and commitment to keep us trapped and distracted.

Real deity does not require worship, ceremony or atonement. This indicates narcissism. Sentient beings come complete, with everything needed to make their decision once they become self-conscious. No mediums, priests, rabbis, shaman or religions are required. But that doesn't mean that this process cannot be thwarted.

Mind Control, Satanic cults, pornography, drugs, religious extremists of all denominations, Illuminati, Bilderberg, abortion, feminism, war, religions, class struggles, secret agendas, power and wealth, famine and disease... these distractions are all symptoms of the alternate plan with humans automatically and routinely executing the agenda of the "leader" to distort and inhibit the universal view of things.


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Hi Gary,

I enjoyed this article. I admire the courage it took to "put it out there", so to speak. I'd like to know the names of the ancient texts you reference regarding the "sons of god". I very much enjoy reading ancient texts and books dealing w/Ancient texts. I have a small collection myself, but I'm always looking for more reads in line with your article. I'd appreciate it if you'd share any/all source material you can recall helping to shape your understanding. Personally, I'd have to do a little internal research in order to gather a bibliography that could do justice to my beliefs, so I understand the challenge. I'm just excited by your view and hoping you may point out some books I haven't yet encountered.