LBJ Killed JFK


In the following memorandum from the J. Edgar Hoover, we see that the information about anti-Cuban activity, which was supposedly the motivation for Oswald, was given verbally to Hoover by none other than George Bush!

There is evidence that George Bush Sr. was present in Dallas on the day of the assassination [above].

Many people involved in this crime were highly successful in the years that followed. It was the reward for their complicity and silence. Nixon and Bush (Senior) went on to become President. Hoover continued his position and avoided revealing his homosexuality. Gerald Ford, appointed to the Warren Commission by Lyndon Johnson, that found Oswald the "lone crazy shooter," also eventually became President. The Hunt Oil Company benefitted from the the wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush senior became head of the Carlyle Group, a cabal of arms and weapons dealers profiting from the war on terror... And Robert Kennedy, the Attorney General who likely knew what really happened -- was himself assassinated on the brink of continuing the policies of his brother, JFK.

Unknown to the general American public and never mentioned in history books is the fact that a Texas Grand Jury has officially indicted and found Lyndon Johnson guilty as a co-conspirator (from his association with Malcolm Wallace, Billie Sol Estes and Edward Clark) in the following nine (9) murders:

  • The killing of Henry Marshall (the Agriculture Secretary)
  • The killing of George Krutelnik (an FBI informant who worked for Estes)
  • The killing of Ike Rogers and his secretary
  • The killing of Harold Orr (an FBI informant who worked for Estes)
  • The killing of Coleman Wade (an FBI informant who worked for Estes)
  • The killing of Josefa Johnson (LBJ's own sister!)
  • The killing of John Kinser (Josefa's boyfriend)
  • The killing of President John Kennedy




Dan, Based on my own studies and experience, I have no doubt that the above mentioned article is reasonably factual and accurate. However, you must understand, that an undertaking (including the subsequent cover-up) of this magnitude, could never have come about without the express approval and direction of the international jewish community, who own the central banks of the world, and who, of course held the biggest stake in the game. You have also overlooked the fact that all the major players were either 'masons' or 'jews'.

It really is a fantastic article, and I mean that in terms of it's greatness. However, it tends to put the blame on men (as apposed to organizations) who are dead and gone, and cannot, therefore, be brought to justice. This is not fair, as the big operators are alive and well, and continue to reap the rewards of this criminal act, while we continue to suffer from it's consequences.

I would suggest that you look into the role of the super rich world financiers and their masonic community of cohorts. All the information is 'out there', and with it, you could produce an addendum to this expose' that would truly rock the foundations of world political power.

Notwithstanding, I would like to offer my sincere thanks, and congratulate you for what you have already contributed.


Dan, I used to live in Dallas and I dated Hunt's mistress, Penny E. I got her drunk and stoned one evening and she started bragging about Mr. Hunt and his fancy Gulfstream Jet at Love Field, he took her to Vegas on it. I said to her, "Boy, I'd sure like to see his house." No problem! He lives in University Park, Dallas, right off I-75, piece of cake, easy exit, no problem. This is not a gated community, it is wide ass open. These scum are among us, much closer than you could ever imagine and they are not untouchable by any means. The FBI/US Marshal's/IRS/BATF are just down the street from Hunt's place in the Bank of America building, north of University Park, just off I-75 after the 635 intersection going north. You can find those cowards hiding behind bullet proof doors (with wallboard office buildings no less) on floor 7. The walls to their offices are nothing more than cheap ass wallboard - I know, I've been there. What a bunch of fat ass losers!

Ben Around

Thanks for the interesting story. I had heard parts of it before but never understood how it all fit together. It is unfortunate that the public never asked more questions or demanded a more in-depth investigation. You are so right -- we haven't really learned much. We still don't ask enough questions of our leaders.

Beth Sealy

Dear Dan,

As evil as LBJ was, he's that "crazy kid stuff" compared to those satanic Bilderbergers who are seeking to control the world. The sad thing about the Bildergers is that even our most prominent politicians, some of whom would like to become the next president of this country, go to their meetings, compete for their favors, showing their willingness to help them destroy this country, and do whatever else they can do against their own American compatriots. That's why our leaders hate immigration reform and any other ways to help the American people themselves regain control of our country. When will we take our heads out of the sand and demand that our leaders serve us and quit licking the butts of the Bilderbergers?

Gene M.

Holy Shit!

I thought this was a fiction story until I googled some of the things that are in the story - they are true!! This totally blows my mind! do you suppose everyone in Washington DC knows about this? We small people are really ignorant and apparently ingignificant. God help us all!

A Sad Mother of 3.

