ViewZone is happy to announce our Expedition 2001 destinations, which commence with the Republic of Yemen.

NEW! Itinerary Announced for May 2001 in Yemen

Not many people could locate Yemen on a map of the World prior to the unfortunate act of terrorism in Aden, Yemen's main port. An act of foreigners, the negative publicity was erroneously associated with this most ancient and beautiful land. Yemen is not an oil rich country like many of her neighbors. Yemen is also not involved in terrorism. Surrounded by Arab nations, Yemen had an exceptionally large Jewish population who migrated to Israel in the 1950's. The country is still diverse in ethnicity and religion, although most Yemeni today are Muslim.

Aren't YOU curious about this ancient land?
Bar none, Yemen is the number one destination for anyone interested in the most unique vacation of a lifetime.

Located at the crossroads of the ancient trade route, Yemen holds many secrets and surprises for anyone looking for an extreme adventure.
The Yemeni people are friendly and proud of their rich history. They are eager to share their hospitality with open minded adventurers. From the moment you arrive you will begin to expect the unexpected. Yemen has some of the oldest archaeological sites on Earth, showing signs of human occupation and communal organization prior to 700,000 BCE. The country has made a slow and isolated change from the times of the Wise Men from the East, caravans of camels carrying Frankincense and the reign of the legendary Queen of Sheba. This antiquity is preserved along with the comforts and metropolitan ambiance of a modern city, like Yemen's capitol, Sana'a.

Between the years 1500 BC through 500 BC there is a missing gap in human history that lies buried beneath the desert sands. At Marib, the excavation of the temple of Bilqis has revealed evidence of a more complete history of the association of King Solomon and the legendary Queen of Sheba. There is even speculation that this land conceals a most precious religious object.
Yemen is now, and will continue to be, the MOST interesting and revealing archaeological site to all religions and humanity in the 21st Century.

ViewZone will document specific locations of interest and focus on the local culture, traditions and introduce you to the local accommodations. You will see that this beautiful country is full of amazing geography, like Socotra, a pristine tropical island with over 750 species of flora and medicinal plants.

Part of our accommodations will be provided by Marib Tours, one of Yemen's top travel and tour companies. We will bring you an intimate and true picture of this fascinating country and hopefully encourage your cravings for adventure and beauty. Marib Tours has many interesting destinations in Yemen. You should review their web site at Tour companies like this are sensitive to the concerns of foreign visitors and will make certain that your Yemen adventure is safe and comfortable. We will highlight these accommodations in our June 2001 edition of ViewZone Magazine with a special section devoted to Cultural Tourism in Yemen.

Examples of the revealing scriptures from the time of Queen Sheba.

Following Yemen, ViewZone will enter the Land Downunder -- Australia, where we will highlight a new kind of travel experience called "Cultural Tourism." Designed for the more open-minded and enlightened tourist, Aboriginal Cultural Tourism lets you spend time getting to know and understand the unique Aboriginal people of Australia (see We'll spend as long as it takes to document and reveal the special and diverse knowledge of the Earth that has allowed this enduring culture to survive -- even in the face of cultural invasion. We'll also reveal that the Europeans were not the first outsiders to establish colonies in this spacious continent.

We hope to end the season with a look at the Tlingit tribe in Alaska. At each location we will hopefully show you the fundamentals of human nature while celebrating our diversity. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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