Hi, Esu(Jesus) was named Esu Jmmanuel by his parents. The name Jesus would NOT have been on an ossuary at that time, referring to the ‘son of man’ which is how he referred to himself. From his autobiography, we learned that he escaped to Persia and then India where he married ‘a woman’ and had several children. So, there is a bloodline but he did NOT name Mary Magdalen as the ‘woman’ that he married. He was also NOT an Essene, although he was approached by them. You are right when you say his message is the important fact of his life. Current’ Christians’ are being led by Satanists and Zionists for their own agenda. Churchianity created a myth for its own agenda and tortured and murdered people to spread their power. The Vatican has suppressed the Truth for centuries but it is now breaking through the deception. Keep asking the hard questions and demand nothing but the Truth from now on. I have found that the Truth is more fascinating than any soap opera on TV and each fact revealed creates a thirst for the next fact. Good hunting,

Sincerely, Diane, Cerrillos, NM

I enjoyed reading the info you had on the Thangka. I would suggest reading Fida Hassnain's "The Search for the Historical Jesus". He's probably the foremost authority on documents relating to Issa's stay in the Ladakh/Srinigar area well after the crucifixion. I think the Catholic Church has deliberately concealed this information from the masses, but now the truth is starting to come out.

If you'd like accurate info on the life and teachings of Jmmanuel (Issa), I would suggest reading the Talmud Jmmanuel or Phoenix Journal #2 on www.fourwinds10.com. Great stuff!!

Sincerely, Chad Potratz
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Lobsang Rampa mentionned Jesus footprints in a temple in tibet. Rings any bells, anyone?


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