Many will recall that when Nixon was about to be impeached they released the so-called "Nixon tapes," recordings of conversations from the oval office during a period of time when Nixon was psychologically unstable and prone to revealing things. There was one 16 minute gap where the tape was supposedly accidentally earased. One wonders if he spoke of these things. Also one wonders why this magnetic tape could not be re-evaluated and the conversation retrieved since the FBI can do this quite well with computer cassettes and hard drived today! Just a thought. Thanks for this great story.

T. H. San Francisco.


I'm surprised hasn't picked up on this story. They had a photo of LBJ smirking and winking at someone aboeard Airforce One just hours after Kennedy was killed. He sure didn't look sad and had just been sworn in as the new president. Anyway, it all makes sense now.

Ralph Sealy, St. Louis, Mo.

I saw on the news tonight that the Hunt Oil president is also on the board of Halliburton. He supposedly is a Christian conservative. This story puts that in perspective in some unsettling way that I have not figured out yet... but feel uncomfortable about. You have unmasked the devil, I think. I hope your life insurance is paid up. Thanks much, Dan.

H. Atazar

What you have described here is basically the plot of the movie Executive Action. Lost in all the hoopla over the Oliver Stone epic, JFK was a cheaply made, 1970s movie starring Burt Lancaster, Robert Shaw and Will Geer (Grandpa Walton). Lancaster and Shaw put up some of their own money to make this film. The movie opens with a scene reminiscent of the Del Charro scene you describe. Picture Burt Lancaster as Aubrey Clark, Robert Shaw as Murchison and Will Geer as Hunt. I think the original motivation for the meeting was Kennedy's 'weakness' against Communism with the pullout from Vietnam being the final straw for the Geer character. Interestingly enough, the main motive for Shaw's character (the mastermind) was the fear of third world and lower classes consuming the resources of the privileged. Thanks,


Nicely tied together ! I've been researching the JFK assassination for over 30 years and have come to the conclusion that Oswald was a government sacrifice, etc. After years of reading books and vetted documents, discussions and viewing and listening to all sorts of arcane videos and audios, I have a very good working knowledge of timelines and players and how most everything has fallen together.

Also, the cast of characters you tie together was indeed involved, in the research I've found.

Great job !

harvey w / boston, massachusetts

Was wondering if you check any of the facts people claim before posting them in the LBJ info. (ie) Ben Around (thats origional) states he Got Hunt's mistress drunk and she told him about flying around with Hunt to Las Vegas in his Gulfstream Jet. Well as an aviation enthusiist and if you check the facts, the Gulfstram Jet was 1st test flown on Oct. 02,1966 3 years after this happened.


Your summary of the events behind the American coup d'Ètat of 1963 is nearly perfect. And of course, the American people were none the wiser for it, though many suspected that more than just a lone gunman could have done the job. Many people do not know of the secret letter that was sent from Robert and Jacqueline to the Kremlin stating quite clearly that a coup d'Ètat had actually happened in the U.S. This letter was sent through private and secret back channels as the Kennedy family (specifically Robert) did not know who they could trust in the U.S. Government. All they knew was that powerful forces, most likely involving the CIA, the Mafia, the FBI, and yes...LBJ, had taken over the reigns of power through JFK's assassination. The coup d'Ètat was perfectly planned, and the investigation into JFK's death would of course be carefully controlled by LBJ's hand selected Warren Commission.

Bobby knew all this, and kept a low profile until 1968, when against the odds of living, he decided to run for the Presidency himself. This was a brave move, as he knew, beyond doubt, that he would face the same fate as his brother. The rest is history. The same dark, coporate-military-CIA elite are still in control of the U.S. Nothing has changed since the quiet American coup d'Ètat of 1963. America is controlled by corporate fascists who will remain powerful and rich through warfare and now the ever present threat of "terrorism" as means of insighting fear in the good sheeple of the U.S.

R. Gates


I am glad someone finally put together all the pieces about LBJ. I have thought for years that he was the man behind it. In about 1992 I met two different people who convinced me it was in fact LBJ.

The first guy was LBJs chopper pilot. He told me that he was flying LBJ to an event in a football stadium in Texas. He said some joker in the secret service had put a GOLD H20 bumper sticker on the bottom of the chopper and everyone saw it as the chopper was landing. He said LBJ got pissed, blamed him for it and sent him to Vietnam. He said he had never given an interview to anyone in the press although he had been asked many times. At the time I told him I thought LBJ had something to do with the JFK assassination.. his response was to simply say " I would like to stay alive so we will not talk about that".. conversation ended. Before I had made the assassination comment, he told me that he had been to the LBJ ranch several times and had heard LBJ talking and was appalled at the nasty comments LBJ made about JFK. He said LBJ hated the Kennedys.

I met another man who at the time was in charge of Army Air traffic control worldwide. Surprise to me, I didn't know the Army did air traffic control..but I am not a military man. Anyway our conversation somehow came around to the JFK thing and I made the statement that I thought LBJ was behind it. His response was: ""Interesting you say that. I have a friend, his first name is Noel, he is a CIA manager. He was the manager of the CIA agent that supposedly killed himself not long ago by wrapping a lamp cord around his neck while he was staying in a Hotel out west. Noel and I were drinking one night and for no apparent reason, just out of the blue he made the comment: "wonder how the American people would take it if they knew one President had another President killed?" I just listened and made no comment and asked no questions, I had known Noel long enough I knew not to ask questions""

Don't know if any of this provided any additional insight... I always thought it would be really interesting to try and locate that Noel guy and pop that the LBJ question on him and see what kind of reaction he has. I suspect he could knows a lot... but then again.. I would like to stay alive!

Great article!!


Thank you for this article, I often wondered how Johnson got onto the Kennedy ticket and now I know. They just never seemed like a match!

My dad had just died earlier that same year and it seemed that things were much more sensitive and intensified for me than most kids my age, but I can still remember watching it as if it were yesterday! The whole thing to me looked like it was a poor stage production and Oswald looked like a dear in headlights. I’m not sure still if Oswald knew they were out to hang him. Next, ole Ruby appears from out of no where danced around and shot Oswald dead.

It was all just too systematic, out of the ordinary if this hadn’t been plotted out beforehand.

However, I still have one question that remains. Why did Ruby kill Oswald. What was his motive and what was the scoop on where he came fron?


Great site. Glad to see someone still on the LBJ angle. (I was very close to the TX. researcher who obtained Mac wallace's print as well as the latent- His name was Jay Harrsion. He died 5/25/05 from cancer. The print expert Nathan Darby was also a good friend and neighbor. He died in 06 I believe (was in hospital after a stroke for about a year). I feared this story might die with them.

Another great source on this subject inJames Douglas remarkable book JFK and THe Unspeakable. (Not about the LBJ angle)

Dawn Meredith

ps A few people who have really gotten into investigating Mac wallace and Henry Marshall (etc) have met with untimely deaths...

Reply to Dawn: I am alive and well as of 2010! -- Dan Eden

Awesome Read . I always felt LBJ was in on it. Signed order that made him billions the following monaday after kennedy was gone. He's about as good an actor as Reagan. ANd that's half ass. I read the book by Jim Garrison which is called on the Trail of the assasins. Which Garrison did a good job on as well. Garrison seemed to be onto the actual players in the assasination. Clay shaw,David Ferrie, Guy Banister, Jack ruby, and Oswald was there as well but seemed to be the patsy like he claimed. No doubt he new how the black opts worked. I 'm sure he was getting the sense that he was gonna be the fll guy.They Even had Oswalds brother believing he did it.

I also still believe it had to do with the federal reserve as well and the problem they were gonna have in the near future competing with the United states Bank. Treasury printed money on it for 1 year 1963. Kennedy was shot and by 1964 the federal reserves competition was gone. Now United states bank notes are rare bills. I had one and did the research on it . It's definetly a smoking gun.

I expect the internet to be censored soon because it makes the average Joe to smart for them to handle.


A man walked into my shop in Richmond,VA about 10 years ago.While he quietly looked around- two friends of mine and I were discussing an odd book by one H.Donahue about JFK killing.The man shopping asked me for a certain item then said "That book you are talking about is ridiculous,I know all of the people involved and nothing at all happened like that,I was there."He gave me his card in case I found the items he wanted,I read his name and knew who he was,a secret service agent right in the thick of the killing,very famous in his own right for trauma he had after killing ,blaming his self for not doing more etc.

Also famous for photos of him pushing Ms.Kennedy back into the limo( I said that I'd never use his name).Anyway,I shamelessly chased this rather nice man to his car and begged him to tell me "who did it?",he said and I quote "I can't tell you that but let me ask YOU a question...Who was our next president?"

If anyone had seen this man that day they'd know he was telling the truth.

My father was (coincidentally) a ballistics expert who recreated JFK killing for Warren C. and television show,his opinions were never used by Warren C and fathers' schoolmate,Bill Manchester just said "Keep your findings to yourself."

I absolutely believe that LBJ orchestrated JFK death and to think back on a photograph of the time showing LBJ being sworn in standing next to Mrs.Kennedy wearing her gore splattered dress is beyond comprehension.

Thank you,
Michael -- Towson,MD.